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  1. PM sent. Thanks for the help.
  2. After disputing an AU account with Equifax my file came back merged with my brothers. We have similar names, SS#'s, same address and his name is listed as "Formaly known as" on my file. I called Equifax and I'm in the process of disputing all his accounts. I know I should stay off the phone but I need this taken care of quickly as I am planning moving and buy a car soon. I use Credit Sesame and Smart Credit to monitor and they are the same so I believe TU and EX are ok. Just looking for some advice or experience on this issue. I am also wondering about inquiries. How should I go about disputing his on my file? Thanks for any advice.
  3. I did go to the hospital that month of last year. I was uninsured at the time. I dont believe I recieved $1500 in medical care. I was in the ER for a grand total of about 15 minutes. Was asked medical history and had blood pressure taken and was released. I have found no errors on reports and have moved.
  4. Hello Credit Boards. New to the forum and looking for some assistance. Recently pulled credit reports and found two medical collections on EX and EQ. TU did not show collections. Financial Corp of America $1200. Patient Accnt Services LLC $350. These date back to a hospital visit in 2/13. Unfortunetly I disputed EX online before I found this forum and recieved a email stating the $1200 collection was deleted and $350 was "updated". A week later EQ emailed me a confirmation number for an online dispute I never initiated. One item was deleted, the same which was deleted on EX, and the updated report still showing the Patient Accnt Services collection. Ive opted out and sent address deletion letters. Is it common for CRA to dispute collections together like that? I also recieved a letter from EQ stating they put my report on a fraud alert. When i called and asked them about it they said it was because of the dispute on EX. What is also strange is that on the two updated credit reports the CA had two different addresses listed. EQ in Margate, FL and EX reported a Jacksonville address. Wondering what to do next. Wait for 60 days and send the pre Hippa dispute letters or go right ahead and send the Medical DV to the CA and follow up to CRA? Also which address should the DV go to? Ive googled them and they list the Margate, FL address on their website. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Good Luck on your journey. I hope to rebuild my credit as well.
  6. Also recently approved for Barclays Rewards Mastercard. They pulled TransUnion for me.
  7. Interested in RBFCU as well. I'm trying to rebuild and live in central Texas. Do you know which CRA they pull?
  8. Congrats on the upgrade. I'm also interested in the Walmart card for the free FICO. I'm rebuilding right now.

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