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  1. When it's payed down or off can I get a increase back to where I was
  2. I've got approved for the card 9 months ago 15k limit over that time I have raked a 6300 balance I've been paying it down and haven't been using it because I wanna get it payed off I get a later from sams saying there lower credit limit from 15k to 6600 this is bull chocolate is there any thing I can do
  3. Anyone had any luck w Costco visa w out a pg
  4. Lakersfan did u personal guarantee the card/ give ur ss number and How did u apply? Was it by phone or in store
  5. I'm gonna try applying by phone for the card
  6. I was told from a rep a citi the card can be had no pg w good business credit
  7. Mattt83 when u did the app did u give ur ss number
  8. Has anyone called to ask directly ?
  9. The only thing helped me get approved for this card is I had speedway fleet which is backed by them w some payment history that will open the door in time about 6 months helped
  10. Business credit accounts for EliteWholesale LLC 1- grainger credit limit $1000 2- u-line credit limit $300 3-reliable credit limit $700 4-Msc industrial credit limit $1000 5-Amazon corporate revolving credit line $5000 6-Lkq auto parts credit limit $2000 7- autozone credit limit $750 8 speedway fleet gas card $800 net 20 9 universal fleet MasterCard $2000 net 14 10 Sears commerical one $2500 11 jc penny commercial account $3000 12 national pen $250 13 tractor supply business account $1500 14 lowes net 30 $3500 15 battery Specialist net 30 $1800 16 Carroll tire tire dealer net 30 $1000 17 newegg business net 55 $6500 18 fedex kinkos net 30 19 driven MasterCard $2000 net 14 20 sun belt rentals $ 40,000 Net 30 21 SAMs business MasterCard $15,000 22 bj MasterCard $22000 23 valoline oil change $2500 24 qt gas card $7500 net 30 Total $ 123,100 no personal guarantee in credit Hopefully I'll be able to add Costco visa to that list
  11. I have 15 k w SAMs club MasterCard and 22 k bj MasterCard the Costco would be a nice one to have
  12. Anyone got any detail on Costco new business visa can it be had w out a pg
  13. U don't have to give them dob I refused got approved 15 grand u give them dob they can run personal credit they will fight u just stand ur ground

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