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  1. @ bumpinflunce I so the post on Credit (K). I am not sure what the rules are about posting the name of other credit boards so I will not list the complete name. I will see if I can find the link. If so I will PM you. @kONRAD. I agree that it is not the norm for the larger population in the credit community. However, when it come to credit repair and establishing A-1 credit you will be surprise by some of the breaks that some people receive. For example, about 6 months ago I asked about having a CC closed by the Card Holder re-open. After about (4) attempts the credit holder re-opened the card.
  2. dumb question for you guys: Nevertheless here we go, is it possible to get a BOA CC without a hard pull. I know the answer is no. However, I read on another board that someone was able to a BOA card with all three accounts frozen. Hate to risk the hard pull.
  3. I hate to ask this question but the search button has not been my friend tonight. Can someone share with me a link to the thread which share the best companies to purchase a true credit score from.
  4. Wisecredit


    can a recon be used on a closed account that you would like re-opened? Mind you the account was closed by the card holder.
  5. I am in need of help. Two months ago their was a post with backdoor numbers to have client dispute this matter removed from credit report. Could someone help me to ID this thread.
  6. what is an luv button? I was not able to find an answer using goggle.
  7. so, if I opt back in, this trick will work for me
  8. I am opt out and I have a credit freeze on my reports so that may explain it.
  9. Question: I tried the shopping card trick with New York and company and was not given the option to check out using a NY & C card. I had to manually apply is this correct?
  10. After submitting (4) good will letters to 3- CC companies I have had little luck. With that being said let me ask what is the success of GW letters on a year old late payment. I am wondering if those of you with GW Success have late payment older then 2-3 years old.
  11. thank shiffer this explains things for me.
  12. Thank you, for the infor. However are you saying that although they before I disputed the information they were reporting Jan- March and now that the are only reporting the infor for Dec 2013-Jan 2014, the data for Feb and Mar will not reappear.
  13. Ok credit gurus, my TransUnion score dropped 30 points in 3 days. The only that that change is I ask to have consumer dispute history removed. When i did this my TL stop reporting my credit history for the last year. I called the TL and asked them to re-add the complete credit history. Should this increased my score again? Also if anyone has the backdoor numbers to remove consumer dispute history removed from TL, please add the link to this forum.

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