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  1. BoA CLI + 6500 (74.5k) Chase FU, 24.5k
  2. Forgot about Discover completely .. just got a 4.5k increase up to 36k.
  3. No inquiries or new installments within 2 years. I think the rate was 6.79 Thankfully they haven't called me yet.
  4. Offered 40k. My TU FICO is in the mid 820s. No real interest in the product, hoping I don't start getting bombarded by calls.
  5. Recently got 8k on each of my two accounts, now at 39.5 and 16.2
  6. Link popped up again some time in the past couple of days, requested 76k and was countered with 65.1k.
  7. I requested 55k. Should've asked for more! My highest limit prior to this was 52.5 on BCP
  8. Haven't been on here in quite a while .. just stumbled across this thread and have it a go. 36.5 to 55k instant approval no pull. Not bad.
  9. I was fortunate enough to make a lot of money on BTC and other crypto assets, but the idea of putting your home on the line to buy into that market is beyond stupid.
  10. I made enough money on ETH and some others to purchase a vehicle and put a DP on a house. I'd hardly say they crashed.
  11. Consider Cutting Up a Card If . . . You haven’t had it that long. Because your credit history—the length of time you’ve had a credit account or loan—has a positive impact on your credit score, pick the card you opened most recently if you’re choosing among cards to close. No.
  12. It's much easier to critique how others should be managing their finances "appropriately" from a position of privilege versus one of legitimate hardship. It's not as rare as many would like to think.

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