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  1. not my pic.... LOL this is a normal one
  2. Nothing is stopping you... isn't it better to app this one before the NASA starts showing on CR? hehehe
  3. Congrats on the 400k... That's 16x the circumference of the earth.... LOL
  4. this time last year Oct 2013, navy fed was offering 60k points bonus offer for flagship... then they offered 40k in April 2014 and then same offer now....
  5. LOL your FICO picture should be banned chugs... it looks like a freaking p*nis...
  6. mamiso

    Chevron Visa

    yup, there may be better Synchrony ones with better rewards... but I've seen some Chevron VISA limits at 25k around here... most people wouldn't cough at that... even for util purposes... Plus didn't you know Chevron has that direct marketing "fingerhut" look-alike store... LOL you can buy battery-powered lanterns and send flowers all at the same time !!!
  7. Ya never know Sidewinder... I was MUCH surprised... LOL So... regarding your moniker... do you mean a serpent or like "Fox 2"?
  8. They did it for me... CV has a thread for combining limits... He's asking for GPs to call in and try Synchrony's limits.... my sitch may have been unique...
  9. LOL... I went to a university in Malibu for Undergrad and Masters... Those were my first loans... and when I say large, they were large by comparison... The 12 that followed was also from a private university for credentials... they funded by the quarter, not yearly or by semester so every loan ended up averaging around 1100.00 or less... Education is important but expensive...
  10. I see... but what I have LEARNED from CB is that after a denial you can always ask for a second opinion... call and get another person or escalate the call... You have been denied... wouldn't hurt to try someone else... unless this town is a one-horse town and the person you talked to owns it (jk)
  11. Contact the local tax assessor and ask for a deal...
  12. Congrats to OP... keep up the good work !
  13. I dunno ask Ron, he has what... like 20 of them? Some of the better ones are the ones that give Mastercards instead of store cards. The limits are typically better and the increases you get from the love button are usually better than the 200-300 dollar ones you get from store cards. IE: I just got a 2,500 increase on my Coldwater Creek MasterCard yesterday. And yes I know the store is closed but I got to keep my card. I got emails saying that its changing from brick and mortar (closed) to online apparel...

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