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  1. You'll have to let us know if they do a 4 bureau hard pull and pap smear for the CLI.
  2. Good to know. Thank you for the information. I'll call them in the morning.
  3. Never mind, I'm absolutely losing all my marbles apparently.
  4. What are the score ranges for EQ-04? I had them and then stupidly adjusted my spreadsheet to have the incorrect ranges given in the DCU FICO score. I think it was 334 - 818, but I lost the breakdown I had found showing the brackets for Bad, Not Good, Good, Very Good, and Great.
  5. So you paid an annual fee for a card that was then downgraded? So you received no benefit at all for a year's worth of annual fee and they won't refund it? Wow, CapOne can be absolute dicks. They screwed me out of 4% cash back transactions on my Savor card because they said the merchant didn't code the transaction correctly and they won't make a good-will adjustment. I bought tickets to see Blue Man Group and that came up as lodging. Sure guys, I was living with Blue Man Group for the night. They can eat a bag of thingies.
  6. I am of the opinion to keep them in the sock drawer until the creditor closes them down for non-use. You can get another year or more of longevity on a card waiting for them to shut it down. Of course, this is only a good plan provided the card has no annual fee. However, peace of mind is always worth more than a few FICO points, so if they bug you, close them.
  7. Well, got my letter. Unfortunately, it contained no score as the reason I was denied the CLI was because my credit bureau report is not accessible (security freeze). But, at least this saved me from a hard pull I guess. No more softies from Synchrony I guess, for me.
  8. 810 (+13) Highest ever for me. Mine was dated 09/30, but I've had them pull on the 30th of September before, back in 2016. Is this still a FICO EQ-04 score?
  9. There's word on the other forum that Synchrony Bank is now using VantageScore 4.0 for underwriting. As many of you know, Synchrony accounts ceased offering free FICO TU-08 scores back in August, offering in its place a free VantageScore 4.0. At the time, I discontinued receiving my free credit score from them, since I did not value having another VantageScore credit score. At the time, I did not realize this was Version 4.0 of VantageScore, rather than Version 3.0, which is given by Credit Karma. I recently applied for a CLI on my Synchrony PayPal Cash Back Mastercard; I received the 7-10 day message. When I receive the letter, I'll verify if the score provided corresponds to VantageScore 4.0 or if it continues to be based on my TransUnion FICO score. It would be an interesting move if Synchrony has moved to using VantageScore 4.0 for underwriting, as this would be the first instance of this model being used for underwriting, of which we are aware. One thing which I found interesting, the major factors affecting my score that were given were (1) Lack of real estate secured loan information and (2) too many accounts recently opened. These factors did not seem to include my Chapter 7 bankruptcy, discharged in 2013, and my overall credit score was 802 (Excellent).
  10. I suppose I should call tomorrow. Oh the pain of first world problems.
  11. I can't get any of my cards above $10,000 with them (except for Ashley Homestore). Tried with my PayPal Rewards MC, got the 7-10 day message on that. Haven't had a CLI on that card in nearly two years. I guess I could call Credit Solutions, but who wants to do that? I could actually use a CLI on this card, as I put a lot of use through it, and a $10k line is pretty small with my spending, so it gets high utilization. I get tired of making 4 or 5 payments a month.
  12. traceyjedison01 and rubles04 usernames check out
  13. Their 5% category for October through December is Amazon.com, Target.com, Target, or Walmart.com. Could you use it at any of those places to give it some use, earn 5%, then pay it off? DW and I will probably go to Target and buy $1,500 worth of gift cards to max that category out.
  14. 🤣 Should probably just soft ban me for 30 days for my own protection.

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