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  1. Good to know that's the way to deal with CLDs Cheers!
  2. Did you include a DL Copy ? Was the return address different than the main address on your report ? I thik they also need a ultility bill. Missing any of that could cause a rejection.
  3. Just a thought on this balance chasing. It seems to me that everyone that this happens to has a very high utilization rate. It might be that high utilization sets off an automated program which will chase down. So the answer may be to lower utilization not by paying down but by acquiring more credit. The OP here had a 690 with no derogs, using that, he could have found a bunch of CUs to give him additional credit which woud lower his Util%. It would be interesting to see how the CLD'ers react to large pay downs if the utilization ratios were improved.
  4. I was double chopped last month but no chop so far this month and I was able to B* all my inqs today. So it appears last months double chop may have been an anomaly?
  5. No double chop so far this month. They hit me on the 6th in September. Should be clear by Saturday. Hopefully
  6. Hey Ther Archimaybe, " That's awesome and encouraging. I hope I get off that lightly. My problem is that not only am I adding a ton of new tradelines, but my 10-year old closed revolver will also be falling off at the same time. Second oldest revolver is 6 mos. Hopefully, my FICOs won't drop so much that I get AA'd." Just to add something, In my limited experience, Personal Lines of Credit "PLOCs" from Credit Unions report as installments and do not seem to have anywhere near the same effect as adding revolvers. I opened 2 CU PLOCs 40k total, maxed them for 1 month reporting cycle report and I dropped about 20 points EX/EQ/TUMyfico 08. Next month I PIF'd on both, so they both dropped off and picked up the 20 points again. (It's weird, PIF PLOCs show as closed accts on my report). The reason I did that was so I could point to PIF high tradelines to UW when I asked for CLI's and recon. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  7. If I get the chop in the first week of Oct. I will try the above services in blocks of 10 at at time to see which cancel each other out. I know the above are "emergency" pulllers so that will have to be factored in. Great resource, Thanks
  8. Tanks Bob, Patience is a virtue. Guess I will just have to wait and see how this plays out. Cheers!
  9. I was one of those who got double copped in Sept. So I am wondering what to expect for October. If they do start with a double chop, man, how the hell could anyone get to 86 softs in 15 days or so ? Depending on the # of softs you are left with after the chop (usually 5 to 10 for me), That means I would have to have 5 daily pulls. It could be done but it would be very expensive. I figure Amex, USAA, MPM, Quizzle ($4 each) and Myfico $14 (each). To get to 86 then you would spend around $270, Not even close to worth it IMO. I will have to do research to see if I can find cheaper puller. Any ideas on a cheaper daily puller than MYfico that will not Cancel one of the other pullers out?
  10. why don't you B* those TU INQ? Agreed, TU B* is the easiest. Smart Credit and TransunionPlus daily and this next month you will be clean.
  11. Way to go! Cheers! This place has really helped me too. Thanks BoB Wang, ICANHAS, Shifter, Stroked89 and too many more to mention.
  12. Congrats, I would not worry about it. I went from 8K in credit in January to 140K as of yesterday. I lost about 20 points. Cheers!
  13. Something very disturbing happened to me this month. I got chopped on Sept 4th and then chopped again last nite. In Oregon. On the Master C* dates thread another guy had this double chop in one month also happen. If this is the beginning of a new EQ policy, EQ B* is dead for everyone.
  14. Just got the double chop for September. I was chopped on the 4th and last night. In Oregon. Exactly what I feared.

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