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  1. Here is an ongoing list of charges that have been confirmed to receive 4% cashback (Savor) or 3% cashback (SavorOne): Cox Communication (COX LAS VEGAS COMM SV, 800-234-3993 NV 89106 USA); Category: Phone/Cable (Source: policebox, 05.26.2021) Dish Network (Source: myFICO forum, 05.21.2021) Disney+ (Source: Capital One email, 05.18.2021) Hulu (Source: Capital One email, 05.18.2021) Netflix (Source: Capital One email, 05.18.2021) Spotify (Source: policebox, 05.31.2021) Verizon FiOS (Source: myFICO forum, 05.20.2021) And also as importantly, here is an ongoing list of charges that have been confirmed to NOT receive 4% cashback, but instead receive the default 1% rate: CenturyLink (CENTURYLINK SIMPLE 800-201-4099 LA 71203 USA); Category: Phone/Cable (Sourece: policebox, 06.02.2021) Youtube (GOOGLE *YouTubePremium 650-253-0000 CA 94043 USA); Category: Internet (Source: policebox, 06.06.2021) YouTube (GOOGLE*YOUTUBE TV INTERNET CA 94043 USA); Category: Internet (Source: policebox, 06.23.2021) I'm pretty disappointed that YouTube Premium, but especially YouTube TV doesn't qualify as a "video streaming service" while many other similar platforms seem to.
  2. I've heard Cracker Barrel sells a sundry of merchants' gift cards and the rumor is that it's a restaurant. Also, here's a link to PayPal to see a list of some of the stores that accept it as payment. I did well this this category a couple years ago when I had to book a bunch of flights through Southwest Airlines and they let you pay with PayPal.
  3. Score: 816 (unchanged from previous month) Factors affecting FICO score: (1) Time since most recent account opening is too short. (2) Too many accounts with balances. Score states it was pulled: 06/25/2021. I'm going to utilize a Credit Karma Equifax report pulled 06/23/2021 for this discussion. Point (1) I can accept/understand, since my most-recent account is a mortgage that is 1 year, 4 months old. However, point (2) is the one that I cannot accept/don't understand. l don't know if this particular FICO model has a "memory" and will ding you if you've had a few revolvers report a balance a couple times in a row (always paid-in-full before the due date, but balances after this fact sometimes get reported). But as of 06/23/2021 (with no changes between then and 06/25/2021), I had only one credit card (bank card) account (revolver) report a balance of $791 with a credit limit of $14,900 (5%). The only other account to have a balance was my mortgage account (installment), which does report a substantial balance (current balance is 97.5% of the original balance). Will someone educate me about why this FICO model (or any other FICO models that do as well) thinks one credit card balance and perhaps a mortgage constitutes too many accounts with balances? Additionally, how old does your newest account need to be before it stops dining you for having a recent account opening being too short? Thank you!
  4. I asked Reddit this question, but rather than answers I only got argued with. Let's assume the following scenario: * I am in my 40s and achieved financial independence and early retirement. * I have $1M+ in stock, $3M in joint real estate, and 6 figures in cash accounts. * I carry no revolving debt, but have a $1M mortgage on one of the properties. * I have a 780+ FICO score. * My spouse works and his/her income pays the day-to-day living expenses, allowing the wealth I accumulated to remain invested and re-invested. I decide I want to purchase a vehicle, having a negotiated price of $80,000. Although I have enough cash on hand to buy the car outright, I would prefer to finance the purchase, at a rate of 2% APR for 48 months, since I can make more money investing that cash than I would spend on interest. * $80,000 financed at 2% APR for 48 months spends $3,309 in interest. * $80,000 invested in the S&P 500, with an average return of 8%, earns $28,839 in 48 months. * The extra $25,530 in earnings pay for nearly 1/3 of the car. I can provide whatever statements are needed to document the value of the assets, but since any money those assets generate is re-invested, there doesn't exist an "income" stream from them. Basically, it's not like this is a large retirement account that I'm drawing from monthly to live and could show that as income. The other stipulation is that it cannot be the working spouse that obtains the loan nor co-sign for it. It must be obtainable by the non-working/retired young millionaire. For those of you that work in finance or with personal experience doing this, how do very wealthy people who no longer work obtain financing in this case? Can they still do so with the usually favorable terms that a person with a high FICO usually obtain?
