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  1. For those who don't know, I started my business around December 16th 2013. I got a business checking same day. Applied for duns # and got it 3 days later. I have since got: Grainger net 30 $1,000 limit Interstate battery net 30 $500 limit Advance auto net 30 $500 limit Ups net 7 Uline net 30 but only got $50 limit to start Quill net 30? Placed $50 order and got it next day Reliable net 30 Gemplers net 30 I think that's it. Not bad for a company less than a month old. Anyway I ordered from a few and paid invoices promptly just $50 each place Today I got email alert, now have 2 reporting on dnb not sure who one is unknown other is wholesale elect. Supply ...... Also have trade line on experian but not paying to see from who... Question is, who do I try now??? Any advice?? Thanks!!
  2. I appreciate that info! thank you
  3. Is the lowes Amex PG required? If its amex, yes it will require a PG.
  4. Staples wont give me crap, they want me to PG the account
  5. how do I set up a commercial account with amsoil to get net 30 terms without becoming a "dealer" anyone have a link to an app or anything?
  6. Just got an email from Advance Auto Parts this morning, Approved for a $500 limit, I assume net 30.. Does anyone know if Advance reports?
  7. just curious, stroked89coupe, you got a fox body by chance?
  8. TY, I just applied online and it said I was approved for account with weekly billing.. I cant believe I have gotten so many accounts only being in business for 20 days now.. Its great.. Lots of great info on this board.. Most of the account I dont even need, but I just got them just in case and to also help build up my business credit
  9. I got a UPS account, weekly billing. Is fedex an easy account to get? I think I use fedex more than ups.
  10. just added interstate battery to the list this morning for $500 net 30 account
  11. Hey guys, been watching this forum for a while. Decided to join. Lots of great info here! My name is Chris, I own a vapor store (e cigs) Just registered the business December 16th, 2013 with SOS. Got a chase business checking the same day. Applied for free D&B number on 12-17-13. It said could take up to 1 month. Got my D&B number 3 days later via email. I applied with Grainger on 12-27-13 got a $1,000 limit for net 30. Ordered a small order from reliable.com and chose bill me later, arrived the next day. Called and asked if I got net 30 terms and my limit, they said i didnt really have a limit, depends on the order if they let it go through or not. Ordered a small order with quill, same thing as reliable showed up next day. Called them they said I have a $250 net 30 limit. Placed an order with uline on 12-28-13 for $40, they let it go through and told me I have a whopping $50 credit limit with net 30! Woo Hoo LOL.. Place an order with gemplers on 12-28-13 also, its pending so we will see. Trying to get my business up and build a little business credit in the meantime, just in case. Would really like to get in with US Plastics as I will be buying a BUNCH of bottles every week. So thats where I am so far and a little about myself. I have been following your guides on who to ask for credit. I am only a 2 week old company as of today actually, and was kinda suprised all this has went through so far.

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