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  1. was the march date the three months prior to seven years "scheduled removal date" or the actual 7 years? thanks The March date was 7 years + 6 months. DOFD on the accounts was September 2007.
  2. Experian finally deleted my last two baddies set to fall off in March! Just two weeks ago during our last call they told me to FOAD and wait until March. I might give WhyChat's method a try to get them to remove a few judgments that won't go away for a few more years.
  3. EQ deleted the last two baddies that were scheduled to fall of in February. EX refused to delete two others that are supposed to be removed this month.
  4. Received confirmation that the 4 items were removed today!
  5. This. I just called today with the same issue. The items were scheduled to be removed July 2015 but were still there. Five minute phone call and they are gone!
  6. Called Experian today with my paper report in-hand. They removed 4/6 that I tried for. The last two are to be removed 11/2015 and 2/2016. I have to say this was the most pleasant experience that I have ever had when calling a CRA.
  7. David1

    TU R*

    Woke up to 14 "new" inquiries on my TransUnion report. Anyone see anything similar?
  8. RIght now you can. You just put in the account number and last name of the person you want to transfer to. However I've heard talk of this going away. "Recently, we’ve been working to provide you with even better ways to manage and redeem your rewards. As we update our program, we’ll be making changes to some redemption features you may have used in the past. As of September 15, 2015, the following redemption options and features will change: If you gave someone else permission to redeem rewards on your behalf, they will no longer be able to do so as of September 15, 2015. You’ll need to redeem your own rewards after that time. The ability to transfer rewards from one Capital One® account to another will be unavailable; however, we know this feature is important to our customers and will be working to bring it back at a later date. Remember, if you’d like to use the above features, please do so before September 15, 2015. We look forward to improving your rewards experience in the future!"
  9. I have two baddies on EX that were set to be removed last month but are still reporting. Locked out online and my last report number is too old so I can't dispute them. Have to wait on a paper report before moving forward.
  10. It's always the last Friday of the month....
  11. +18 Did anyone else get a score on July 3rd as well?
  12. FICO v2 is not EX 98 as is improperly purported on the other board. Experian FICO Risk Model v2 = EX-98
  13. No longer supporting it since 10 is coming out soon. But it is was probably the most exploited Windows OS ever released. I don't blame Kat for sticking with it! Fixed.
  14. EX-98 (Surprised by this since my it was my middle score and higher than I thought since I assumed 04.) TU-04 EQ-04
  15. I have negative cashback on a QS.
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