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  1. I'm beginning to wonder how much longer we are going to be able to consider Vantagescore to be a FAKO score, with reports like this... Seems like they are working hard to increase their market share and become a true competitor to Fair Isaac Corporation. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/08/22/vantagescore-solutions-could-be-your-alternative-to-fico-scores.html
  2. I hit the luv button for my never-used Victoria's Secret credit card the other day and got the 7-10 day message. I assumed it's because I never use the card. Got the letter in the mail today. It says, "Because the Victoria's Secret credit card program does not currently offer credit limits higher than your account's current limit, we are unable to approve your request at this time." I have a $6,000 limit. Is this really as high as it goes?
  3. According to my notes, 4 business days from application to receiving card.
  4. As Fred Flintstone once said, "why tell the truth when I can come up with believable lies."
  5. Yeah, the gas stations category is fairly useless for me and DW, since we both work from home, and only drive for errands. In fact, I only purchased gas twice in 2018 for my car, although we fill her car up about 6 times a year since we use it more frequently. I'm curious as to how you managed to M$ this category? Please share.
  6. When I applied for the card back in February 2018, I received an instant approval with a credit line of $9,000. Be careful with that card. I had an unrelated new inquiry post to my credit report after they opened the account, and less than a month later, Comenity closed the card due to "too many recent inquiries." In the process, I got screwed out of a sign-up bonus that I was in the middle of working on. Tried to fight it with customer service and even they agreed that it was the dumbest reason to close an account that they had personally ever seen, but the closure remained.
  7. I wish I knew the answer to this. I have an account that I closed 07.09.2018 which still shows up. Hopefully, it goes away after the one-year closing mark.
  8. I got into a huge dispute with TransUnion over this issue, when trying to get a fee-free freeze on my report (before the legislation which made it fee-free for all freezes). I filed the ID Theft Report with the FTC, completed a complaint with the FBI (since this was an inter-state issue), and filed a police report with my local police department. TransUnion wouldn't accept this as enough "proof" of ID theft and give me a fee-free freeze, stating that I needed to have a police report filed (which I did). Every other CRA gave me a fee-free freeze based pretty much on my word. TransUnion wouldn't do it despite overwhelming proof and effort on my part to protect myself. I hate them.
  9. Here's a copy of the letter I've written to Chase to reject the arbitration agreement. You might want to double check that the address and other specific information I mention in the letter remains the same for your particular cardmember agreement, otherwise make the appropriate changes before you mail it to chase. The deadline is 08/09/2019. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. PO Box 15298 Wilmington DE 19850-5298 Re: Rejection of ARBITRATION AGREEMENT To Whom It May Concern: I am in receipt of my revised JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. <INSERT CREDIT CARD PRODUCT NAME> Credit Card Cardmember Agreement (“the agreement”), with an effective date of 08/10/2019. This letter serves as my official written statement, pursuant to Section 8 (ARBITRATION AGREEMENT) of the details on the changes to my account, that I do hereby reject this agreement to arbitrate (Arbitration Agreement). For your reference, here is my account identification information: Name: <INSERT PRIMARY CARDHOLDER'S NAME> Account Number: <INSERT ACCOUNT NUMBER> Address: <INSERT YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE WITH CHASE> If you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, <INSERT PRIMARY CARDHOLDER'S NAME>
  10. Screw that. For the month of May, I made $272.72 in cash back rewards/discounts using my credit cards. That was even a light month. I pay-in-full every month, I don't pay interest. Why would I give that up on top of losing the other benefits/protections of using a credit card, plus open up my debit card/checking account to the potential risk of fraud? I also don't feel like carrying $15,000 in cash around to cover my monthly credit card spending.
  11. In your defense, granting a credit line to an 18 year old college student, who probably has very little income, is a bonehead move for American Express to have made. They knew what fire they were playing with. They got burned, and now they are taking their ball home with them. There are better lenders out there with better rewards programs. F' AMEX.
  12. It's been hard every time I've ever tried (online).
  13. I'd combine those old cards into the one that doesn't have an annual fee. Saving $79 a year on each is a tangible benefit for combining/closing the old ones. The number of FICO points that will change in 10 years is speculation. At the very least, I'd suggest asking customer service if they can PC the cards to one without an annual fee, one more time. If you aren't able to get anywhere with that, you could try contacting the Executive Office to see what they could do. It would be preferable to keep the old accounts, but only if you can get rid of the annual fees.

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