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  1. Hi all. I defaulted on Nelnet & Sallie Mae loans. I never once made a payment to Sallie Mae or Nelnet. I went to default and eventually consoliated. (3+ years in good standing) My report for Nelnet shows "OK" marks for a few months. Then turns to "90s" "120s" "C/Os" etc. Makes sense because I was not paying. (long story + ignorance) However, my Sallie Mae shows "OKs" then 90s, 120s, then goes back to OK status for a few months then back to 90 day and 120 day lates. This does not make sense to me. I had been graduated by this point. Again, I never made a payment to them. Why did they randomly start reporting timely payments? The nelnet loans fall off 3/2016 and sallie mae 3/2016. Is it an error from Sallie Mae to give me the OK marks for a few months after grad when I KNOW I did not pay a dime? Do insurance payments or sending my loans around count as a "payment"? I'm confused. Not sure if that would even be legal/Nelnet did not do this. I'm asking because I'm wondering if they can turn the "OK" payments into 90s/120s, then it would change the fall off date for my tradelines. However, I'm a bit afraid to bring this up to Sallie Mae in the event they change my status, I get a score drop, and I still cant get 2015 deletions. Thanks a lot!
  2. Congrats! Transunion deleted for me right away (and Ive heard they are the easiest). so I do believe you are in the clear there. Equifax and Experian WON'T budge for me
  3. I filed the complaint with CFPB and mailed a letter to EQ and EX containing copy/letter etc CFPB replied to me with EQ response: Equifax said: Explanation of closure Equifax has reviewed your complaint and conducted an investigation regarding the disputed item(s). ARS Collection Agency 6883135600000000* and 6883135300000000* have verified your name, former address, social security number, date of birth and account information. Please contact the data furnishers for further assistance. A response has been mailed to you with the contact information. Response *Equifax reviewed the complaint, its records and initiated a re-investigation. *Equifax did not receive any additional communications from the consumer during the review of the complaint. *Equifax will mail the results of the reinvestigation within 30 days. Does this mean EQ is finished with the investigation and that's it? Or? CFPB gives me an option to dispute their reply. I definitely DID contact EQ so that's a lie. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO DIFFICULT?
  4. I agree with above. Were you uninsured? If yes, you should have applied for the charity discount. they definitely need to work with you on making payments. they can't refuse. ask to speak w/ manager.
  5. Im a bit confused. Did you get a COLLECTIONS bill or HOSPITAL bill? If you already received a bill from the hospital, noting the account mean nothing. Your bill was already processed as uninsured. Medicaid should have had you fax/mail the bill to them, and they should have taken responsibility. Noting an account with medicaid AFTER the bill was processed means nothing. I worked in hospital insurance/patient registration. Once we send the bill to our billing department, it's out of our hands. And usually hospital billing depts are actually not IN the hospital itself. When was the date of service? You definitely need to contact Medicaid ASAP and explain the situation. At minimum, get physical proof of active medicaid during dates of hospital service.
  6. Will do! Thanks! Do I show copies of what I sent? Or just explain?
  7. I have done everything you mentioned above. I have 4 medical accounts total. 3 from ARS CA (however TU only had 2 accts on my file, EX and EQ have 3 accts listed) and 1 from Sheradon CA. -Transunion deleted everything with first HIPPA letter -Equifax verified all -Experian verified all I gave up on Sheradon collection due to SOL (for now). So I continued with the 3 ARS collections EQ and EX are reporting. I sent the DV to CA regarding the accts on EX and EQ. No reply. (not shocked) I sent the follow up dispute and EQ verified debt as mine (again) I received the reply from EX today. They deemed my letter as "Suspicious and not sent from me". They basically said call if I have any issues with my account.
  8. Uh oh. I missed that part. It took about 15 days for them to actually receive it (not sure why, their location is in my own state). I didn't think CA would give me good news, but I did figure I'd get some type of general BS reply. I do have 3 collections but only 2 are with ARS. The other one was verified before and since I haven't hit the SOL on that one, I didn't want to mess with it anymore yet. EQ and EX verified all 3 as mine at one point or another. However, these 2 from ARS collection agency are the ones I wanted off ASAP.
  9. Its been months and I wanted to update. With Whychats method, Transunion deleted on the first try. EQ and EX verified debt as mine. I waited a few months then sent DV to the "ARS" collection agency holding the 2 medical debts. I sent two letters for each collection agency in one envelope CM. Not only did I not receive a valid reponse, I received NO REPLY. They never wrote me back. I waited about 40 days, then I sent EQ and EX with the letter per Whychats instructions, saying I received no valid response, gave them proof of delivery, etc. Equifax STILL verified the debt as mine. I'm hoping Experian will delete. =\ If they don't, do I even have any more options?
  10. Hi. I received a bill in the mail from "an attorney" for YouFit gym saying I owe $110 (or something) and basically threatening to send me to collections. Problem with this: I was never a member. My brother added me as a "guest" on his account and went there for about a month. Apparently he stopped paying. He got the same letter I did. From what I remember, I did not sign anything nor was my SS# involved. I definitely know they did not have ANY banking/financial info from me. However, they might have a copy of my ID. Should I send a generic DV, or state specifics regarding not being a member etc? I certainly refuse to be sent to collections over this, but paying $100 for something like is my last option. Advice please? Thanks!
  11. Will do, thanks! also, equifax stated one collection verified through the original source. so when the CA and OC have contact, it is safe to contact for a PFD or? (The debt is 3 years old and $640) Trying to look into your site now for answers!
  12. Medical DV the CA with two separate letters in one envelope? (assuming experian verifies, i'll wait til they respond to reply) Thank you!
  13. Update: Transunion: deleted addresses & 3 collections Equifax: deleted addresses AND then later VERIFIED the 3 collections Experian: waiting to hear back Whychat, what do I send now? Should I wait to see if experian replies before contacting CA
  14. Im in the same boat. TU sent a letter (about 7 days ago) saying 3 medical bills I disputed were deleted. My Credit Karma hasn't moved at all. I wanna see an increase SOMEWHERE! lol

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