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  1. Would you recommend settling or just paying in full? I planned to pay them off today one way or another...
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    Thank you! Trying to clear up my EQ and TU reports. They both are sitting around 10 inq. My EX is sitting at near 30. Sucks to be me! Currently I have MPM & now USAA... I will add one more in attempts to get get two of my reports as clean as possible.
  3. If you burned USAA they will let you in. In 2011 because of banking areas I owed USAA two and some change. I paid it in 2013, I still have not been able to open a new account with them (I also have an outstanding $360 insurance bill from cars that I canceled but they didn't cancel policy because they removed the wrong car (when I called in). My credit is not perfect and I do have marks in EWS and Chex. I received an email in January to open an account, I didn't though because my EX report is horrible and I know they pull EX
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    I signed up for USAA CCMP. I have read several post stating that it is a daily puller, but how can I see if it is pulling daily? I do not see anywhere to login and refresh? Is it worth the 12.95 or so a month?
  5. If the CO was for a CC you should see a bump because most likely it will be factoring into your utilization!
  6. I recently settled a CitiCards CO that I had. The biggest issue was that it was still factoring into my utilization which killed me when I attempted to get an auto loan because my revolving balances were high. It also prevented me from getting a USAA secured card, which at this point USAA secured card doesn't mean much at having anymore! Has anyone settled with CitiCards or IIB? Were you able to get a card with them after some time? My plan was to wait a month or two and then call EO and maybe send GW letters weekly hoping they remove the lates from the account so the account could swing f
  7. Inside SOL, not sure if I ever want to get a charge with them again. Just attempting to clear all blemishes from CR. Just Macys is reporting. They still show the balance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I started my rebuild process in December and felt as if for once I started to make progress. Two charges off paid, one deleted and the other soon was going to be deleted. A $4500 balance from an old CC CO was set to be paid. And then... my position at work was terminated. I was offered a similar position 100 miles away, but moving is something that can't be done at the moment. Not going to let this minor set back hold me back, and first thing I did was pay off current CC's instead of trying to preserve cash. If things fail, I still have stocks I can sell, but that is the ultimate last reso
  9. 500 score and items in Chex and still was approved.
  10. I have a CO from Macys from 3 years ago. The balance is only $282 which I was going to pay in full. Macys still owns the debt, and has an outside company Northland Group Inc working on their behalf to collect the debt. Should I just PIF or should I accept the $212 settlement offered. I didn't know about the settlement until after I called Macys several times and they kept directing me to NGI and they finally sent me a letter. What should I do?
  11. Payment was made to the company the CA hired.
  12. I had a Best Buy (HSBC) acct get CO and went to CA who then hired another company to collect. I settled, the updated CR as a payment then reverted back to original balance. I disputed and they verified amounts were right. What letter should I send to CA regarding debt as well as what should I send credit bureau. I want to get this resolved ASAP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. PRA was incorrectly reporting on my report after a settlement and through a BBB complaint I was able to get it removed! Long way to go because I have 12, 14, & 11 derog accounts that I have to figure out how to reduce but I'm working towards it! I have a debt from CitiCards that has ballooned to 4500$ and it plan on settling today with them (through a collection agency they hired) for 1150$. This will clear up my utilization and hopefully give me a little bump. Score is sub 550 now and once it gets to 600 local credit union said they will give me cc that is unsecured and the guy state
  14. I guess I joined at the wrong time!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Wondering if I should join... 500 credit scores... If I join it would be open a savings and then in a few months try for other products Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. My scores are pretty much rock bottom right now (502, 517, 539) At one point I had an AMEX Gold Delta that was closed by credit grantor (no lates, always PIFd) a few years ago and a Citi AAdvantage that was CO'd and now the balance is $4500 and Citi stated I can settle for $1100. I currently have two secured cards a NFCU and Wells Fargo. My goal is to get a travel rewards card to accrue miles or hotel nights as I travel frequently. I know with sub 600 scores it would be hard to get anything, but are any more lenient or easier to get than the other?
  17. Congrats on your progress I hope to follow in your same foot steps! I have 18-22 bad accounts ranging from COs, Collections, and a bunch of 30-150 day lates! Hopefully January of next year (or sooner) ill face some unsecured accounts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. All the settlements I have in writing! I have another 2 years left where I'm inside SOL. 2011 was a rough year! Citi kills my utilization because they still own and update it. I have two secured cards and was holding off at applying for more till I get utilization in order because all past denials have stated I had high utilization (I didn't realize co's and old unpaid cc'a affected utilization) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. DOFD for Citi was 2011 still way inside of SOL. I did not want to be complete in 2 months, just have these issues addressed. I still have Student Loans with lates I'm trying to get deleted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. DOFD for Citi was 2011 still way inside of SOL. I did not want to be complete in 2 months, just have these issues addressed. I still have Student Loans with lates I'm trying to get deleted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Below are the the most damaging accounts I am trying to take care over the next two months. Citi has an outside CA collecting for them and they are willing to settle for $1100. The CA is not currently on credit report. Connex is a repo and once I got everything taking care of I was going to attempt to tackle this. During the repo process I was not sent the paper work in addition to giving the option to get car back although I provided them with updated mailing address. They only would send papers to address where car was registered. Cavalry is saying settle for $650 or we are going to sue! Por
  23. The reason for the payment was the pending litigation. I do not dispute the debts were mine, I am just trying to improve credit. I figured it would be easier to pay settlements than to have a judgement on record!
  24. I paid two collections, one to PRA for an Orchard Bank/HSBC/Cap 1 CO and Natl Credit Adj for a Best Buy/HSBC/Cap 1 CO. PRA was suing me and I paid before they could issue judgement! NCA I paid because I'm trying to clean up my destroyed credit! How should I go about getting TLs deleted from Credit Report. Is it possible Orchard Bank and Best Buy (which are both now CapOne will delete? What could should be done?
  25. Congrats! I plan to purchase a house next year, and have been reading forums for ideas on how to attack my CRs. Dec 1st I had 19 baddies reporting, I successfully had two removed and recently paid two settlements which will improve my utilization! Hang in there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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