  5. Sorry to hear about your closure. But welcome to the "Synchrony sucks" club.
  6. Here's an ongoing list of charges that have been confirmed to receive 4% cashback (Savor) or 3% cashback (SavorOne): Cox Communication (COX LAS VEGAS COMM SV, 800-234-3993 NV 89106 USA); Category: Phone/Cable (Source: policebox, 05.26.2021) Dish Network (Source: myFICO forum, 05.21.2021) Disney+ (Source: Capital One email, 05.18.2021) Hulu (Source: Capital One email, 05.18.2021) Netflix (Source: Capital One email, 05.18.2021) Verizon FiOS (Source: myFICO forum, 05.20.2021)
  7. Here's an ongoing list of charges that have been confirmed to receive 4% cashback: Dish Network (Source myFICO forum, 05.21.2021)
  8. Capital One, being the dicks that they are, has enhanced the rewards on the Capital One Savor and SavorOne Rewards credit cards. Specifically, they have increased the reward from 1% to 4% cash back on "popular streaming." As always seems to be the case with credit card rewards, the issuers love to keep the specific list of merchants which will have the correct merchant code to qualify for a rewards category a secret. We end up having to risk through trial and error finding out which merchants will get the full 4% or if our valuable purchase will be relegated to receiving a paltry 1% cash back. My ego takes a huge hit when a purchase that I believe should have received the full reward gets relegated to the children's table. I'm then forced to endure the flashbacks and intrusive thoughts of all my past failures and mistakes. I'm damaged goods. Does Spotify count? How about Google YouTube TV? Will I win or lose if I try to charge my Google YouTube Premium subscription? Inquiring minds want to know. If only Capital One would release the actual list of qualifying products, rather than making this process be so mercurial. In a recent correspondence with Capital One customer service, I was initially hopeful they would be forthcoming with the information I requested. Although they did thank me for my inquiry and my business, to my disappointment, the only information they provided was the quote above. So, I petition the forum for we, the members, to bandy together our experiences with this card, sharing our failures and successes in mining for the elusive 4% to be earned from purchases from select streaming services.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about this happening to you and your daughter. This is certainly a frustrating situation that TD Bank (Target Credit) should have been able to resolve for you. However, this is a relatively easy fix for this situation that should result in your daughter being able to get this removed from her credit reports. Since your daughter was added to the card as an Authorized User, she has no legal responsibility for account repayment. What she will need to do is to contact the three (four) credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion (and Innovis) to dispute the account. She should explain that she is no longer an authorized user and request that the account be struck/deleted from her credit report. They will usually remove it almost immediately without fuss. Experian: How to Dispute Credit Report Information - Experian Equifax: File a Dispute on Your Equifax Credit Report | Equifax® TransUnion: Dispute Credit Report: How to Dispute | TransUnion Innovis: Dispute Resolution | Innovis In addition to this, you should send a letter to TD Bank (Target Credit) also requesting that your daughter be removed from the account. That way, you will have the official request in writing. I wish you the best of luck. Please let us know how things turn out for the both of you.
  10. Well played. I would have at least liked to have gotten the $60 in cashback rewards owed to me from my PayPal Cashback card. Perhaps I'll file a CFPB complaint...
  11. I know losing $65k of credit lines with them during the shut down sure met my rapidly evolving needs.
  12. I did a bone-headed thing and I'm wanting to see if there is anything I can do to circumvent the rules. I opened a Special EasyStart Certificate at NFCU which is offering an APY of 3.50% for a maximum deposit of $3,000. I stupidly forgot that one of the criteria for buying this CD is that you have to have direct deposit. I don't work, so no direct deposit. If I don't have a direct deposit initiated within 90 days, the CD will revert to one paying under 1%. Anyone know of any ACH transfers or the like that NFCU considers to be a direct deposit so I can fulfill this requirement?
  13. https://rewards.fidelity.com/offers/rewards/rewards-wealth?ofr=1311 Yes, it appears to be that way. Looks like you also get a $75 Amazon credit if you are one of the first 20,000 to sign up. I wonder how much it would cost me per year to let them manage $2M? I use Fidelity and have the bulk of my non real estate assets there, but contemplating the vig on $2M they'd take, just to push annuities on me, makes me ill.
