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  1. The transmission did not come from a junkyard. It came from one of the dealer's suppliers of remanufactured transmissions. The vehicle had about 22K miles on it when I bought it as a certified preowned. Problem is I had a transmission problem in an area of the country where there wasn't a dealer in a reasonable distance. Had a repair shop look at it to see if I was OK to drive. The repair shop owner damaged the transmission to the extent it needed replaced. He actually left a rag in the transmission oil pan! I have to go through some legal hoops to recover monetary damages for his mistake, but in the meantime, I need a workable vehicle. With only about 82K miles on the vehicle, having transmission issues is frustrating. I did some very heavy towing while moving about a year ago, so some of the transmission wearing out prematurely was probably my fault in part.
  2. My concern was being lied to about the debt appearing on my report. I've read many post on here advising that I not take a collection agent's word for it when they make a commitment. Many on here advise to always get it in writing.
  3. Here's an update on my vehicle saga. I opted to fix my Yukon and had a used transmission installed at the dealership. That was $2900 cheaper than the GM remanufactured option. I'm about a month into driving it and the "new" transmission is already failing. There was no parts warranty on the transmission I picked for them to install, but it only had about 35,000 miles on it. Now I'm looking at about another $4K for the same work to be done again. At this point, I'm regretting not eating the high interest rate on the other vehicle. I would have come out ahead, even though nobody could have foreseen the failure of the newly installed transmission. Can't win!
  4. Other tenants in this case were tenants in another rental unit. Maintenance erroneously mixed up our 2 units when they did the final walk-through. When it got resolved, the end result was me legitimately owing about $300 for liquidated damages due to me moving out a month early and for post move-out cleaning and painting fees that were required as part of the lease. Since posting, I have called the collection agency (Southwest Credit). I explained that I dispute the debt and that I've spoken to an attorney. I told the agent the attorney said I have a good case to dispute the debt and that it would cost me about $300 for his time to draft the appropriate dispute and do what he needs to do. I told her I don't care if I pay the $300 to them or to the attorney, but I don't want it a disputed debt on my credit report. I gave her the choice of sending me a letter confirming the debt wouldn't appear on my credit report if I made payment to them and then having me pay them the balance owed or for me to pay the attorney to challenge the debt. The agent told me they don't provide letters, but she confirmed the debt would not appear on my credit report if I made payment within the 30 day dispute time frame. At the beginning of the call, I got their permission to record the call, so a couple of times, she reiterated, "since we're on a recorded line, I will assure you this debt will never appear on your credit report if you make the payment to us within your 30-day dispute time period." I'm coming to the end of the of that 30 day period. Do I just trust her and make the payment or do I continue to insist on getting something in writing? Based upon my conversation notes with the apartment manager and subsequent happenings, my attorney thinks I have a very good chance of getting the debt eliminated. I want to take the easy route, which is making the payment, but have no problem going to war if necessary to keep the debt off my credit report. To pay or not to pay, that is the question...?
  5. I moved out of an apartment on April 28th. Several weeks later, I got a statement in the mail detailing charges against my security deposit. Some of the charges, such as cleaning or painting, were erroneously charged to me instead of one of the other tenants. I worked it out with the manager after he had a chance to discuss it with the maintenance staff and the charges were to be removed from my account. I was informed by the manager that I would be able to sign into their online portal to make the payment. A couple of days passed and then I tried for a couple of days to sign in without any luck. I called and was informed that my account was turned into collections as soon as it hit the 30 day late point. The manager never informed me that my access to the online payment portal would be deactivated at the 30 day mark and he didn't tell me the account would automatically go to Southwest Credit for collections at that point as well. What do I do? I ended the lease early and have a small fee I owe for doing that, which is fine. I legitimately owe about $300 after application of my small security deposit. Do I call the collection agency and just pay it? If I pay it with the collection agency within 30 days, will it still show up on my credit report? Not sure how to handle this one. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  6. In reviewing my Equifax report, I noticed 4 accounts that have comments saying "Payment is payroll deductible." 3 of the accounts are closed and charged off credit cards. The 4th is open and being paid as agreed with never any lates. It is clearly not an error in reporting by the creditors because it shows like this on each account (with different dates): 04/2016 Payment is payroll deductible 08/2016 Payment is payroll deductible 02/2017 Payment is payroll deductible I am 100% Positive I have no judgements against me that would enable a credit card debt to be payroll deductible. Is this an effort on behalf of the creditors to further damage my credit by making it appear that an there has been a judgement against me for a particular debt when that has never actually occurred? I've done extensive searching online and haven't found any answer as to why this comment appears.
