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  1. Thank you!!! That actually makes it easier.
  2. That makes more sense to me and is a big help. I looked at my paper reports from 2 years ago and the only one that had the address identification numbers was my Experian report. When challenging the addresses, are incorrect dates or misspellings of the addresses sufficient reasons to get them deleted. For example, I lived at an address from 2001-2002. The date on my EQ report says it was reported July 17, 2010. An address example is my mailing address at a UPS store. There are 3 variations of the address being reported. One of them is correct while the other 2 lack my specific
  3. Thanks cv91915! I ended up calling all of the numbers in the link you attached and eventually got my reports mailed to me for free. Much appreciated all!
  4. Thank you MarvBear. I had the addresses, but since my request for the report wasn't due to a denial of credit, I was informed that I would need to pay for the report if I didn't get it through ACR. I'm fine with paying for them. I just couldn't find out how much each bureau currently charges for their paper reports. Googling it returns nothing more than an endless list of ads for websites offering free credit reports and credit monitoring.
  5. I actually found some language in the letter forum. My current question is: Is it better to ask for all but current address to be removed or ask for all but a couple of them (including my current address) to be removed? I have moved a lot in the past 20 years. My Experian report lists more than 20 addresses, although a number of them are duplicates spelled differently.
  6. I've searched like crazy, but haven't found any samples of address dispute letters or language to use when disputing the addresses on my reports. Can somebody please provide a sample of what I should be writing or some guidance? I'm wondering if the most effective dispute is that I never lived there or that the addresses are simply not correct and, therefore, should be removed. Thanks!
  7. I'm wondering this too. I need to request all of my reports for disputes. I cannot find a way to do that on the bureau's websites. I know there's a paid option for all, but I can't find it. Anybody able to help?
  8. The transmission did not come from a junkyard. It came from one of the dealer's suppliers of remanufactured transmissions. The vehicle had about 22K miles on it when I bought it as a certified preowned. Problem is I had a transmission problem in an area of the country where there wasn't a dealer in a reasonable distance. Had a repair shop look at it to see if I was OK to drive. The repair shop owner damaged the transmission to the extent it needed replaced. He actually left a rag in the transmission oil pan! I have to go through some legal hoops to recover monetary damages for his mista
  9. My concern was being lied to about the debt appearing on my report. I've read many post on here advising that I not take a collection agent's word for it when they make a commitment. Many on here advise to always get it in writing.
  10. Here's an update on my vehicle saga. I opted to fix my Yukon and had a used transmission installed at the dealership. That was $2900 cheaper than the GM remanufactured option. I'm about a month into driving it and the "new" transmission is already failing. There was no parts warranty on the transmission I picked for them to install, but it only had about 35,000 miles on it. Now I'm looking at about another $4K for the same work to be done again. At this point, I'm regretting not eating the high interest rate on the other vehicle. I would have come out ahead, even though nobody could ha
  11. Other tenants in this case were tenants in another rental unit. Maintenance erroneously mixed up our 2 units when they did the final walk-through. When it got resolved, the end result was me legitimately owing about $300 for liquidated damages due to me moving out a month early and for post move-out cleaning and painting fees that were required as part of the lease. Since posting, I have called the collection agency (Southwest Credit). I explained that I dispute the debt and that I've spoken to an attorney. I told the agent the attorney said I have a good case to dispute the deb
  12. I moved out of an apartment on April 28th. Several weeks later, I got a statement in the mail detailing charges against my security deposit. Some of the charges, such as cleaning or painting, were erroneously charged to me instead of one of the other tenants. I worked it out with the manager after he had a chance to discuss it with the maintenance staff and the charges were to be removed from my account. I was informed by the manager that I would be able to sign into their online portal to make the payment. A couple of days passed and then I tried for a couple of days to sign in without an
  13. In reviewing my Equifax report, I noticed 4 accounts that have comments saying "Payment is payroll deductible." 3 of the accounts are closed and charged off credit cards. The 4th is open and being paid as agreed with never any lates. It is clearly not an error in reporting by the creditors because it shows like this on each account (with different dates): 04/2016 Payment is payroll deductible 08/2016 Payment is payroll deductible 02/2017 Payment is payroll deductible I am 100% Positive I have no judgements against me that would enable a credit card debt to be payr
  14. Thanks everybody. I'm just going to fix what I have. I'm now motivated to get my report cleaned up ASAP. I was in the 740 range a year ago and haven't had any late payments or defaults in the meantime, so I'm sure getting the items that popped up removed will get me right back where I want to be.
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