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  1. After two months of having the Mercury MasterCard, I received an auto CLI of $750, giving me a new limit of $5,900. This still makes it my lowest limit card, but it was nice to see an increase after only two months, considering Barclays never raised the limit in 2.5 years. My spending has been putting about $1,200 a month in utilities on the card, then paying in full before the statement cuts.
  2. policebox

    How long of a memory does Barclays have?

    My data point. At least 11 years. I burned a Juniper credit card back in about 2007 and Barclays won't approve me for the same reasons you are receiving.
  3. policebox

    Anyone know what's up with Barclays card website?

    I got this message earlier too when checking DW's account. I figured Barclays had closed her account since we recently paid off a 0% balance transfer.
  4. policebox

    NFCU Flagship upgrades rewards

    When my DW opened her accounts a few months ago, she applied for a CLOC and Visa. Online said "Review in process" for the status until well after she had received and activated the card.
  5. policebox

    How Credit Unions Are Winning Over Millennials

    That is a pretty pathetic savings rate. You can at least get 25 basis points at Navy FCU.
  6. I know credit is getting pretty easy to get. I feel Synchrony Bank is more generous with limits and low FICO scores than Capital One. But it surprises me to read that Walmart made the switch because Synchrony wasn't expanding the availability of credit to more applicants as Walmart wanted, especially in light of a 9% rate of default. If Capital One is willing to expand its risk into major sub-prime land, then more power to them, but I think it's a bad decision. The markets are looking like we might be headed towards a period of recession. Seems credit issuers are flooding the market with as much money as they can in a last ditch attempt to rake in profits before the recession hits and default rates soar. It's a repeat of the last financial crisis, with sub-prime and adjustable-rate mortgages. Default rates are on the rise and a the bear market is looming. Losing Walmart's business may be a blessing in disguise for Synchrony.
  7. Congratulations on the new wheels!
  8. policebox

    Prequalified for TJX Mastercard (Synchrony)

    I got that offer earlier this year. I've never been to a TJ Max. Don't even know if we have them here in Nevada. I politely declined the offer of credit.
  9. Payment amount doesn't matter. Hope you went to a cheaper APR (or at least the same), otherwise this may not have been a good financing deal.
  10. policebox

    Debt Consolidation Loan offer

    My question for you to think about is, for whatever reason you are unable to refinance the loan in 6 months, how are you going to feel about a 25% interest rate and a $1,053 origination fee then? Also, what is the APR of the credit cards you are wanting to re-finance? If you aren't getting a lower overall rate with this loan (that is, when you calculate the weighted average of APRs of your individual debts) then it isn't a good financial move. If you would post each card's balance and APR, we can help you do some calculations, then be able to give you a definite opinion based on all the facts. However, my preliminary impression would be to not take this deal and to figure out a repayment plan with the individual cards that is workable until you are able to refinance this debt at a lower rate in 6 months.
  11. policebox

    Another Discover benefit bites the dust!

    Dare to dream.
  12. policebox

    September 2018 DCU FICO is Up

    701 (-40) Utilization moved from 4% to 23%.
  13. Short of an underwriting disclosing the bank's algorithm for determining credit limits, I'm not sure how this question could be answered. It's not as if we have the ability to run our credit applications both ways, then compare the two outcomes.

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