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  1. Discover IT-$8,000

    NFCU Flagship-$7500


    I've opened quite a few new cards in the last couple of years. I was kind of surprised at the lower NFCU limit and was wondering if it's because I already have $49k limits between my NFCU sig cash rewards and AMEX plus $15k LOC and $17k PLOC?

  2. That's great!


    I called EX this morning and 5 were deleted--4 charge-offs and one paid collection. All were scheduled for removal by 12/2018. That leaves one charge-off on Experian. I could kick myself for not picking up the phone before now!!!


    Yesterday I disputed one account online with TU and it's gone. There's one left that I can get rid of next month and that's it for TU.


    I'm really hesitant to dispute with EQ as most of my charge-offs aren't updating and all should be gone by Feb/March.


    I started with 10 charged-off accounts and 10 collections (some medical) in 2014. "Only" one resulted in a judgment -not showing on my reports but the related paid collection has now been removed from TU and EX.


    I still have strings of late pays on several accounts which I paid in full either by payment plan or regular payments. Some of these are open while others are closed. All report "paid as agreed" with most of the lates coming from 2012.

  3. Good news!


    Just spoke to a rep at EX who was so helpful and friendly. He went through my CR with me and deleted 2 charge-offs due to fall off in October and said to call back at the end of next week and 3 more could be deleted. Interestingly enough, my husband recently disputed one of these, the only joint account we had, it was verified and updated on both of our reports. Luckily it was one that was just deleted!


    I've never had much luck with EX--everything usually comes back verified, updated ...pretty much everything but deleted, so this was a win for me :)



  4. FWIW-


    They removed my husband's tradeline within 30 days of receiving the discharge. Actually, the entire process was very efficient. Filed for T&P 10//2017, approved and sent to the DOE 11/2017, approved the same month and tradeline removed 12/2017. They removed 2 parent plus loans and the consolidation loan but not loans which were consolidated.

  5. IDK what NFCU sees that the other banks don't but I was just approved for the co-branded AMEX, 25k at 11.15. This makes a total of 64K with them (24K GoRewards and 15K LOC).


    Was feeling pretty good so I apped US BANK (have been a customer almost 14 years) and they gave me a Visa sig with CL of 11k but the rate is 15.74 plus prime (ouch). Ironically, in December they wouldn't increase the limit on my platinum card that I've had since 2008. My TU report is much cleaner now than it was at that time. After my new approval I called UW and requested an increase on my current card using the same pull. They will let me know tomorrow??

  6. TU comes through again!


    I disputed (online) 4 more of mine and 7 for my husband, all due to fall off between 9/2018 and 10/2018 and they were gone within an hour.


    All collections gone and most importantly, 2 charge-offs with high balances being updated every month are finally off. Score jumped 57 points (660 -> 717).


    If only EQ and EX would follow suit.....

  7. I had the same experience. When the bottom fell out for us I contacted several creditors who were willing to put me on a payment plan to being the account(s) current so I contacted Target hoping for the same thing. No dice and they have updated my reports every month since 5/2012. Balance is still unpaid and I can't wait for them to fall off in October.

  8. Hi everyone!


    I was nervous about disputing old accounts online but Tuesday (2/20) I requested my first round of early deletions online for TU and my results are:



    Synch (Havertys)-deleted

    Synch (CareCredit)-deleted

    CACH (Havertys)-deleted

    CACH (First Equity)-deleted


    All of these had an estimated date of removal listed as 8/2018.


    TU's site was slow as molasses. I thought I also disputed the CACH CareCredit account but must have missed it because there's nothing indicating an updated status for it. I have another round for next month and will include it then.


    Only 2 collections and 4 charge-offs left on this CRA --YAY!

  9. I feel the same way but I'm in Ohio and when my attorney said it will be hard to recover anything since they removed it, I can either find another attorney or let it go. Ohio is not a consumer friendly state..

  10. Wow, that's even older than the date from mine. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Was it placed on all of your credit reports?


    So far it hasn't been put back on any of my reports but I'm very uneasy since there was never really a resolution. I guess Midwest's reply to the CFPB that it would be removed within 30 days if they couldn't provide documentation and it was removed could be construed as a win; however, I would like to have something in writing, addressed to me, stating they were removing the entry.


    There's a good chance they will delete within a couple weeks based on your CFPB complaint so if you want to go after them, make sure you request hard copies from the CRA's today.....

  11. I had the same thing happen on my CC and PLOC. I don't normally carry a balance on the CC but did this month and it shows 0 due for payment. I've only had the PLOC a few months and make payments twice each month--the full payment as soon as I receive the statement and a second full payment before the statement cuts.


    I think having no payment due when you have a balance could be dangerous for some people.....

  12. I'm a little disappointed the my lawyer was all over it and then basically said we would wait and see. She's going on vacation until the second week of January.


    If there's no formal resolution, I'm concerned that they will be able to insert and delete at will.

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