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  1. I thought about paying (settling) it off vs let it fall off in another year. I don't want the 1099c that would come with paying it off. It hurts because I can't go through a traditional bank and purchase until it is handled.
  2. I finally just paid them off. I should have done it two years ago, but I said now was the time. It took several hours over several days because cards were handled by two separate departments, but I no longer owe Amex. I feel a little better!
  3. Something i'll never have to worry about. I have 2 cards where I owe a total of $20,000 and I don't think they'll ever let me back in their good graces.
  4. CTAmigo


    I have spent hours with the CSRs from overseas and it I am still unable to login to dispute information. Everytime I ask for a supervisor one is not made available saying they are always busy. I have asked to be transferred to a US base CSR and they refuse to do it telling me they are US based and by their accents and everyone in the background I can tell it's false. I am sure they have to be breaking some law as they are providing information about me and not allowing me to review information and I can see some of its false
  5. CTAmigo


    Has anyone had issues calling equifax? They have been the worst bureau to deal with. Is there a way to speak to someone in the USA?
  6. Inquiries from Car Dealerships, anyway to get them off?
  7. I have not called. I know I will begin traveling more frequently without her and lounge access is a big plus traveling overseas. I have not called and made an inquiry, but I plan to pay the smaller balance in the next 30 days and the larger one by summers end.
  8. My wife was has an AmEx Platinum and i wanted to be added as an authorized user but I currently owe them ~$1400 and ~$4000 on two previous cards. I saw that it says certain folks cannot be added as authorized users (and i fall in that category) and I was wondering if I should try and settle balances (received offers between 30-60% of balanced) or just PIF and take it from there. I ran into a rough patch, but finally getting past issues back in order. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I just looked at my credit report and have some offers on the table. I have 2 AmExs that can be settled for about 40% which is about $2230. Two Navy Fed cards that can be settled for about $8000. I haven't reached out to CapOne to see what I could potentially settle for either. I had a motorcycle that was charged off and the balance is $10255. I never returned the bike, but I was going to see if that could be settled because either way I was looking at a pretty large writeoff because of this. Sigh
  10. It's hard to think of paying $20k when they will let me go for $7k and trying to get ahead Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My credit score was in the gutter several years ago and I worked to rebuild about 4 years ago. I went from 400's up to close to 700. Life seemed to be going pretty well and I was excited for my new beginnings. I got engaged and put the ring on the credit card to reap benefit of points and such and I had stable self employment income and I was working as well. In the blink of an eye, I lost $60k an income due to companies I did work for consolidating and everything suffered. I ended up living off cards for a little and then I had several cards charged off. Thankfully my wife still wanted to marry me and we got married (her parents paid for wedding), and brought a house (my name is nowhere near it, except for maybe residing there). I am almost done with school for my MBA and when I finish I should go back to making decent money. Some jobs I know will require credit checks so I have started the process of trying to clean up this mess. I have two NFCU cards ($10k each) and they are willing to settle for $3300 each. A CapOne for $6000, I'm sure I received a settlement offer but it wasn't worth even paying attention too. 2 AmEx one for $1400 and the other for $4000 SycBank for $3500 I have two collection, 1 from an old cell phone bill family burned me on and another from another Syc card. My goal is to hold them off until Jan//Feb next year because I can do without a 1099C this year. Wish me luck!
  12. I figured could be the problem and I just said I'll check in a few days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Decided to check my mailbox today and had a prescreened offer from AmEx. I wanted their card back since they mysteriously closed my account several years ago, and with the offer in hand I temporarily unfroze my EX and app'd for the Green Card! Bam! I was approved and I was doing my happy dance! I called to make sure to get D* and although they said they put in request for it, online still shows this year. I said the "H" with it, and i'll wait till the card arrived. I then remembered I could app for two cards in one day with same pull so I did so and what do you know I got a revolver too! It was a measly $1000 but i'll take it! Updated scores from today in signature (yes they are fico scores) so I guess no more app'ing for me for a long time. I got the card I wanted back, so it's time to just nurture these babies!
  14. You may still be bound to give a notice which could have been stipulated in the application or a previous lease Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I can't wait to hit 700! Started at 467 a year ago... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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