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  1. Seems it was the person who 'borrowed' the card was intercepting the mail and paying the bills, until things got out of hand. Of course, if they hadn't been doing that we would have found the issue sooner and already dealt with it. We should be getting some info from Citi today. Unfortunately we don't have a local branch to visit, but when she gets here we're calling to make sure the account is shut down and get info on the charges. So you know the name of the person who "borrowed" the card? That should really help clear this up. Yes we know who it is. Please refer to my earlier posting - it is a family member. She claims to have used it only for gas. A skimmer was found at one of the gas stations she used around the time the big charges started. It seems like it keeps going back to we need to get the info on what the charges were before we can do anything. We need to see if her story holds up, and then MIL needs to decide how she wants to proceed after we have that info.
  2. Seems it was the person who 'borrowed' the card was intercepting the mail and paying the bills, until things got out of hand. Of course, if they hadn't been doing that we would have found the issue sooner and already dealt with it. We should be getting some info from Citi today. Unfortunately we don't have a local branch to visit, but when she gets here we're calling to make sure the account is shut down and get info on the charges.
  3. No, it was the same card, just two recountings of the timeline. She never used the card and had never seen a bill for it, so she completely forgot it existed. We got a bit more information that seems to be piecing things together. It seems it's partly a family member, and partly something else. Someone 'borrowed' the card to buy gas, and it seems there may have been a skimmer at the gas station. (Not horribly unlikely given how common this has been in NC recently). So we know at least part of the story. Still need to get the info on the charges - it seems that's going to be the key to fixing anything. We should be able to determine if the story we're hearing holds up once we have that info. I'm still troubled by the collection calls though. Seems really odd that the card issuer would be asking her for her SSN. Thank you again to everyone - you guys are always a great help!
  4. Incredibly unlikely. So these last two replies are getting to the meat of things, I think. She got the first call Monday demanding payment of $17,000. She refused to answer any of their questions asking her to 'verify' her information. After dealing with that, she called us. My first thought was total agreement with you guys: it's a scam. To be sure everything was good, we pulled her credit reports and found an old OPEN account from Citi with a history of $0 balances until 4 months ago, and a CURRENT balance reporting over $17k. So the debt is at a minimum being reported to the CRAs. We also found a brand-new Discover account. She called and canceled that. We were trying to decide how to deal with this other one, and are still not sure if the calls she is getting are legitimate. For one thing, I know Citi wouldn't be likely to legitimately force HER to 'verify' the info, but at the same time, the info on the CR indicates it's legit. THIS MORNING, she found a Citi Credit Card that she didn't know she had. At the moment we aren't absolutely sure it's the one being reported but it makes sense that it is. We are contacting Citi to report the fraud when she visits us tomorrow. As I mentioned, she's afraid to call them on her own. We DON'T know if these calls are legit. And I have no idea why, up until this point, the account is still open. We're going to make sure the account is closed at the least, and try to find out what the charges are and who made them. I'm still confused about the 'collection' calls, as they definitely seem fishy. But at the same time we need to get them cleared from the reports. Thus the confusion here.
  5. I can't say that I blame her for not talking to them on the phone, given the circumstances: 1) They called her. 2) She didn't even know about the account 3) They were asking her for her info, i.e. SSN, address, etc. and were unwilling to provide what info they had. 4) They would not discuss anything with here other than her paying the full amount 5) They never successfully 'transferred' her to the fraud department. (simple hang-ups instead) With that, we weren't sure if this was legitimate. I think you can see why. She didn't have any additional info to go on until we got the credit reports yesterday and we found the card this morning. The timeline for this has been ~3 days so far. Right now I've got her going to file a police report. She's afraid to call the CC company given her treatment so far, so she'll be doing that when she's with us tomorrow. @cashnocredit that is the information we are intending to get. I thought it would be better to make the requests by mail for the paper trail, but I'm willing to have her try talking to someone to get that info, provided we can get someone who will actually talk to her rather than continue to demand payment. Hopefully initiating the call will change the attitude on their end.
  6. Thanks for the info about a Fraud Alert. I was not aware of that and we will get that taken care of right away. The card is (or at least should be) frozen at the moment, we will double-check on that and close the account if possible. @hegemony that is definitely a possibility. There are two people who might have done this by getting ahold of the card and using it without authorization. If that is the case, then someone will be going to jail.
