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  1. policebox

    Closing accounts and Average Age

    I'd combine those old cards into the one that doesn't have an annual fee. Saving $79 a year on each is a tangible benefit for combining/closing the old ones. The number of FICO points that will change in 10 years is speculation. At the very least, I'd suggest asking customer service if they can PC the cards to one without an annual fee, one more time. If you aren't able to get anywhere with that, you could try contacting the Executive Office to see what they could do. It would be preferable to keep the old accounts, but only if you can get rid of the annual fees.
  2. What's that style of facial hair called?
  3. policebox

    NFCU Denial — Maximum Unsecured Credit Limit

    I also applied for the 91-day CLI for DW's NFCU Platinum Visa. She was denied for the same reason. Her CL on the card is $10,000. She also has NavChek of $15,000. I found this to be an odd reason, since I have the cashRewards Visa with a $25,000 limit and the More Rewards Amex with a $27,500 limit. She is an AU on the More Rewards Amex. So my personal exposure with NFCU is $52,500. Her personal exposure with NFCU is $25,000. Yet, she's got their maximum unsecured credit line? Doesn't make sense to me, unless they are counting my accounts against her as far as credit limits are concerned.
  4. policebox

    Question about NFCU Flagship Rewards Visa Signature

    Thank you for the input @cv91915 and @PotO. Looks like this will be a good card for either me or DW to apply for, once we get our balances down on our other cards. DW does a lot of work travel, so it'd be nice to get more than 2% back on that.
  5. I'm looking at the NFCU Flagship Rewards Visa Signature card. I'm hoping someone can confirm/clarify my basic interpretation of the rewards structure. It's billed as having 3X points on travel, 3X points on everything else, statement credit (up to $100) for Global Entry or TSA Pre Check, with a $49 annual fee. If I were to redeem points as cash back, with 1 point equaling $0.01, then this is basically a 3% cash back card for travel and a 2% cash back card for everything else? Am I understanding this correctly? Additionally, does anyone know if the $100 credit for Pre Check is a one-time thing, or if you are able to receive this credit every time you renew your Pre Check? Does NFCU allow you to convert one product type to another? I have a NFCU cashRewards Visa Signature (which offers 1.5% cashback) that's in the sock drawer (or used for 0% balance transfers), since I have better rewards cards. So if they allow product changes, then this card would be of more use to me, if I'm interpreting the rewards structure correctly. Thank you for the assistance!
  6. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/nicolenguyen/debit-cards-suddenly-stopped-working-for-ally-bank-customers Be an adult and learn to carry some cash and/or a credit card for a backup. If you can't buy lunch because your only source of funding is no longer working, that's your own fault. And what's the deal with catastrophizing every problem that occurs in the lives of this segment of society? You didn't have access to your money for a few hours, that sucks, but be prepared.
  7. policebox

    NEW LOGO!!!!! (MasterCard)

    Is their name officially no longer stylized as MasterCard? Cripes... that's a lot of changes I'm going to have to make in Quicken.
  8. policebox

    citi 2x card. what are my approval chances

    It took me 20 years to get off the Citibank blacklist. YMMV.
  9. policebox

    Cap1: Savor / SavorOne (PC)

    https://thepointsguy.com/news/capital-one-savor-postmates-perk/ TLDR; Capital One Savor is adding perk of (basically) free one year membership to Postmates Unlimited (a delivery service similar to InstaCart, GrubHub, Seamless). You have until the end of 2019 to sign up for the deal. "To use this benefit, you just need to charge the $9.99 fee for Postmates Unlimited to your Savor card, and you’ll receive a statement credit reimbursing you. You’ll earn 4% back on the Postmates Unlimited subscription even though Capital One will reimburse you for it, and you’ll of course earn 4% back on any orders you make through Postmates. Not a bad deal if you frequently order in and want to rack up some serious cash back." Sounds like a great deal. Question is, anyone know if this is only for new card applicants or does this deal apply to current card holders?
  10. policebox

    Choosing the Best Rewards Card for My Spouse

    Take a look at the following: Barclays Uber Visa (4% dining, 3% travel, 2% online, 1% otherwise, redeemable as cash) PayPal Cashback MasterCard (2% card) Citi Double Cash (2% card) Fidelity Rewards Visa (2% card)
  11. After two months of having the Mercury MasterCard, I received an auto CLI of $750, giving me a new limit of $5,900. This still makes it my lowest limit card, but it was nice to see an increase after only two months, considering Barclays never raised the limit in 2.5 years. My spending has been putting about $1,200 a month in utilities on the card, then paying in full before the statement cuts.
  12. policebox

    How long of a memory does Barclays have?

    My data point. At least 11 years. I burned a Juniper credit card back in about 2007 and Barclays won't approve me for the same reasons you are receiving.
  13. policebox

    Anyone know what's up with Barclays card website?

    I got this message earlier too when checking DW's account. I figured Barclays had closed her account since we recently paid off a 0% balance transfer.
  14. policebox

    NFCU Flagship upgrades rewards

    When my DW opened her accounts a few months ago, she applied for a CLOC and Visa. Online said "Review in process" for the status until well after she had received and activated the card.
  15. policebox

    How Credit Unions Are Winning Over Millennials

    That is a pretty pathetic savings rate. You can at least get 25 basis points at Navy FCU.

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