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  1. I have been getting this call almost everyday for about 6 months. I finally got tired and went through the motions and asked to be taken off their do not call list. I haven't heard from them in about 2 weeks.
  2. Ok. Our goal was to close in September 2014 and we were denied. I cleaned my husband's credit up because he is the primary income earner, with the help of creditboards, we closed this week. Now I need help! My problem is I have old (4 years) valid bills that CAs now have and they are re-dating them as if I have recent late payments on open accounts. I have read and I have sent the chain of letters and they are validating them with the credit agencies. What am I doing wrong? No more store cards, I want a big girl card!
  3. Can you tell me what was your credit score when you got approved for the Capital One Sony Card?
  4. What was your balance when you called for the increase?
  5. I would use the creditpulls database. It gives the most recent information of approvals and denials based on the credit bureaus you want used.
  6. I called to ask about it and they told me they do not give CLI on secured cards. They suggested I apply for a new card. I have had two cards for 2 years. Who knows??
  7. BUMP I have looked for the documentation online but cannot find it. The information about the court case was given to me verbally. Please help!!!!
  8. Okay, I have been doing some reading and I found a few different opinions about my situation. I purchased a home in 2005 and defaulted in 2010. I joined a class-action lawsuit against HSBC due to malpractice in foreclosure proceedings. I received less than 500.00 from one ruling but their is an ongoing ruling. They were instructed cease reporting which they have since 2010. Transunion reflects a 0.00 balance and does not indicate a foreclosure, but Experian and Equifax reports the following: As of: Oct 1, 2010 TRANSUNION EXPERIAN
  9. I had to learn that as well. I cancelled my membership with TU. None of the scores from other places is the same score you get from FICO.
  10. I got approved for membership yesterday using the membership to the UNA. FYI, they HP Experian.
  11. Thank you mendelssohn. That is exactly what I needed. What did Credit One do to you?
  12. Yep. I did the first steps. I received the credit reports, opt out and started DV. I am getting some conflicting information on how to address those Midland Credit people. I posted how they were reporting so I could get some input. I do not have any recent baddies. All of them are at least three years out with the OC but they are coming after me. They are reporting like they are the OC. I do have one new baddie from my most recent landlord for "repairs". They sent it to a CA. How should I handle it? The amount is inflated but I am willing to pay the credit amount. I am in Texas. P
  13. Ok. My family lost our house in 2010. Like a lot of Americans, the banking crisis caused myself and my husband to lose our jobs. We lived off our saving for 6 months before voluntarily move out of house once foreclosure proceeding began. My scores are below. My husband's scores are about 10 points more across the board. We applied in August and they stated my husband needed a mid-score of 640. We are about 50 points off. I did some apping and now gardening. We both have at least three to four year old debt that has now started to report as new accounts with past due balances.
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