  7. To answer the questions asked so far: All communication so far has been from them calling her. She has not called them. She is coming to visit tomorrow and is waiting until we're around before doing anything. She has refused to provide them with any information by phone (good for her). Those calling have been very aggressive and not helpful at all. We have pulled the credit reports. We were able to get two online. One (Equifax I think) reported unable to verify and we have to request by mail. Both that we DID get show this card as a valid and open account and show a history of balances for the past 5 months that are roughly: $0, $100, $500, $3000, $17000. As mentioned, she went through her stuff and found the card in question, so the CARD is hers, just one she never used and forgot she had. But the billing is not coming to her. What we can't figure out is how these have been paid in the past if she hasn't been getting any bills (reports show paid as agreed). Also, it should be noted that when pulling the reports we ALSO found a brand new Discover account, only one month old. She did not open this account. She contacted Discover and closed it, but it leads me to believe we may be facing an identity theft situation. We're taking the necessary steps to protect her on that front but really not sure what to do about this Citi account. And yes, we're prepared to follow up in whatever way necessary, even if it means family members going to jail.
  8. My mother-in-law is facing a pretty serious issue with a Citi credit card. Some background first: Her husband died early this year (2017). He took care of all of the bills, credit cards, etc, so she didn't really know where to start. I helped her get all the information together and got her on track to continue paying all her active cards and other bills. She paid off all of her cards. We based this list off the bills that were being received in the mail. Suddenly, a couple days ago, she gets a call from Citi about a $17,000 credit card debt. She doesn't remember ever having this card, and certainly did not run up the debt in question. We did some research and were able to find that this particular card has been active in her name for around 30 years. After some more searching, we were even able to find the card, so it's legitimately hers. We don't have detailed account history, but according to her credit reports, this card has been run up from $0 balance to over $17k over the past 4 months. During this time, and for the past year, she has never received a bill for this card or any other notice from Citi. When they called they claimed they had sent her bills. But these have never been received. We know for certain that she did not spend anything on the card, so whatever charges they have were made by someone else. I don't know what happened with the account but it seems quite certain to me that whatever address they have on file must not be her correct address. As for the charges, we are hoping to eventually find out what they were (see below) So where we are currently: Citi is now calling her constantly, and she has a very large debt that is not hers. She refuses to speak to anyone by phone, and they claim they have already sent her bills. When requesting to be connected with the Fraud department she ends up being disconnected, so having no luck there. I am thinking that she needs to send a letter to Citi providing them with her correct address, telling them to stop contacting her by telephone, telling them to freeze the card (maybe close the account?), requesting paperwork for a fraud claim, and requesting a detail of the account history for the past 4 months (so we can try to track down what the fraudulent charges were). What I am not sure about is what to do after that. Or even for sure if that's the right approach to start. For that amount, I'm sure we're going to have a fight getting the charges reversed. This is beyond anything I've ever faced, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  9. No entry on my CR, just the usual technically-legal-but-still-annoying-harassment by the CA. I'm pretty sure they were calling for at least 2 months before any contact by mail but I'm pretty short with anyone who comes across like a collector on the phone so I can't be 100% certain. If I'm understanding right, unless they validate the debt properly, that's it, they can't bother me again without a violation. I'll get the verification about the student loans but it sounds like I'm done with this. Thanks again for the help!
  10. Bringing this one back up because I sent the DV almost a month ago, and have heard absolutely nothing from them since. Pretty sure it's a JDB trying to intimidate me into paying. So what I'm wondering is: at this point to I just let it go, since they haven't responded, or do I FOAD?
  11. That is a rather ... interesting ... image, but I get your point
  12. Asking for something to be deleted early is an exception to the "dispute only by mail" rule in my book. I don't have direct experience with TU to know whether that means you are truly locked out or it's something simpler. Have you tried with a different browser or device? Yes, that was the first thing I tried. 3 different browsers on 2 different computers, so whatever it is, it's on their end. I was thinking of trying CK instead. You can only do 1 at a time with them, and they don't have an option that really seems to match the situation though. Has anyone had any luck with that? There's only 2 that I'm really concerned about - and they're really not 'early' since they're tax liens that were filed in February 2009 (As I read it, they're supposed to drop 7 years after filing). Or maybe I'll just go ahead and dispute by mail, even though it's slower.
  13. Sorry - went back and looked at my original post and realized that I wasn't clear what I was trying to do. I have items due to fall off in 2-4 months and wanted to try to clear those off a bit early. That's it. And they are ONLY showing on TU. Already dropped from the other 2.
  14. Are you saying that you dispute for an early obsolete by mail? Because that's not what I've read elsewhere on this site. Not a regular dispute - JUST early obsoletes. Trying to drop these off a couple months before the 'scheduled' date. Everything I've read about that suggests disputing via the 'backdoor' and using online systems because they're more likely to just drop the item automatically.
  15. I logged in earlier today to TU to make a dispute. Closed it out because I had some things to deal with first, and when I came back to login this afternoon, I get the message "Error: 151- Your access to the TransUnion Online Investigation Services has expired." I just got my credit report on Friday. Has anyone else got this and successfully gotten around this? Or am I left with phone and/or mail to dispute? I really hate CRA's but I think TU has got to be the worst...

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