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  1. Because it was charged off to a collection agency and I've never dealt with something like this. So, I was wondering if paying the bank since it was in a collection agencies hands would cause any issues down the road? I assume that when she said I'd be taken from collections that would mean they pulled me from the collection agency? She didn't clarify and was vague -- so that's why I asked here. Do you see my confusion from a newbie point of view, now?
  2. How come? Can you enlighten me? I know the JCS is dropping in few months... I suppose I can let it ride out for couple more months. What about the other two? how come I don't need a PFD? How can I get rid of them then? I think they are saying those companies will NOT accept a PFD. No, the first three are at the 7 year drop off. If you communicate then I believe they can renew the statute or something.
  3. I had an old (well not that old) bank account from 2012 that charged off in January of 2013. I haven't heard hide nor hair from anyone and I haven't moved, so I called BBVA today to find out where my account was at. I spoke with the 800# for BBVA and was told that my account was charged off in January of 2013 and sold to a company called CBCA, then I was given a number for the collection agency. After reading up on the number provided by BBVA it sounds like this CA are real psychos. So, I called the branch that I used to bank at and the teller looked up my account and informed me that I was
  4. Oh my gosh! Thank you, I didn't even realize that company existed!
  5. Yeah, I know. I don't believe I paid the wrong person, I've verified with the Cash Store over and over again and called the number that was given to me by the Cash Store what I don't understand is why when I called Midwest was I told that Infinite has the account? Obviously Midwest was the right and proper CA, so why would they send me to a scam? I paid them $240 and then when I called that same number for Midwest which I verified again through the collections dept. at CS they agreed that Infinite took the account and they were going to get receipt of the debt? I have every single phone ca
  6. No one ever looks at the people who take out these loans though. If you are educated fully at the time of origination and you know what you're getting into then you cannot feasibly kick up this kind of fit. As I understand it is illegal to lend to military personnel and their families or dependents a loan with anything higher than a 36% interest rate so companies that are charging higher and knowingly giving these members loans should be fined or closed down, they're breaking the law. However, I work for a company that has a pay day and title loan product and I have had military members try t
  7. Hello everyone! I had some old pay day loans back in 2009 and I was contacted by a debt collector regarding the debt and I contacted the original creditor and verified the phone number and name of the collection agency. So, I called the debt collector back and arranged payments. I then contacted 2 other debt collectors for old pay day loans and arranged a schedule of payments. I did verify each debt collector with the original creditor's corporate office. And all phone conversations have been recorded. Anyways, the first two were for CashNet USA and 1st Cash Adv. they were sold to N.C
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