  7. Thanks everybody. I'm just going to fix what I have. I'm now motivated to get my report cleaned up ASAP. I was in the 740 range a year ago and haven't had any late payments or defaults in the meantime, so I'm sure getting the items that popped up removed will get me right back where I want to be.
  8. I called the Experian number. The system asked me for a credit card. Every time I entered a card, the system said it was unable to process my card. I used 3 different debit cards for accounts that have far more than the necessary $12 in them, but none worked. Has anybody else had this issue? Any alternative suggestions on how to get that report would be appreciated. There was no way to get to a live human being, so I couldn't do that. Thanks!
  9. I can pay for the repairs with cash right now. I'm not very sensitive to the APR since 'll be able to pay it off in full within the next 6-8 months or refi it after I get the credit report cleansed. I just spent $3K on a new transmission, need new tires, new brakes, new oil pump and a bunch of other stuff. Just got estimate from my ship for $3800 for everything I need. Figure I would rather spend it on a used vehicle with lower miles. Found a 2016 yukon with 15k miles. I've had 2 dealers fully check it and was offered a bit more than I owe with full disclosure of the issues, which is more or less in line with Manheim (I have access). I have an investment that is starting to produce and will turn significant profits this year and next. It will start delivering healthy enough profits for me to pay off the vehicle 100% within 12 months. That's why I want out now and into the new vehicle before dumping a bunch more into it knowing I'm getting rid of it soon. Fewer miles means lower risk of big repairs, so I'm happy to eat a little interest in order to not have any surprises.
  10. Stubs Are computer generated. I'm not upside down on current vehicle. I'm a bit better than break even considering where I book valued it and the offers I got from a couple dealers.
  11. I have pay stubs. Would that be sufficient proof?
  12. Hello all, I have a question about getting auto financing with a low credit score. I currently have a 2015 GMC Yukon that needs a bit of work. Rather than dumping money into it, I want to just trade it in. Prior to going to a dealership, I submitted an application online through MyAutoLoan and was sent an email saying they didn't have any lenders to handle my loan. That caused me to check my Experian report to see why. I was surprised to see my FICO score listed there as 544. I notice the following things: 1. A charge-off for child support payments, but a good pay history for that account going back to 2017. My child support is not charged off because I am still paying and am current. I have always been current. The only bad pay listed on my report for child support was a single month in 2017 when my child support was changed via settlement. When my child support case with my ex was settled, I was given credit for overpayment in previous months, so there should have never been a late payment. I have no idea how to fight that one, but will get working on it. 2. Two collection accounts for items I did not believe to be accounts for me because I never had open accounts with the original creditors. I used an attorney to dispute them and they responded that they were unable to substantiate the debts or my ownership of them. They still remain on my reports, though. 3. Three open collections for things I know nothing about. I will have to dig into those. I suspect my ex may have used my name for some utilities accounts or something like that after our separation or divorce. Not sure yet. The net result is, I don't think I am able to get approved for an a $37K auto loan. I currently make $140K+ per year and have less than $3K per month in living expenses including rent, car payment and everything else. My current auto loan is through Santander Consumer and my payment history since Jan. 2018 has been flawless. If I want to put some money down on a newer vehicle with lower mileage rather than dumping $2500 into my current vehicle, what are my options? I don't have time to fix my credit report before I'll need to make the repairs to my Yukon and I'll make a little on the trade-in I can use toward the newer one as well. Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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