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  1. 2 minutes ago, PotO said:

    Even if it were only $2, Navy is not forgiving unless you pay it all back.

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    I thought about paying (settling) it off vs let it fall off in another year. I don't want the 1099c that would come with paying it off. 

    It hurts because I can't go through a traditional bank and purchase until it is handled. 

  2. I have spent hours with the CSRs from overseas and it I am still unable to login to dispute information. Everytime I ask for a supervisor one is not made available saying they are always busy. 


    I have asked to be transferred to a US base CSR and they refuse to do it telling me they are US based and by their accents and everyone in the background I can tell it's false.


    I am sure they have to be breaking some law as they are providing information about me and not allowing me to review information and I can see some of its false

  3. 3 hours ago, centex said:

    Given the small balances at issue, you may wish to pursue the Optima avenue...you won't get a discount on the balance but you WILL be back in their good graces.  You clearly believe you will derive a benefit from the Platinum card or you would not be seeking to be added.  While the program is basically an invite-only, the invite will inevitably come after you have called and made inquiry about getting back into their good graces...

     I have not called. I know I will begin traveling more frequently without her and lounge access is a big plus traveling overseas. 


    I have not called and made an inquiry, but I plan to pay the smaller balance in the next 30 days and the larger one by summers end.

  4. My wife was has an AmEx Platinum and i wanted to be added as an authorized user but I currently owe them ~$1400 and ~$4000 on two previous cards.


    I saw that it says certain folks cannot be added as authorized users (and i fall in that category) and I was wondering if I should try and settle balances (received offers between 30-60% of balanced) or just PIF and take it from there.


    I ran into a rough patch, but finally getting past issues back in order.



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  5. I just looked at my credit report and have some offers on the table.


    I have 2 AmExs that can be settled for about 40% which is about $2230.


    Two Navy Fed cards that can be settled for about $8000.


    I haven't reached out to CapOne to see what I could potentially settle for either.


    I had a motorcycle that was charged off and the balance is $10255. I never returned the bike, but I was going to see if that could be settled because either way I was looking at a pretty large writeoff because of this.



  6. Good luck. Just consider one thing about the NFCU cards. They are known to have a very long memory and will not approve you for another card if you charge off/BK a balance with them. If having a future with NFCU (and their generous credit lines while rebuilding) is something you may want, you might want to consider an alternate strategy with them.

    It's hard to think of paying $20k when they will let me go for $7k and trying to get ahead



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  7. My credit score was in the gutter several years ago and I worked to rebuild about 4 years ago. I went from 400's up to close to 700. Life seemed to be going pretty well and I was excited for my new beginnings.


    I got engaged and put the ring on the credit card to reap benefit of points and such and I had stable self employment income and I was working as well. In the blink of an eye, I lost $60k an income due to companies I did work for consolidating and everything suffered. I ended up living off cards for a little and then I had several cards charged off. Thankfully my wife still wanted to marry me and we got married (her parents paid for wedding), and brought a house (my name is nowhere near it, except for maybe residing there). I am almost done with school for my MBA and when I finish I should go back to making decent money. Some jobs I know will require credit checks so I have started the process of trying to clean up this mess.


    I have two NFCU cards ($10k each) and they are willing to settle for $3300 each.

    A CapOne for $6000, I'm sure I received a settlement offer but it wasn't worth even paying attention too.

    2 AmEx one for $1400 and the other for $4000

    SycBank for $3500


    I have two collection, 1 from an old cell phone bill family burned me on and another from another Syc card.


    My goal is to hold them off until Jan//Feb next year because I can do without a 1099C this year. Wish me luck!

  8. Decided to check my mailbox today and had a prescreened offer from AmEx. I wanted their card back since they mysteriously closed my account several years ago, and with the offer in hand I temporarily unfroze my EX and app'd for the Green Card! Bam! I was approved and I was doing my happy dance! I called to make sure to get D* and although they said they put in request for it, online still shows this year. I said the "H" with it, and i'll wait till the card arrived.


    I then remembered I could app for two cards in one day with same pull so I did so and what do you know I got a revolver too! It was a measly $1000 but i'll take it! Updated scores from today in signature (yes they are fico scores) so I guess no more app'ing for me for a long time. I got the card I wanted back, so it's time to just nurture these babies!


    I just achieved B* on EX... I also have a secret to get approved for an AmEx card... Initial Starting limit of $500... Give me $750 and I'll give you the secrets! Guaranteed Approval or your money back!



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    I just saw this offer for $675 -- you may wanna rethink your supplier relationship. :dntknw:

    Just got an email... Lowering cost to $625! Lol



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  10. Most of you probably guessed correctly! NFCU. I had a $1k secured card with them. I open my app today and see an extra thousand in my savings and see that it no longer says secured. And it's only been a year. I quickly pulled out my laptop and asked for a CLI of $25k and was countered with $10k. So in less than 2 months, I now have two $10k cards with them. I'm on my way of reaching $100k in limits which is my goal for next year. I still have somethings I need to clean up on report and I know i'll have issues with other prime issuers, but this has been a tremendous year for me.


    I increased credit scores from around 467 to 670.

    I increased limits from $0 in Nov/Dec to over $30k now.

    I went from 0 cards to about 5.


    No one can't say this hasn't been a good year for me! I still have a $500 secured WF card and I'm thinking of what I should do with it. I really have no use for it, and it has only been open for a year now. They just charged annual fee, and I'm wondering if I should attempt to get them to unsecure, or just throw in draw and wait and see. My goal is that by June of next year to have no card under $5k!


    Thank you all who have helped me by writing post, commenting on post, and just been there to answer questions. You helped me tremendously, and now I want to pay it forward!


    In a meeting and realized it was time to check for CLI on my Walmart & Amazon cards. Walmart increased by 70% to $1950 and Amazon increased 267% to $3200.

    Today was a great day! Well, another $2800 added to the war chest!

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    Was done online via luv button?


    If so, you should try calling UWs. You should get much better results. Those are odd amounts, which leads me to believe they are done online.

    It was all... Luv button



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  12. In a meeting and realized it was time to check for CLI on my Walmart & Amazon cards. Walmart increased by 70% to $1950 and Amazon increased 267% to $3200.


    Today was a great day! Well, another $2800 added to the war chest!



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