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  1. A late follow up, but just saying---I called back and told them I didn't have a checking account. That worked fine. I think the first person I called was a bit of a robot. The operator I got the second time went through a similar script asking for bank info but they eventually sent the report. Thanks.
  2. I'm pulling my annual free reports from CS, EWS, and Telecheck. Telecheck wants an account number and routing number. That doesn't make sense to me--is your telecheck record associated with 1 checking account in particular? Or am I not understanding how telecheck works? I had an old checking account 5+ years ago that would be the reason for telecheck, and I've had other 2nd chance accounts since then. I haven't been turned away from any regular accounts bc I haven't tried yet. I don't know that I'm in telecheck anyway--I'm just checking all the reports to be thorough. I had a checking acco
  3. I just found this service called Chex Approval. They claim to get your chexsystem cleared. Has anybody used this or aware of a competitor? What was your experience? http://www.chexapproval.com/#!process/ccjb Get your negatives cleared for a fee from a site with no named personnel or testimonials ---I'm skeptical. And would this work more certainly or faster than just writing a good will letter?
  4. Woodforest worked out fine. Thanks for the advice. CG in TX, thanks for the tip---once I knew which bank my check was coming from I used your advice and just took the cash from there too Woodforest. Now I'm working my way out of purgatory...
  5. Thanks I'll look into both of those. Yes I'm expecting a hold. I'm also wondering if a savings account would be easier. I need a place to deposit the funds, but don't really need another method for day-to-day transactions.
  6. Anyone have more insight on this? I'm looking for a bank that will open a second-chance account. I have unpaid Chex entries (that I can pay--but I'm in a catch-22 for now). I received a pm about opening a Walmart prepaid account, but it seems they only take printed checks--I will be getting a personal check. I'm looking at Woodforest (not sure I can do it yet) and wondering if there are other options in Maryland/DC/online.
  7. Where do you find real non profit credit counseling? I'm in a similar situation as the OP and would like to have an advisor I that I can ask stupid questions to confidentially. Is there a site, forum sticky, free course, etc that reviews various services?
  8. So here is my situation: -My checking account was closed after an overdraft and that amount plus fees (~$700 with fees) were put into Chexsystem -I have a closed, charged off credit card account where I owe ~$3500, with Capital One -Capital One merged with my old bank so both accounts are with Cap1 I have no checking account. I use Serve, and cash. I also have a ReadyDebit prepaid account that I dont actively use anymore (Serve is better) I am about to receive a large check for helping some relatives renovate and sell some property. Next week I will be receiving a 4 or low-5 figu
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