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  1. Hello, new here. Like many others I am realizing I should have come here a long time ago. Anyway, I have few questions/concerns. Current score: 633 I've read a lot about removing items from your credit report on this site. I have also read about the possibility of sending a letter of goodwill to have certain items removed. In my case, it involves an auto loan with Capitol One. I was 30/60/90 on the very last payment of the loan back in 2010. I talked to a rep there who gave me the fax number of the CBR and gave me a few pointers on what to write (It has a great impact on my credit, I was trying to make arrangements at the time, it was my last payment etc.). I am a little conflicted over what I have read. It looks like some have had luck doing this with Capitol One. However, if I send this letter and it does not work, can they use it against me if I try to dispute the lates? I also paid off loan with Santander that had a 30/30/30/60 at one point about 4 years ago in the middle of the loan. However, I have not heard many success stories regarding sending them goodwill letters. Not sure what I should do here. Another question relates to the 6 CCs I have under a payment plan with a CCCS. I have about $6500 left and none of them were ever late.. even before the payment program. I now have the money to go ahead and just pay these off. I want the balances updated on my reports asap. Would it be a bad idea to immediately dispute them in a way to get the records updated or would this look bad? Maybe there is a better way to go about this. Also, do you think paying these off will have a major impact on my score? Anyone willing to guestimate? In addition to the above I also have a paid collection with Brighthouse a couple years ago. I made the mistake of paying $25 to the debt collector and then paying the rest of the balance to Brighthouse directly. I really wish I would have not done that and would have researched what to do first. The good news is I do not have any late payments in the last few years on any of my CCs and have never been late on my current car and motorcycle loans. Thanks for reading and any help.
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