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  1. I would go to the NSLDS and see what's listed with respect to amounts/transfers etc. Just getting them off your CR is not enough. Student loan servicers can garnish without a judgment and file tax liens so it's important to have the whole story before you go any further. I know, first hand, how frustrating this is as I went down this road very early on. I'm definitely not a SL guru but fortunately, there are others on here that are experts.
  2. Technically 7 years isn't until Nov and Dec of 2020. I'm not sure what will happen since you disputed them as never late, but these would have aged off by the end of the year without the dispute.
  3. Target and BOA reported this way for me every month until they were deleted. Both were charged-off but not sold.
  4. Discover IT-$8,000 NFCU Flagship-$7500 I've opened quite a few new cards in the last couple of years. I was kind of surprised at the lower NFCU limit and was wondering if it's because I already have $49k limits between my NFCU sig cash rewards and AMEX plus $15k LOC and $17k PLOC?
  5. Nice work! I see you're also not trying EQ for early deletion....:)
  6. That's great! I called EX this morning and 5 were deleted--4 charge-offs and one paid collection. All were scheduled for removal by 12/2018. That leaves one charge-off on Experian. I could kick myself for not picking up the phone before now!!! Yesterday I disputed one account online with TU and it's gone. There's one left that I can get rid of next month and that's it for TU. I'm really hesitant to dispute with EQ as most of my charge-offs aren't updating and all should be gone by Feb/March. I started with 10 charged-off accounts and 10 collections (some medical) in 2014. "Only" one resulted in a judgment -not showing on my reports but the related paid collection has now been removed from TU and EX. I still have strings of late pays on several accounts which I paid in full either by payment plan or regular payments. Some of these are open while others are closed. All report "paid as agreed" with most of the lates coming from 2012.
  7. Good news! Just spoke to a rep at EX who was so helpful and friendly. He went through my CR with me and deleted 2 charge-offs due to fall off in October and said to call back at the end of next week and 3 more could be deleted. Interestingly enough, my husband recently disputed one of these, the only joint account we had, it was verified and updated on both of our reports. Luckily it was one that was just deleted! I've never had much luck with EX--everything usually comes back verified, updated ...pretty much everything but deleted, so this was a win for me
  8. FWIW- They removed my husband's tradeline within 30 days of receiving the discharge. Actually, the entire process was very efficient. Filed for T&P 10//2017, approved and sent to the DOE 11/2017, approved the same month and tradeline removed 12/2017. They removed 2 parent plus loans and the consolidation loan but not loans which were consolidated.
  9. I think when you're collecting SS you're limited on how much you can work/earn until full retirement age.
  10. Lowe's store card $300-$5000. I only asked for $5k--I wonder if they would have given me more...
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