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  1. I was just pre-approved for an FHA mortgage (mid score 675), and hope to find a good house within the next month or so. Because my DTI is a bit high right now, I was only pre-approved for a $200,000 loan with 3.5% ($7000). I have been looking at some great houses, but most are just above the approval level. I have up to $30,000 in reserves to put as a down payment, but I also have about $9000 in credit card debt (I had some recent family medical emergencies that added up quickly). So my question is this: Does it make more sense to lower my DTI by paying down the credit cards with the reserve money, and put a smaller amount toward the down payment, or keep a larger down payment? Thanks in advance for the advice! ** BTW- I am about 2 years post-BK7 discharge, so FHA is my only option at this point.
  2. +18 to 684... getting there!!
  3. I am about 20 months out of a BK7. My EX score is around 665. I joined Logix in Dec. 13, by opening a savings account. A few days later, I applied for their credit card, and was denied. I decided to call the next day to attempt a recon, and was approved for $4000, which is my highest limit! Does anyone know how Logix is with credit limit increases? As my score continues to recover, I hope to have my limits rise accordingly. Thanks!
  4. 705 Quizzle vantage score, and a 681 EQ FICO... movin' on up!
  5. Which FICO does PenFed pull, and what score qualifies for the top rate?
  6. I am just below 675, which is what I need to refinance my auto loan at DCU to 1.99%... and, since I will have to take a hard pull anyway, I will be asking them for a CLI on my credit card with a reduction in APR. It isn't urgent by any means, but I have never been a patient person!
  7. So every month, it seems that Cap One has been reporting to Equifax faithfully on the day my new statement cuts... except this month. The past 6 months or so, I had been carrying a balance on the card. I paid it down a couple of weeks ago, and am hoping for a decent bump in my EQ score. My statement cut yesterday, but they still haven't reported. Grrrrr! Is there anything I can do to prod them along, or do I just (impatiently) wait?
  8. +35 to 668!! Credit Sesame has always seemed to lag behind my other scores. This is a great reminder to me that my credit rebuilding process is working! Thanks to all on here for your great advice!
  9. I am up 6 points since last month to 665! Only 10 more points until I will refinance my auto loan with them to 1.99%- right now I am at 5.49%. Question: I have had my account with them for 7 months now, and my credit card has been stuck at a CL of $500. My other cards have all grown, and this is now my lowest limit. DCU also houses my checking and savings accounts. My overall utilization is about 40%. Should I ask them for a CLI, knowing that it will probably be a hard inquiry, or should I wait for some auto-love from them? Looking for opinions...
  10. Thanks to everyone for the kind words! It is much appreciated! And @dtokarz... I have 2 Cap One cards. Both were opened as Platinum cards. One was PC'd to a Quicksilver card, and the other was PC'd to a Quicksilver One card, although I have since gotten the AF permanently waived on that one. Cap One has been great to work with, and every time I asked for something, I have emailed the EO, and have received a call back within a day or two.
  11. When I called the EO last summer I had just gotten my Barclay Rewards card. I explained that I appreciated the fact that Cap One had given me an opportunity to start to rebuild my credit, and that I hoped there was something they could do to compete with the benefits of the Barclaycard. I mentioned that the Quicksilver card seemed to be a good match for what would keep them competitive, and she approved me. With my second Cap One Platinum card, I was able to get upgraded to a Quicksilver One in August. A few weeks ago, I emailed the EO again, and they kept it a Quicksilver One, but permanently waived the AF. Try again- maybe you will get someone different. Best of luck to you!
  12. Shifter- I emailed the EO... very helpful and accomodating!
  13. So after reading about all the people on here about Logix, I decided to give it a shot. A bit about me first. I filed for BK7 (thank you ex-wife) in January of 2012. At the time, my FICO scores were in the 530 range. In June of 2012, Cap One approved me for a Platinum Card for $2000 (currently upgraded to Quicksilver and $3500 limit). After waiting a year, I apped for a few more cards in June of 2013. I was approved for a second Cap One Quicksilver One card ($750 limit). I was also approved for a Merrick Card ($700 limit), a Barclays reward ($1500 limit), and a DCU Visa ($500 limit). I also have a car loan with DCU for about $13000 at a rate of 5.49%. Currently, My FICO scores are EX- 655, TU- 680, and EQ- 674. My annual income is $81000, and I have 6 INQs on my reports. Right now my utilization is a bit on the high side (thanks Santa) at 64%. So last week I opened a savings account with Logix. The process was very easy, and I e-signed all the docs. Yesterday, I decided to give it a shot with a Logix credit card, as I have been reading about very generous approvals and limits. They asked me what I wanted for a limit, and I told the rep to ask for $15000, but that I was willing to take less. I was denied outright. Ouch. Kick in the gut! The rep told me that the BK7 was still too new, and that my utilization was too high. I thanked her and figured I would try again in a few months after paying down my cards. Last night, after considering that Logix uses the same hard pull for any credit apps for 60 days, I decided to see if I could get a better rate on my auto loan. This morning, I got an email from Logix that I was approved, but at the same rate (5.49%) as my current loan at DCU. About an hour later, I got a call from a rep at Logix, about the car loan email. I explained that what they offered wouldn't save me any money. She explained that to qualify for a rate of 2.99%, I would need an EX score of 680. I thanked her for calling, and before hanging up, she asked if there were any other financial needs that she could assist me with. I told her that I was hoping to get a credit card with them. She said that looking over my credit report, that she might be able to get Logix to match my limit that Cap One gives me, if I did a no-fee BT of my balance from Cap One. I asked her to see if $4000 was possible, and she said she would check. About 3 minutes later, she came back on the phone, to tell me that I was APPROVED for the $4000 limit, pending my sending over my most recent pay stub. Wahoo! So Merry Christmas to me! Now I will sit back and see if my other CC issuers will step it up a notch. One thing for sure is that I am grateful to Logix for giving me an opportunity to prove my credit-worthiness. Thanks to all the others on these board who have been posting about Logix. You have been so helpful to me!

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