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  1. WhyChat, Just to be certain I'm following the steps properly I have a couple of questions. FYI I checked my reports and some of the medical collections have been deleted(YEA). I haven't heard from the CRA's since I sent the initial HIPPA letters. Do I wait to hear from them or move on to the next step? I'm still a little confused on exactly which letter is next. Validation to the CA?
  2. WhyChat, I just received a notice from one of the CA's it reads: Until verification or the result of our investigation is completed and sent to you, we are requesting a deletion from the Credit Reporting Agencies(CRAs). Our control of reports to CRAs is limited to reports our office initiates. Regardless of the CRA status, our client is the owner of this account(s). Weekly updates are scheduled to be sent to the CRA's electronically. It does include an invoice and a return letter for payment. What should I do next?
  3. Thank you. Yes I have followed all of the initial steps. I'm not certain of the date of the medical service but DOFD is 8/2010. I was thinking it was a last ditch effort since I haven't ever heard from the CA until now. I will just wait to hear from the CRA's. Thanks again.
  4. 2 weeks ago I sent initial HIPPA letter to CRA's and yesterday I received a letter from a CA offering a PFD for several small collections(<$200.00). I'm not sure if I should wait to hear from the CRA's to see what the investigation results are, DV letter or agree to the PFD. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I just checked and they have all been deleted. Thanks whychat.
  6. Two from the same CA only reporting to TU. Yes I did get REAL hard copies of reports. I mailed them CM on Feb 2nd and have not gotten any sort of response.
  7. I have follow whychats method(opting out, removing addresses etc). I mailed the initial dispute letter February 2nd to TU and have heard nothing from them or any CA's. I was just curious how long I should wait before moving onto the next step?
  8. Did you join online using ACC.
  9. Has anyone tried to join as a American Consumer Council (ACC) or any other association because your employer is not listed. I can't seem to get past the first page. Additionally, besides SDFCU what would be other options as far as secured cards go?
  10. The following item is suppressed pending credit grantor update: This is on my TU report twice. First line of 2 medical collections. Just curious if anyone had any insight of what it means. FYI: I have not disputed or validated either of them.
  11. Placed for collection: Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Date Updated: 11/03/2013 Original Creditor: Pay Status: >In Collection< Remarks: >PLACED FOR COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 10/2014 TU medical collection. Online dispute last night "too old to be on file". Deleted by the time I woke up.
  12. I was denied with Walmart.
  13. So myfico.com would be the best option for a true fico?
  14. I purchased a 3 in 1 report from Equifax and was curious in the scores are actual FICO's or FAKO's.

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