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  1. I'll write this somewhat detailed, so I'm sorry for the short story that's about to be unraveled before you. Around early January 2012, I signed a lease with a friend of mine in North Carolina. He was military and I was not. Things fell through rather quickly, within a couple of weeks. I left and made my way back to Kentucky. As I was told, I was signed as an occupant. Sometime in February, we'd somewhat made up to the point where I was faxed a "lease release form". I faxed it back, twice, and confirmed receipt with the receptionist. Due to some moving around and the sale of my truck, I lost the paper. Later in the fall of 2012, I was contacted by my former roomie via Facebook and gave him my number to chat. Moments later, the leasing office from that apartment complex called stating I owed the last months rent for the 6 month lease that I was apparently still on. I explained the document signed and sent. The lady (new, not the one I spoke with in the spring) said no such document was before her. Apparently the complex is now under new ownership. NOW it's on my report, nearly $1000, and still showing his name as well. He was "let out" due to orders of getting out of the military. In short, they had me sign paperwork releasing me when I originally only signed as an occupant. It's now on my report. I live in a different state. What can happen if this sits? I was told by a housing authority rep in NC that since I'm out of the state, legal repercussions aren't likely. He's still showing on my report as a co-signer/lease holder. I can't afford this debt, nor do I feel obligated though I realize losing that paper was my only hope. I'm trying to get my score straight but I don't want to go to jail or face losing any of my possessions though all I really have is a cosigned vehicle which I'm not the main holder on.

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