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  1. Hey, all. Long time lurker. I’ve learned a lot from this site, and it has been instrumental in my journey for stellar credit. That said, I am stumped. I recently applied for a Chase Ink business credit card. My TU score is 783-ish (depends on who is saying it), which is the bureau I had to un-freeze to get my application completed. Been an LLC registered in the state of Michigan since 1/1/2012, with gross revenue of between $500-750k/year. Have business credit cards from Navy Federal ($9k limit-maybe in another thread we can discuss how CU’s can learn how to read a business tax ret
  2. First off, thanks to everyone here who has shared their experiences; good and bad. I have learned a ton, gotten a home mortgage, and have a boatload of unsecured credit. I started apping about 2 years ago, and my credit has grown as a result. Depending on who is listened to, it was over 700...for a minute. I believe I have too much (or just too many hard inquiries). Scores, Me: Experian Credit Tracker, via USAA - EX-655 EQ-660 TU-682 Discover - TU Fico 8 - 734 The Missus, EX.Cred Tracker, USAA - EX-656 Barclays - TU Fico 8 - 723 Our tradelines, their limits, and balan
  3. FWIW, I applied and got a $700 online approval at lowe's site. Called the backdoor number a few posts back, and the kind folks there stated it was their commercial UW department. They gave the number of 866-740-7929 for consumer UW, and transferred me. I asked for $5k, and got it. Ever get that feeling you left something on the table? Also, Experiandirect has my score at 666. Omen? Thanks, again, for everything, CB gang. Still learning.
  4. We are an LLC, taxed as an S-Corp. We pay ourselves a small salary, and take the remainder as dividends. Something I'm missing?
  5. Update on Logix: Spoke to their rep today to verify info I provided, and they will issue after I send income docs. Only problem, they revised their offer to $3k limit, and advised I could request CLI in 6 months. Bummer. Wife and I are self-employed, Income at $105k (net). Almost not worth the trouble. They asked where I heard of them, and I told them here. After the downward revision, I asked that I had heard about self-employed folks with recent BK's getting an approval for $15k on lower income than ours. She advised they are more closely scrutinizing online apps, and manually under
  6. A huge thank you to all posters prior to me. Never would have found out about these things before now. Anyhow, myFico has me at 686. I'm sure wife's is a little higher. Have one local CU card with $5k limit and was turned down for an increase this past summer. Folks there can't read a self-employed's tax returns. Logix just approved for $15k on rewards card. After looking around here, and seeing some of the NFCU love, I checked them out a bit. They have business loans/CC's, etc., that most other CU's don't. That interests me greatly, but obviously need to get started first. My que
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