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  1. So, I got back from my trip to find my new Chase Ink card waiting in my mailbox. They didn't contact me or anything, but they did approve me with a 24K CL (maybe my EXP 842 score had something to do with it). This is the highest opening CL I ever got.
  2. So, I think I'm finished with my current App Spree. I feel that my results are rather Blah! Current TU ( Fico 8 ) - 831 Current Exp ( Fico 8 ) - 837 Probably the best scores I've ever had. Only two Hard Pulls in the last 2 years (Both over a year ago). App'd Chase Ink (For the $750 SUB) - Result: We'll get back to you (Wasted TU and Exp Pulls) App'd FNBO Evergreen (For the 2% Cash Back) - Result: $7,000 Visa Signature - No Rewards (Wasted Exp Pull) - Sock Drawer here I come. App'd Discover IT Miles (For the 1.5% and 1.5% Bonus for the first year - Result: $5,000 Discover IT Miles Card - I'm gonna have to cycle that thing weekly in order to get any benefit out of it. Oh well... Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.
  3. Yes, it was domestic... About 3 years ago. I don't know how it is now as I haven't needed to fly anywhere lately. It would be a good offer, but I'm nowhere near being able to qualify for that with BOA. I'll probably try to app the Discover in the next few days. Maybe, but other than my business expenses, I don't buy much. I'm not the person that will put a soda on the CC at the 7-11. What makes me cry? When I was in credit hell, I spent over half a million dollars on a debit card, with no rewards at all.
  4. I pretty much only spend on business inventory, so the best for me are straight-up % bonus cards. I already have the Citi Double Cash, and Alliant. I'm nowhere near putting a large sum in the bank. I applied for Chase Ink, but I think I'm going to be denied. Chase doesn't seem to like me. They pulled Transunion and Experian so far, but I sense a denial is coming. My EX Fico 8 is 831, and I'm currently at less than 1% of available credit, so it has to be something else. I'm thinking about the Discover Miles (if I can have a second Discover Card), and the FNBO Evergreen (I have one card by them and I'm stuck on a $1K limit).
  5. I wasn't really clear either. If I can capture a good SUB I would consider it (after all, it's free money). I'm not a big fan of categories. I spend on business inventory only (items I re-sell), and a little hotel. I've seen those as well, and I just got offers in the mail for Amex 80,000k (Points?). They usually have an AF and I'm not really down for that. I don't usually like to open cards just to close them. I've put WAY to much spend on my AA Advantage card and have a boatload of miles, but I've found they're generally a scam. Maybe other people know how to use that bonus better, but every time I've tried my trip usually cost too much. The cash portion I had to pay was equal to what Delta or United wanted without the miles thrown in. I wanted to go to Florida with my wife and at the time they wanted $800 worth of miles and $600 in cash. I got the trip on Delta for $600 cash. Thanks, I've read that tread already. I wasn't considering this before, but I will now. Thanks, that's the kind of advice I was looking for. I already have a Discover card, can I get a second one with this deal? I'll read this post later, but I pretty much pay cash for most things other than business expenses.
  6. I'm kind of surprised that no one commented at all.
  7. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I came to the board a few years ago (not sure the actual dates), looking at massive debt, was being sued, and credit scores in the low 500’s. Because of all of the help and information I received here I was able to put my mess behind, win lawsuits, and rebuild my credit. I’ve also been able to build a fairly successful business, and drive cars that I’m not afraid will break down, which brings me to: I’ve been so busy that I’m not really sure what’s going on in the credit world, so I’m hoping for a little advice. Me: Scores in the 830’s No neg’s, Bk’s, no baddies, no lates 2 new cards in the last 2 years Decent enough spend - $10k plus per month. All real, no manufactured spend. Currently around $220K of available limit. Lost my Chase Freedom card for an unknown reason. I still have a Slate card with them (I don’t use it much and it’s 20+ years old with a $14k limit). Losing my Marvel Master card ($10k limit) due to the program closing. I’m thinking of an app spree, looking for decent cash back (2%?) or good SUB. Maybe Evergreen by FNBO (I have an FNBO card, but they don’t give me any love, $1k limit and they never raised it.) I don’t air travel much, I have the Citi AA card, with 100k in points but every time I’ve tried to use the points I felt like I was getting ripped off. I also don’t use cards for dining out. Chase Ink sent me a pre-approval (business card) with a $750 SUB. I have two LLC’s, can I get a separate account for each? I kind of lost interest in the whole credit card game after I hit $200k in available limit over 20 some cards. It seems more of a chore than fun know. Anyone have any ideas for me?
