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  1. I initially thought Mr. Drysdale was the founder of the bank or the current CEO...but doing a search I see that it was a joke related to "Commerce Bank" on the TV show "Beverly Hillbillies". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beverly_Hillbillies
  2. Okay... just came across this credit card and I'm trying to understand the language posted on the webpage. But it sounds too good to be true. I must be missing something. Commerce Bank World Elite MasterCard with yearly 5% dividend back on $50,000+ purchases?!?! Time to M$ the s**t out of this card? $100,000 M$ = $5,000 Free?!?! https://www.commercebank.com/personal/cards/credit/travel-cards.asp A 5% annual point dividend will be awarded each calendar year (January 1 through December 31) when you make $50,000.00, or more, in Net Merchandise Purchases. The amount of the divid
  3. I don't know what kind it is, but I came across another bank whose credit cards gives free FICO score monthly. http://www.commercebank.com/fico/
  4. I applied for Fidelity Rewards 2% cash back card 2-3 months ago with no pre-existing account (investments or otherwise) and was approved. Where do the rewards get deposited? After I activated the credit card, I opened an investment account (with $0 balance) and a checking account with $100. It is now up to $100.01!!! Free penny!!!
  5. I applied for Fidelity Rewards 2% cash back card 2-3 months ago with no pre-existing account (investments or otherwise) and was approved.
  6. I'm probably late to the table on this one, but there is a possibility ... Shanghai-Pudong Development Bank (PuFa) has an ATM card that is actually a UnionPay debit card that strongly resembles a credit card. It's the only UP debit card that has your name embossed and also has the UP hologram. It can, unlike normal debit cards, be used online as a credit card -- provided your actual balance supports the purchase. Can't be opened online and must present "valid ID" at branch... I'm still searching for a foreign credit/debit card I can open online and being a US citizen. But more
  7. I don't know if BOA will convert cards, but their Better Balance Rewards card gives a free $100 every year with no annual fee. Even if limit stays at $500, that $100 free every year is nice.
  8. I love my Ebates and they are generous with credit lines.
  9. "My credit union is so amateur..." That it takes 37 years to steal $2.4 million; a worker at a "real" financial institution could do that in a day! http://www.cutimes.com/2016/07/19/credit-union-bookkeeper-steals-24m-over-37-years Although, she did embezzle more than the current total deposit value of the credit union!!! "Since the time she was hired as a bookkeeper at the $2 million SCICAP Credit Union in 1978, Linda Lee Clark began stealing from the cooperative in the small rural town of Chariton, Iowa. By the time her theft finally surfaced in August 2015, she embezzled mor
  10. Did that T-Mobile gift card look the same as the T-Mobile gift cards sold at supermarkets? Can you post a picture of the gift card you were able to cash out at a bank?
  11. New FICO 812 (dated 5/31), No Offers, Accepted $25K PLOC offer last quarter and also a week later paid with a hard pull for a $7K credit card. Maybe I'll get offers next time.
  12. It's not at all difficult to obtain 8 times salary in credit limits. If anything, the difficulty is finding crap worth applying for. There's no reason why you shouldn't have more than your salary in credit limits. I won't repeat a lot of the good reasons already stated by others, but basically if you have good fiscal discipline then you don't have to worry about the scenario you pictured. As for those that don't, yes, they could live off their credit cards and we have seen folks on the forums who have done this. Banks price for risk and their risk models account for Forrest Gump Theory. To get
  13. In the footnotes it says that 90% of the loss is due to MLB credit card signup bonus abuse.
  14. "One difference between this system and a credit card is that a transaction with global standard currency is final, much like with cash. But, with this system, both the buyer and the seller are well-identified, Cunningham said, reducing the likelihood of disputed transactions." Yeah right!...No thanks! You can't dispute charges to your account!!!
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