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  1. Hi, n00b here. A few years ago I had a Sprint phone and wanted to cancel my account, so I talked to a customer service rep and asked if he could set it up to close my account at the end of the billing period, when my account balance would be zero. He said yes, I'll set that up for you... Well I didn't stay on top of it (my fault), junked the old phone, and proceeded to use my new phone. A few months later I get a bill for $170 for three more months of service I never used. My credit was already shot at that point, so I said screw that. Bill went in the trash. Now of course it's in collections, with Convergent Outsourcing; and it won't be falling off until 2016. I only have one other baddie, and that will fall off in 6 months. So I'm wanting to establish excellent credit by next year, and have a few credit cards I've gotten this year. Total credit limit is now north of $17k with very low balances. Scores are in the 640-690 range. So here's my question: Do I pay Convergent or not? What effect will it have if I took their offer to pay 50%? From my research, it seems they won't do a pay-for-delete. I'm hesitant to call them without a gameplan, since that will only embolden them. Thanks so much!

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