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  1. The whole notion of developing business credit is to not use your social and separate your business from personal. The rest should be obvious.
  2. I just got this from Amsterdam: Good evening. We do report to Dun and Bradstreet but only for an account that is not paid or delinquent account. We do not forward positive. Thank you and Stay Safe, Leslie Amsterdam Printing Customer Service 800-833-6231 www.amsterdamprinting.com 166 Wallins Corners Road Amsterdam, NY 12010
  3. So let me clarify, deletions are happening. What is not happening is the reporting I'm used to by the CB's after 45 days of disputing. Five months after disputing with all three CB's I have only received one written update from Experian only. I hope this helps clarifying.
  4. I have disputed several items on my credit reports as of May 2020. I have only received one update from Experian. I haven't heard from the other two that is 5 months of silence. So the answer based on my experience is yes they can't keep up.
  5. My son hired a debt settlement company without telling me until he got way over his head. I confirm that they very good at taking your money. They charge an upfront fee and a monthly fee. They took $ 700 a month from my son after the fees they put the balance in an escrow account. They get paid first. They said they won't negotiate with creditors until there is enough money in the account. Discover and Amex sued my son. I told them that they are running a scam and demanded my son's money back from the escrow account and 50% of the fees for doing nothing. I have succeeded which I thought
  6. oops, sorry about the spelling, I disputed with Transunion, Experian and Equifax, used official address of record
  7. I have disputed a few items on my credit reports back in May 11th 2020. I have not received any updates from any of the Credit Borough's to date. is anyone else having similar issues and what is my recourse?
  8. My Cap1 has not reported for the past 2 months either in Colorado
  9. I wish I saw this thread yesterday. I just spent $25 for nothing. This is what I got as a response today: "Thank you for your interest in joining Navy Federal. We have reviewed the documentation which provided your affiliation with the Navy League of San Diego (NLSD) as your qualifying eligibility criteria. However, the NLSD is no longer within Navy Federal's field of membership. As such, we are unable to approve your application." Any recommendation as to where to go next to rebuild with a CU?
  10. Comparable to what? How long you intend to stay in your home? You are only saving a half a point, usually it takes 1 to 1.5 points for a refinance to make sense. What is the hard cost of your re-finance?
  11. This is what the general public knows about mortgages: "what is your rate". After the 2008 mortgage mess we still didn't learn anything. Ignorance continues to win.
  12. That is true if you as an employee is added on as an AU, but that is not what Eric was describing unless I have misunderstood
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