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  1. Rats didn't know that. It's ok closest Chase branch to me is over an hour anyway. Wouldn't of had the time to go
  2. Went ahead and got the Marriott Rewards and the Chase Reserve great limits on both.
  3. Thinning the Marriott Rewards and Chase Saphire Reserve?
  4. On hotels I'd say at least $5k per year. Groceries my wife would know better but I'd guess $7500+.
  5. Been awhile since I posted. Credit Card Question. Been a long time almost two years since I opened a new card. Been thinking on getting a couple. What cards would you go after? Thinking one will be Marriott of some sort since I stay there a great deal, not sure on the other. I have pre approvals from pretty much every card you could think of. Credit scores are all three 820+. Right now I have Discover Cash Back, Citi Diamond, Citi Thank You, BOA Americard, AMEX Gold Charge, AMEX Everday, Capital One (Not sure which had since college.) Any cards have good rewards offers now? Utilization is 0% I pay off every month. May upgrade my Gold to a Platinum since I have that offer also. Will add that we're building a house right now, so can make some substantial charges over the next six months and pay them off every month to best utilize and points.
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa, I think that was the one I read, thanks uber!!!!!
  7. Of course I've used this, but I thought I read a thread somewhere here that actually went down through a nice list and went through which bank pulled which, and which were specific to a certain bureau, and which pullled multiple etc.... Sounds like a plan!!!! Thanks shifter
  8. Can someone link me to the thread that tells which issuer/bank pulls which bureau. Want to add another card or two, but don't want another experian pull. Would like a TU or EQ pull. I re,ember reading that thread at some point, but can't seem to find it, and search didn't return it in the results for me. Don't remember the exact name of the thread. Thank you kindly in advance.
  9. Another Twofer! Way to go!! Thanks, good limit also
  10. Two for One AMEX Everyday Preferred AMEX PRG MSD 2014 61 Day Clock Starts Now!!!!
  11. Since your good with the AMEX info, and Mendel, so I've made my mind up on the CC I'm going with, should I go ahead and do the 2 for 1 special? Prolly wouldn't run a ton through the charge since most of my works charges I put on my corp card, and for my business I just pay cash, I could just switch my cash spending over to the charge and earn points, etc. maybe 15-20k for my business I could run through it. Either you think are better than others? Greed, gold, platinum? I also just realized yesterday my work will let me enroll in the membership benefits and allow me personaly to keep the points, and I charge probably around 30-40k/year through it Thank you in advance kind sir!
  12. Thank you, had no idea as this has never happened to me before. In my case it seems to have helped me, since my student loans are all my oldest lines.
  13. *Disclaimer: typing with my iPad, so I apologize for errors! Today while doing my daily pulls I noticed something Imtersting. A little back story first. I received a letter stating that Navient who I never heard of was buying my loans, but nothing else would change. I received that letter probably six months before the switch. Well, soon after the switch, I log on to my new navient account only to find that half of my loans are gone. I then get another letter a week later stating the Nelnet has purchased half of my loans. I was pretty mad considering Sallie Mae said nothing else would change, so did Navient. I didn't know anything of this until after it happened. So after being aggravated, I just decided to deal with it, set them all up for auto pay again, and forget about them. Well, today I login to find that during the switch my Navient loans were closed and new Nelnet loans were reporting, but the new Nelnet loans were reporting with my original loan date, so it added 10 months to my AAOA and also 10 months to my credit length history. Raised my score to the tune of 8 points on my EQ. so essentially it added four new accounts with old 2006-2008 dates The second odd thing was my capital one card that I got during college (my first cc) which only had a limit of $500 was bumped to $2000. I asked for a CLI last year and they said no, so I called and asked and they said they wouldn't give me one since I didn't use the car, I complanined saying that I have credit lines of well over 10k and i would never use it with that low of a limit, they still said no. I never login and even check that account, but just so happened to check and boom the AUTO CLI, which seemed odd to me. I may have to use it now a couple times to show them I still care 👍😀 Anyone else have a similar experience with their Student Loans. I'm on the downside and hoping to pay them off this year, but thought that it was interesting how it took place on my CRs. Didn't think they would process like that. My old loans show (Transferred/Sold/Closed.) INPUT PLEASE?
  14. Keep it up, good progress!!!!

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