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  1. Or with the debtor as life happens and sometimes beyond our control ... not to defraud.
  2. Update: Just wanted to report to all interested that the negative account mentioned in this thread is gone .. gone .. gone. Did a dispute and presented all documentation including the other CRA's reports and the account has been removed from Equifax .. score jumped over 50 points .. fako that is ... not sure about fico. The moral of this story .. keep a papertrail .. old reports etc for backup .. who does not make mistakes .. be it Creditor or CRA. Happy .. Happy .. Happy. ;-> Thank you to all who responded and for the good advice. Have a good weekend.
  3. This account is not on Transunion or Experian and the fico scores for those two CRA's is in the high 700's whereas at the moment Equifax is 724 fico. I forgot to mention that i did call Equifax and inquire about this account last week and the rep told me it was not showing negative and there was no 81-month payment history available. I don't think so as i pulled a 3 in one CR from Experian monitoring service and that is where i got the fico score with the negative payment history listed as well so why he told me that is beyond me. But i have Equifax monitoring Service as well and each time
  4. I understand that but they cannot report it as a negative after the 7 / 7.5 years from date of first delinquency. It would remain as a positive closed account.
  5. http://washingtonbankruptcy.com/you-can-add-points-to-your-credit-score-by-beating-the-charge-off-date-scam/ A negative account cannot stay on one's credit report any longer than 7.5 years from the date of first delinquency not when they decided to report it or charge it off. I'm not worried as i have documentation to prove that date if need be. Thank you again and for your patience with me. Have a good week ahead.
  6. Thank you hdporter for the reply. I'm disputing it as the date of first delinquency was April 2012 and never brought current .. otherwise why would innovis report 01/2019 as going positive and then removed it. Actually in March 2019 it wasn't removed on a month to month basis as it jumped from April 2019 to August 2019 and then again in May 2019 from August 2019 to October 2019. I cannot see how there could be that much of a reporting difference between the two CRA's. Still going to dispute. Thank you so much hdporter for your reply. Appreciate it.
  7. Thank you hdporter and hegemony for your reply. The first delinquency of 30 days late started on April 2012 … see below. This was a mortgage account that ended up being sold to another company in which i got a 5 year loan modification reducing the interest rate. It has now ended and going back to the higher interest rate in June. Cannot get a refi until the negative is gone. That is the only negative on the credit report. Innovis is the only other credit agency it was listed on and they in 2014 had a date of January 2019 of this account going positive. Now in April 2019 i get a new repor
  8. Does it make a difference if the account was never brought current with negative showing all the way until the end of December 2013 and then was transferred / sold to another company January 2014? Status on the negative account states .. Pays as agreed.
  9. Thank you cv91915 for the reply. It makes sense what you said. The DOFD above that section states .. N/A yet of course the payment history reflects or did the first missed payment but since it is moving it looks like October is the first. And why would Innovis have January 2019 as going positive .. they have the first missed payment of 30 days in April 2012 .. that was 2014 when i pulled their report of course as previously mentioned it was gone with a new report in April 2019. Equifax has always removed early and this was a surprise when i saw it still under the negative section in May 201
  10. Can someone please answer the above ... i would like to know too .. please.
  11. Besides that what would stop them from doing it again ... changing the dofd .. needs to be nipped in the bud now.
  12. Right because i know Equifax didn't do it ... they have always deleted early .. not that i had tons of negative debts but just the ones i did have they were great and removed them 3 months early. I've got plenty of documentation to back me up .. Thanks for replying hegemony.
  13. Thank you legaleagle2012 for the reply. The DOFD has always been April 2012 the whole 7 years up until March 2019 a month before it was due to go positive they changed it. I have older Credit Reports to prove it and a Report from Innovis as well for backup. It makes it look like DOFD began in October 2012 and this is all under the 81-month Payment History. They have N/A at the top on the line Date Of First Delinquency. I'm disputing it .. they changed it twice to august then to october .. and all at the end of 7 years. They should have had it reporting as October 2012 from the beginning
  14. I hesitate to mention the Creditor's name as i don't know as of yet who is at fault .. the Creditor or Equifax.
  15. Thank you hdporter for the reply. I do not know if this matters or not but i noticed in the upper left column under .. Date of First delinquency .. that it is noted as .. N/A The 81-Month Payment History is what shows when the dofd began which was April 2012 and has always been up until March / May 2019. That is where i am seeing the dofd changing.
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