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  1. Ok, thank you very much. My credit is ok. I have 46% utilization on my credit card. I am a full time real estate investor.
  2. I had 2 foreclosures in 2010. There is nothing on my credit report about them. I don't think a full 7 years has pass yet. If they are not showing on my reports, do that mean that I can now eligible to get a mortgage again?
  3. I am in Cali. Has anyone far out of their store location areas been approved?
  4. I am a landlord and would not ever consider renting without a credit check. I also would have tht potential renter pay for the credit check. With yiu being a previous loan officer, I would think that would have thought of providing a self-pulled cr to this person to avoid the hit on your score. Also the hard pull can probably be deleted by the original puller.
  5. I hope that I'm not out of line in asking what happen. I learn a lot from his posts. I'm sure many here have the same question.
  6. Is pimping becoming a dying art? Has it lost all its luster? In my case, yes. Will the remaining pimp please stand up?!
  7. This year keeps getting better. My EQ is now 629.`I am paying out about 2.2k on cc each month in order to get out of debt as quickly as possible in order to save on interest and raise my score. It is working wonderfully so far.
  8. Im sorry to say, this class action excludes anybody who collected under any previous class action or AG settlement against Ameriquest. To check if you are eligible, you can go to the website and input your loan# in, and it will identify you as a class member or not. I already fax in my app. At least I tried. (smile)
  9. This thread is very timely for me. I received a previous settlement against Ameriquest in 2008 and it was for over $1000. Thank you.
  10. The internet is a great invetion and its byproduct email. The two together are turning everthing digital and killing ollder books, newspaper, and music industries. As new industries progresses, it will cancel other older industries.
  11. With credit so tight, buying an old corp may not be the bet use of your working capital in the present environment.
  12. Also I will add that I have not been many inquiries in the last year as most here has done. A bunch of inquiries should have hit the 2 year fall off threshold in April. Thus, with my fingers cross, another score increase.
  13. Filing an answer to the Motion for Relief of Stay will buy you more time. There is a short timeframe window to file your answer. Don't miss if at all possible.
  14. Indymac's loans are own by individual investors and Indymac is a service company for the investors. Therefore, while one investor may cooperate, another may not. The investor on my Indymac's loan did cooperate. But by the time the investor agreed, I had decided to let the house go because I was over 200k underwater and my credit had already been wretched. There is a way to find out who own the loan, but I do not know how to do it. Anyone who have this knowledge will you please help out here.
  15. Bubble busted. YMMV YMMV. Your score may not get hit until months down the road. Your score will drop for what seem for no apparent reason. Enjoy your fruit now

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