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  1. Cap 1 "Visa Platinum" Quicksilver has arrived! I am going to go and charge something on it tomorrow, then let it sit with everything else! My mother is in the process of repairing her credit and I was thinking of adding her as an AU.
  2. I'm in no rush... I guess I'll wait to 2018 to apply!
  3. Had a Citi AAdvantage that ended up being CO. I eventually settled w| Citi for about a 25% of the balance! I'm not interested in getting in with them now, but I was wondering his forgiving will they be in future? Earlier this year I app'd for same card and they mentioned previous loss, do things change in the short run or do they hold everlasting grudges? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I sent in faxes to ARS and IDA. Hopefully sometime next week I receive some type of communication from them.
  5. I plan on hitting the luv button on Walmart & Amazon In Nov after statement cuts, Cap1/NFCU after Feb/Mar statement I'm trying to clear up a major SL delinquency that shows me $10k past due so that I can app for Amex and get D* back to 07. It's not far, but it will help AAOA. I have I think 3 inq on TU and EQ. EX has probably 20 from years of not knowing. It's on ICE now. I think i'll lay off apps for a while and just admire the fact that in less than 1 year I raised my FICO over 200pts, received over $5,850 in unsecured credit $4350 alone in the month of August! I guess it's true what they say... "Good things come to those who can wait and not get tired by waiting!"
  6. I want it to report, I just was hoping for more. I planned to increase the Wells Fargo security deposit in Oct to give it time to report and hopefully in Dec it will unsecure as will my other NFCU card. The $500 is currently my lowest limit, but I guess it's a start
  7. If I don't activate card will it still report on credit report? It already is showing up on my online account! If it's going to report, I may just put a charge up there pay it then throw it in the drawer and wait 6 months and state that because of low use it's of no importance. I think I'm going to lay off applications for CC for the next 6 months, but I will app for the navcheck in two months. I was approved for $10k but didn't get my docs back in time. I was going to wait until I have zero balances across board and submit another app
  8. I add'd for an NFCU card and was approved for 500$. I currently have an Amazon and Walmart that got a combined $850 in increases, a $3000 Cap1 that was just approved, and secured NFCU @ $1000 & WF @ $500. Should I call immediately for recon... Or should I wait next month to the balances update to do so to try and get higher limits? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I finally grew a pair and applied for Cap1. I have been apprehensive about doing so because I had a Best Buy and Orchard Bank CO from 2011 and I didn't want to get denied (hey, aren't we all afraid of denial?). In Dec 13, my score was a 467 and I could not get even a secured card with cap 1. Today, I bit the bullet and applied for the Quicksilver and bam! $3000 instant approval. EX is on ICE, so no 3rd pull should be on that report. In the past week, I increased my credit limits a whopping $3,850... a little more than doubling my limits. I'm thinking if I should app for another Cap1 card right now like the venture or just stick with what I have. FYI my TU as of last week was a 670!
  10. Still working to figure out this lady. These TL are killing me because it shows that I have $34k closed w| balance with almost $10k past due. It's from a private SL that wouldn't adjust payments and from the advice of many, I stopped paying. I have not made a payment in nearly/over 3 years. Just waiting for something to happen with this. They don't even call about it, but I know it's the major hurdle in my rebuild right now because when I apply for credit it always states, "Serious Delinquency", and "Proportion of loan amount to loan balances is too high" I'm not working right now, so addressing this is difficult.
  11. CTAmigo


    Luv button. @CTAmigo.. Call 877-379-8173 and ask for more. Then come back and tell us your new limit(s). It's only a SP so you have nothing to lose. Don't be shy to ask for a nice limit. Good luck! (say hello to Vanessa for me) No luck with additional increases... Guess I'm stuck till Nov at current limits. Around Dec both secured cards should unsecure so hopefully I can get a nice bump then as well to boost my other limits.
  12. CTAmigo


    So I received my first CLI in a very long time, well two... Walmart went from $700 -> $1150 and Amazon went from $800 -> $1200 Other than these two cards, I still only have two secured cards at $1000 and $500, but by Dec, they should become unsecured. These increases came from the LUV button after the fourth statements on both posted. Hopefully, come December, I can see more increases and more credit!
  13. Every month I get new alerts saying I have "potentially negative info" and every month it's SM saying the same debt is charged off... Why does it update every month only on TU Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Statement Closes on the 2nd of the month with bill due around 25. I'm signed up to receive alert when due, but did not receive one. Shucks
  15. I don't understand you question. You were late 2 days past your due date? Correct. Two days past due date.
  16. I was two days late paying Walmart $3.12, because it was not over 30 days, will they just ignore it?
  17. Thanks for the replies! Going to cancel them all before they are due! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I currently have CCMP, MPM, and SC. No need to keep all three right now, so I was thinking of which I should cancel...
  19. They were all sold to collection agencies and then paid. They are scheduled to be on report till 2018. I live in CT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I have a Cap1 (Orchard Bank), Cap1/BestBuy (was HSBC), Macys, Citi, & BofA charge offs on report. What is the likelihood of getting these removed off reports? I was thinking of adding new address then requesting all other address be deleted and disputing TL's. If it worked for these I was going to try and dispute SL that were transferred and sold repeatedly to try and remove some of those as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Should I just ignore them because I have paper stating debt has been satisfied, or should I search for documents and send it to them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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