  8. I agree with this.... My first card back from the brink was a Cap 1. Started with a small limit, now over $14K. Keep it, you already took the hard pulls (probably three of them). If your credit is good you should have no problem PC'ing the card in 6 months to a year.
  9. Banks are strange sometimes... I was sitting at $11,750 with Capital One, and I asked for a CLI to $15K. They countered with $14,750. Like the $250 really makes that much difference to them. I have close to $150K in unused lines, but they can't give me that extra $250.
  10. Well, it took a few days, but I got that CLI from Bank of America. Not sure if it was a 'hard" yet, but the link did show up in a new place for me. I went from $8K to $15K (They asked, I didn't want to be greedy, and $15K would have been my biggest limit, now matched by Amex and Capital One Venture (I asked for $15K and they countered with $14.750K... really? The extra $250 was too much?))
  11. They put it in your checking or savings account that you designate. Does anyone know if they frown on using the funds for business?
  12. Thanks Kat... It must be Sunday, that's why it didn't even occur to me to do a search. Interesting stuff. I wonder what I should list as the loan reason? Would business expansion be frowned upon? Repayment of gambling debts? Maybe I should tell 'em that a loan shark is going to break my legs if I don't come up with some cash? The reality is that a cousin that I never knew I had from Nigeria needs some money to get the government hold on his account released. He promised to share his windfall with me... honest. Funny, I don't remember seeing him at our families picnics.
  13. The reason I asked how they send you the money is that I can use a 3% cash back card to buy my inventory if they deposit the funds into my bank account (and on 25K, that's a good chunk of change). Also, I know I'll be paying interest, which will be slightly offset by better discounts, credit card cash back, and the increased sales that having these goods will result in.
  14. So, I'm thinking about an American Express personal loan. I've been getting the 'you've been pre-approved for up to 25K' offers in the mail, and when I log in. My credit card / limits /scores are all in my siggy. Everything I've been doing is PIF every month (slight stumble this month, due to vacations and vendors charging the wrong cards I ended up with 1.1K reporting, but it's been paid already). This would be my first loan in a long time that would be paid over time, I plan to use the money for inventory for my new retail store. I've been in business selling these items for 9 years now, I know what sells and what doesn't, I'm not worried about the risk as I know I can sell the goods (i's be stuck with a 2 month supply instead of a one month supply). My biggest problem over the last year has been running out of merchandise, it seems that no matter how much I order it's never enough. Good problem to have, I guess. I just worry about how I'm going to look on my reports, going from 0 to 25K on 60K in income (I touch far more money than that every year, my 'spend' is around $150K. I started building business credit but it's no where near good enough to get me a meaningful amount. So, 25K would fill my store nicely, and I'd probably set it up so that I'd pay off the loan early. I haven't considered other loan options, although Kabbage and Sqaure Capital would both loan me around 12K each (I don't think I'd want to do both). What am I not considering? It's a big step, taking out a large loan, but it's no bigger than your average car loan (and it makes me money on top of it, instead of losing value). Has anyone done the American Express personal loan? How do the send you the money? Thoughts?
  15. I've been pumping a lot through my BOA account, with only a 6K limit (usually 4K per month) and I've never got a CLI. (I did burn BOA for 10K or so in the past - 9 years ago). After reading this post, I'm going to see if I can get a soft on Tuesday (I'll give 'em an extra day, I'm in no hurry). I'll be sure to report back.
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