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  1. I got summer offers as well but only Auto Loan offers. I don't need any auto loan at this time. I was hoping they would offer PLOC or something. I currently have three Credit Cards with penfed maxed at $50K combined.
  2. You get a discount on your Geico insurance? How?? I have them. I originally signed up for Geico many many years ago as a PenFed member. They offer a discount just for being part of that CU. In addition, I pay my auto insurance through auto ach withdrawals linked to my Bank of America checking account... Geico offers a small discount just for having my payments auto withdrawn from BOA account. Very odd.. It was just an automatic perk they offered me. If you have BOA, just do automatic payments with your checking account, I think you will get a discount.
  3. I had to chime in.. I use DCU as my main bank. But I also have Alliant, BOA, Penfed, and USAA. I've been using DCU as my main bank for over a year. I haven't had any issues. I get automatic ATM fee reimbursement. My paycheck is deposited 2 days early. I like the monthly fico. I also have a DCU Visa Card with 10,000 limit at 8.99%. There isn't any cash advance fees either. However, I still leverage Alliant for the next day ACH transfers when I need to move money. I hardly use BOA. I keep them around because I get a discount on my Geico insurance.
  4. I have the following offers available. I could never get PLOC / Thrifty LOC offers for some reason even though I have a checking account. Oh well. In any event, I already have a Penfed Visa Sig Card for $14,500, Is the $7,500 offer going to add to the it like a CLI? PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card $7,500.00 New Boat Loan $39,900.00 New Motorcycle Loan $30,000.00 New Motor Home Loan $39,900.00 New Travel Trailer Loan $39,900.00 New Auto Loan $50,000.00 Used Boat Loan $39,900.00 Used Motorcycle Loan $30,000.00 Used Motor Home Loan $39,900.
  5. My girlfriend placed a security freeze on your Experian credit file about a year ago. However, she just realized she misplaced the security pin number after she moved. She is now in the process of trying to get a lease with KIA and they pulled Transunion (lowest score) and Equifax (highest score). The Sales Manager claims Hyundai/KIA usually pulls Experian and he keeps requesting for us to get it unlocked. He made it seem like it may kill the deal but then he relented and had his employee write up the deal She has already signed the docs, added the vehicle to insurance policy, paid the DMV
  6. Approximately $25000 with $2000 lease incentive. Not sure what the money factor is.. I need to go back to the dealership. They were being very aggressive.
  7. Is the following a good lease deal on a Kia Optima Ex model with premium and technology package? Dealership is offer between $270 to $280 per month with $3000 down and 15,000 miles per year?
  8. I called Penfed and inquired if I can use the limit from an existing card towards the Amex Travel Rewards without applying/hard pull. I was told that the limit can be taken but I would still need to apply. I told the rep that I do not want a hard inquiry and she said that they use the same report for 90 days. So my question is... Does a soft inquiry done on 6/30/13 count? lol Perhaps I can put a security freeze on my Equifax report and apply for the card to ensure my credit isn't pulled.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with Penfed allowing one to use part of the credit limit from an existing credit card to open up an entirely new credit card with no hard pull?
  10. I received mail from Penfed today welcoming me to the Penfed Visa Signature card. There's a section that states "As a valued penfed member with more than one penfed product, you will enjoy: 5 points on gas purchases paid at the pump, 3 points on supermarkets purchases, and 1 point on all other purchases" It doesn't say anything about limit time offer.
  11. When I selected the PR Visa Sig preapproval offer, I tried the "increase credit limit" option but it was not working. I just opted for a new card/tradeline since I didn't want to turn down a $28,500 credit limit. As of today, I see the visa signature card account when I sign into my Penfed account. This is in addition to my regular platinum rewards visa card with a $14,000 limit.
  12. I also have the platinum rewards card with $14,000 limit. Its the EMV version and I never got an invitation to upgrade to the signature version. I'm guessing it is due to the fact that I have the emv one. In any event, I also got a pre-approval for the signature platinum rewards with a $28,500 limit. I was hoping for a pre-approval for the Amex travel rewards but did not get one. I opted to apply for the signature platinum rewards. It is hard to turn down the potential for another card with a high limit. However, I'm not sure if they are actually going to issue me another card and cancel non s
  13. You guys were right. I just checked and it says approved. No credit pull either. Wish it was the travel rewards amex rather than the Visa Signature. I already have the non signature version.
  14. WTH.. i completed the preapproved offer for the visa signature and now the loan app says pending (referred to a loan officer).. I though it was an instant approval. :/
  15. Nevermind. I tried the credit limit increase and got an error about not having an eligible product to refi. I'm guessing this is due to the fact that the non sig version is no longer offered. I guess I will accept the new card.
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