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  1. I have 2 accounts, both with Nelnet. Is it possible, (or unheard of) for them to combine the account into one tradeline? It'd be better for me, since in 2013 I have a 120 days late on each, so effectively I'd be eliminating one 120 day late mark on my CR. Does anyone have any experience combining accounts?
  2. Hi all, I was just approved for a pay as you earn program. Total balance is around $81k, split into 2 accounts, but I just got a $49 per month (for the two) repayment plan. Thing is, while the accounts updated as showing that they're no longer in deferment, the monthly payment amounts are wrong: one is reporting a $0 is due each month, the other is still showing $818. I'm thinking about my debt/income ratio, and creditors thinking I am owing $1600 per month on these. What would be the best way for these to report? One at $20 and the other at $29? Or should I leave them as-is... or does it not matter? Thanks.
  3. At this point, I'm wondering if a pay for delete would be likely. This is a nightmare, someone fraudulently opening an account in your name and then they refuse to remove it because they don't agree it's fraud. I could fill out a police report, but I'm afraid if I did, and use it to fight this (which I would) it'd place a fraud flag on my file, as was mentioned earlier in the thread. As of now: 1- Disputed twice with CRAs, verified. 2- Called Verizon EO, they forwarded to fraud dept, verified. 3- Sent complaint to Consumerfinance.gov, they said they couldn't investigate this type of complaint. Pay for delete? I'll pay the $680 if I can get rid of it, if I absolutely have to. Life's not fair but if you're wise enough, fairness isn't necessary.
  4. I have deleted the address that it happened to be associated with, that the person used. As well, 2 days ago I filed a consumerfinance .gov complaint and I got a reply back from them saying that: "We reviewed your complaint and couldn’t send it to the company for a response. This could be because the company is not yet registered to respond to complaints or because we do not currently handle complaints related to this matter." I honestly feel like I have no where else to turn to get this figured out. I can see why people just become overwhelmed and give up on this stuff, or cave in and pay things that aren't legit or correct, just to be done with it. But even then, it'll be on my CR for 5-6 more years. There has to be something I can do.
  5. I asked that they give me proof that they had my authorization for opening the account, the lady in the corporate customer relations office said she'd forward that request to the fraud dept. Just got the response from Verizon's corporate customer relations office: "That the fraud dept has investigated this before and found it isn't likely to be fraud, (I've disputed it thru CRAs) and said I needed to file a police report and submit a copy of that along with my driver's license to them for them to investigate further." How do I demand AND receive a proof of what they have regarding authorization? Incredibly frustrating; and the kicker is that I'm currently a Verizon customer (on a legit acct).
  6. They def toss out the Venture with less than 650.... Approved for a CAP1 Platinum card, CL of 3k. Then minutes later, a Venture One, CL of $7500. Avg FICOS of 620-640, with only 1 open tradeline on my CR (SDFCU secured, CL of 1k, 12 months, never late). No baddies, just a thin file. They pulled EQ, which actually RAISED my score by 11 points.....
  7. Awesome. I actually called Verizon's district corporate office today. A rep within his office emailed me back within the hour. I'll call them back tmrw morning and will request direct verification. I'll post an update. I think I'm on my way to getting this resolved once and for all. Thx much
  8. Does anyone know if a police report would cause a fraud flag to be placed on my file? Thx guys, I just need a little direction.
  9. Hey guys!! Would anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed? Verizon has listed on my Experian CR since 2012. Says I owe $680, but while I am a current Verizon customer, I wasn't back then and I don't remember this phone number or acct. It just wasn't mine. I'm thinking someone must have opened an acct in my name, but there is no other fraud on my file. I've considered getting a police report but was trying to get this removed in the least complicated way possible. I've disputed the account 3 times over the last year, sent in jack attack letters and now as of last week, Experian is refusing to investigate further, saying it's legitimate. Is there a letter or course of action at this point after a jack attack? I've read about the 1/2 punch but not sure if that'd apply here. I guess I'm just looking for some direction, I'm afraid a police report (though legit) might flag my entire file. Thanks....
  10. Ok, I have an emailed receipt, more in the form of a letter but it has all of the relevant information in it, Policy #, ref #, amount paid, payment confirmation #, etc. I hope this is sufficient....
  11. Hey Why Chat, Talking with Progressive now... they want me to pay directly to Credit Collection Services, the CA handling it. If I pay them, prob no receipt and will just be listed as paid in full for 6 more years. Any advice on how I can pay through progressive? If I just send a check in the mail, I won't be able to get a receipt. Thanks again. ***UPDATE*** SPEAKING WITH A SUPERVISOR now and she is taking payment, says it'll take 60 days longer if I pay Progressive directly, but not to worry I have your strategy I'll follow. She is emailing the receipt.
  12. Awesome, this is so much help. I'll get on it now. Will provie an update on how it turns out. Thanks Mendel and WhyChat. #yourock

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