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  1. Keep working at it, stuff happens...life happens. Try to get that utilization down. Citi, Discover and any Synchrony Bank (like Walmart) credit card will be difficult to get approved for right now. Good news is that you are in the right place. I would consider not applying for anything right now until things get better.
  2. Damn, I'm just trying to get one Chase card....got some work to do...maybe next year
  3. Hate to break it to you, but that FICO simulator is a piece....that being said, your scores with a bk are way better than mine...
  4. I'm guessing that none of you have gotten a phone call like this. Still waiting for them to serve me for over three years now. If you just want to have a little fun just repeat back everything they say to you. I got that one from my kids.
  5. You should wait until your disputes are completed. CB experts, correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I think I'll be leaving my 2012 CO alone..... OP, I hope the 70 point difference is because you just happened to pull you FAKO score. Mine are always 80 - 100 off from my FICOs.
  7. Attach a copy of the PFD agreement with your dispute to Experian. I find that the 60-90 days is bs. If you were 60-90 days past due it would be reported as fast as they could hit send.
  8. Keep following....I have a feeling the fun isn't over yet. I'm sure of it. I just read the entire thread, lol.
  9. Somewhere I missed the back story, but this was entertaining nonetheless.
  10. Lake Nona (Narcoossee Rd) area and Lee Vista (Chicksaw Trail) are nice areas. Great Hospitals, great schools and close to expressways. Avoid Semoran Blvd and Goldenrod if possible.
  11. If the DOFD is 2005/2006 it should not be reporting or come out of the woodwork at all. PRA is one of the scummiest JDBs out there. If they are past the reporting time (meaning you have NOT made a single payment to bring it current) and past the SOL, send them a FOAD letter. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=278917 correction

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