  14. This is really intriguing. I'd love to get this card bumped up to 3%. However, I have a personal philosophy of steering clear of using professionally managed financial services, especially ones that take a commission that is percentage-based rather than having a flat fee structure. I feel that the fees involved are usually a rip-off when the rate of return you get is often worse than putting your money in an index fund. Any hints on what kind of verbiage you used to pass as a sweet person on the phone, so I can ask DW to duplicate it? Also, I assume this call was to Fidelity regarding enrolling in the Rewards+ program and not with Elan?
  15. No, I do not have any accounts on deferral or any type of special status. My accounts are all paid-in-full each month. The only thing that reports are charges I can't/forget to pay off before the statement cuts. Generally, I try to only let one account report a small balance.
  16. I would just like to add, Synchrony Bank screwed me out of $69.98 in cash back on my PayPal Cashback Mastercard since they closed the account, and closed accounts cannot earn cash back. I know it's terms and conditions, but I didn't do anything to warrant my account closure. They should at least pay me the cash back I earned while the account was open and in good standing. I mean, the account was never in bad standing. What a bunch of assholes. I'll never do business with Synchrony Bank again.
  17. Well, here's an update. Synchrony shut me down across the board. Logged in to check my PayPal Mastercard, and it had been closed. Checked my other accounts, Amazon Store Card and Rakuten Visa, both also shut down. That's a total of 5 credit lines totally $65,000, gone in a flash. I use the PayPal MasterCard monthly, probably putting $2k - $5k a month through it, which I pay in full. Never had a missed payment on any of these cards. Their reason, "contact the credit bureaus because they are reporting something that shows I'm a high risk." I check my report nearly daily and the only major change was getting a mortgage. Didn't know having a bank rigorously go through all my financials and giving me a $1.2M mortgage would demonstrate that I'm a financial risk. [CENSORED - YOU WERE GIVEN A LANGUAGE WARNING BY AN ADMIN. DON'T PRESS YOUR LUCK AND FIND YOURSELF IN QUARANTINE!]
  18. Chevron card was last used and paid off in June 2019. Ashley Furniture was last used May 2018 and paid off October 2018, although I pushed a $5 payment to the account in November 2019 to keep it "active".
  19. I received two letters from Synchrony Bank shutting down two of my accounts with them. Chevron & Texaco Credit Card account with $10,000 limit. Ashley Furniture Homestore account with $25,000 limit. The stated reason: "Activity on account(s) with SYNCHRONY BANK indicative of high risk of failure to pay" Don't really know what that means. Neither of these accounts see any action. They actually raised the Ashley card's limit from $16,800 to $25,000 two months ago. The only card that sees any action is the PayPal Cashback Mastercard, which gets $2,000 to $5,000 a month put on it, but gets paid-in-full. No revolving debt. No installment loans. Only major change was obtaining a mortgage a couple months ago. Fuck 'em.
  20. You'll have to provide them with copies of the documents they requested in order to get the restriction lifted. If you aren't getting the link to send the documents electronically, I would call Capital One to see if there is an address you can mail the copies to. You'll probably be receiving a letter from them giving the details, but if you don't want to wait for the letter, I'd call them up and ask where you can send the documents. If you don't have a copy of your social security card, you can request a new card from the social security administration. Here is a link to their webpage with a description on how to go about getting a replacement card. https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/replacement-card.html
  21. The fee is $7 per month. So if you assume a person is perpetually borrowing, re-paying, then re-borrowing the maximum amount of $500 through the duration of the year, then they are paying $7 * 12 = $84 in fees to borrow $500. Annualized, that comes to an APR of about 16.8%. Not terrible when compared to pay day loan companies or even credit cards. Personally, I wouldn't want to be living so close to the margin that I needed to be paid at the end of my shift to survive. But then, I guess a lot of wait staff and other tip-based employees have been doing so for decades.
  22. With USAA, I once had a checking account balance show up as NaN. (Sorry for the poor quality snapshot from the event.)
  23. I have the Fidelity Rewards Visa card, which is issued by Elan Financial. I performed a balance transfer to Capital One back in August 2018. According to my Capital One statement, it was received as an Electronic Payment. The transfer took two business day from the time I submitted it to Elan to when it posted with Capital One.
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