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  1. Here's my question... I have a paid judgement. I got screwed by a process server. He sent or delivered the court papers to my ex husband house. I never lived there and we'd been divorced for 4 years at that point. If he got the papers, he never mentioned them to me. Of course I knew about the debt, but I only knew about the judgement was when garnishment papers hit my payroll office. Do you think I would have any luck getting the judgement removed from my credit reports by claiming improper service? This is my last baddie and it won't fall off for until 2018 so any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
  2. Exactly why I'm back. Lol. He has gone all cash and is having a hard time wrapping his head around why he needs to seek credit (loans/cards) before aping for a mortgage
  3. Not necessarily true. Many people pay invalid bills just to get them to go away. Thanks. Hadn't thought of that. He had decent cards and CLs plus a good payment history before so is Goodwilling some or all of the lates feasible? Or best to ask them to validate in the hope that the entire TL can be removed?
  4. Thanks to all who responded. I have been lurking for a while and actively working to improve my own credit. His scenario differs from mine in that lots of my negatives aged off or couldn't be validated where he is really old school (and hardheaded) and paid old stuff where it sometimes reset the clock. I'm still reading just don't know what step he's in compared to the process I went through. For example, if he paid a collection, he can't very well come back and ask them to validate, right?
  5. My fiance is in construction. When the housing/building market crashed, he was unemployed for a time and was able to live and keep up with his debt until he ran through most of his savings. He worked hard to get this back on track but now his reports are full of late payments, paid/settled debts and 3 judgements. Prior to that his credit was great. We would like to buy a home this year. Is there anything that could be done now since obviously PFDs are out of the question???
  6. THIS! And also wanted to emphasis that you're doing a great job. Keep up the momentum! +1 Your present phone works so it's not like you are going totally without. The S4's have been on sale a lot lately that generally means something new is coming anyway LOL
  7. if you have any inquiries from mortgage lenders showing up on your reports, LVNV funding isn't likely to settle for less. read the pinned topic - "your collection score." I would just let it fall off, dispute as obsolete. does the DOFD match the OC's reporting? if the OC is not on your reports, LVNV funding should be gone also Thank you all for your sage advice. The original creditor is not on my reports at all but LVNV has accurate info. To add. I've called EX 2x this week. Haven't had luck with the CSRs removing the LVNV from that CRA though it's set to drop in May 2014 but the TU set to drop in July was deleted immediately. Any advice or pointers is welcome. Otherwise I'll wait it out you're disputing over the PHONE???? you need to file written disputes. I've been reading the boards here and has seen people have a good amount of success disputing with the credit reporting agency (no creditor) by phone or online. This account has been removed from TU after I disputed as obsolete online. After about 10 tries, finally got a CSR at EX to remove the LVNV negative that was set to fall off in May. Thank you CB'ers!!!
  8. Great job! Hoping to break that 700 barrier in the next couple of months myself
  9. Where do you go to check FICO score? Is it through the Barclaycardus.com website?
  10. Was done as soon as I sat down to my computer! Lol
  11. So I've been a member of NAVYFCU for about 8 years and got 2 cc's with them straight out if the gate with $5K limits each. During my separation and after my divorce I used those cards to supplement my income and was only making the min payments. When the cards expired, NFCU opted not to send me new cards and basically closed the accounts to me though they both still reported to the CRAs. The balances have been low enough for me to PIF for awhile but I was worried that doing so would cause them to show as 'closed' on my reports. I've been on the fence but I really wanted to re- app with them but was hesitant because I'm now showing 12 inqs on my reports and I KNOW NFCU is inq happy Figured 13 wasn't much worse than 12 at this point and pulled the trigger yesterday and got the 3-5 day message instead of instant approval. I immediately got bummed but from my reading here knew that that wasn't necessarily the kiss of death. up this morning to a text saying CC was approved !! Logged into to see a limit of $17 K!!!
  12. One's credit doesn't tank because of a job loss. One's credit tanks because bills are paid late or not at all. Let me clarify.... When he exhausted his savings paying cc bills he ran up while employed he tgen stopped paying which caused his credit to tank. LolIt sounds sarcastic when I say things like that, but there are people who believe that your credit score is related to your income, your employment (or lack thereof), the lunar cycle and the price of pork belly futures. Not you, of course. Of course! Lol. I was/am more ignorant to the newly unraveled utilization formulas for max benefit.
  13. One's credit doesn't tank because of a job loss. One's credit tanks because bills are paid late or not at all. Let me clarify.... When he exhausted his savings paying cc bills he ran up while employed he tgen stopped paying which caused his credit to tank. Lol
  14. Trying to get him into NFCU. Current bank is BOA

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