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  1. Hi all So this is really for my GF , but she is trying to buy a 16 Honda Pilot , for $25829 out the door , and has 10 K down payment as a gift from family. Her credit is shaky ( FAKO scores around 550's ) and had a bunch of chargeoff's in the past couple years ( maybe 3 or so ) and some student loans in Forebearance. we've worked a price with the dealer , they gave us what we thought were solid numbers on the finance payment , but as of last night they said the approval hasnt come through yet. any chances of this deal getting done , or is her score just too low
  2. So My Fiancée and myself have decided to get a joint checking account at DCU . I was denied being a joint owner , due to being in Chex systems , apparently Santander says I owe them ~$350.00 . I have requested a copy of my report and received it . so what are my next steps here. I did have a Santander account but I do not remember leaving with a negative balance . DCU says long as I have a letter from Santander showing that it was satisfied they will add me on the joint account. I can pay it but I'm looking to get the best outcome possible , should I just contact Santander Directly ? or
  3. Tried NFCU again , and got denied , tried CreditOne , got the pre-qual page ,then approved for $400 on a Platinum card. I know its not much , but I need to start somewhere.
  4. So am I correct in thinking that as of 7/1 , PR's ( such as a BK that I have) will no longer be reported ?
  5. Sorry if I'm Hijackng this thread . I have a Dispute I made with TU through the CreditKarma App , it went through. and still shows on the app " TU is investigating your dispute from Aptril 26th 2017. Est Completion date is May 27th 2017" what steps can I take to move this along ? I'd like to get it resolved at some point. The one that I am disputing came off my TU report.. then showed up again about 28 days after I disputed it as not mine. I have received nothing in the mail.
  6. Got a welcome Packet from NFCU , got the debit card last week.That's all so far...
  7. So , I'm beginning my rebuild Journey at this point.. I was able to get into NFCU and was denied for the nRewards (scores around the middle 500's , 191 NFCU score) did a recon , and again denied. Decided not to try for a CLOC now since it will prob be denied as well. The only current card I have is a secured Cap1 (200 CL) that is less than a month old. So far this week. I've opted out , and Froze my LN. and disputed my former addresses on EX, TU and EQ guess I'm gonna wait for a bit and see where I can go from there. Soon as I has some better Cash flow i'll be getting the secured c
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