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  1. is there any way you can just leave ? see im working and i got better things to do than play with internet trolls , if your not going to help , help answer my question , or give some advice that i dont already know or guide me to something useful which i dont already know , then all your doing is trolling , and im much better at that than you are , so assist with the original or there's a spot chipping paint that needs pressure washing ...
  2. And your one of the ones sitting at home not working ...
  3. Hey sorry it took me almost a day to get back to yall i work nights. have to work here momentarily so ill pause and resume this writing. lols i work oil and gas, if what i said earlier offended you get the sissy boy stamp and revoked man card. so what happened was i was approached by salesman for home security. i have been looking to add to my new homes security since im away half the year. so while we were talking he insisted that he verify that i was the home owner. he never took my SS# only asked my name first and last and checked my home address. i was never told that it would be a hard pull. saying verify the home owner could mean checking irs taxes all kinds of things. AFTER the fact the admitted to me it was a soft inquiry. i immediately got pissed off because i was not told it was an inquiry, they did not ask for SS so even if it was it should have been a soft pull. a soft pull and we would NOT be having this conversation as of now. I was also dumb and didnt lock my reports again i usually freeze them after I have done what i need to do so that crap like this does not occur. I am also on my fico forums, they also advised me to do the same make a complaint with the above mentioned organization. I also filed a dispute with EQ it of course came back already and is still on, the online thing I am now locked out of due to my smart phone i beleve i found another tactic i wanted to try and will do when it unlocks not sure as to when that might be. I plan everything , i screwed up when i was 21-23 and didn't pay my student loans, it devastated my credit and i have been more so guarded ever since, its taken me 12 plus years to get to where i am today , average of 740 so you can go wank off on the plans not sound part you may be partially right with I wasn't fully prepared i should have re frozen my files.. I dont make many posts here so I was unsure of where this post should go. There is another few things, the dispute came back with , "security networks" a company which apparently went out of business in 2010 and laid off 175 people. the company i am dealing with is affiliated with alarm.com. I do not know everything but it appears the business end doing credit pulls is still labeled security networks and they are not reachable. Also I called pissed off and eventually made my way to a CPA in Austin tx who sympathized with me and said he would do whatever it takes to make this right. he has since contacted someone else and gotten back a message that their is a department that deals with matters such as this and that my requests are being sent to them for the removal.what angers me most is that it takes 5 seconds to destroy but a life time to rebuild this.... This CPA has also offered to reimburse me the fees i have come out of pocket to freeze my credit profiles. i am not sure if i should accept this due to if i sign the back of a check they may if i end up in court proved this as proof that the matter was resolved for 30$. i don't care about 30$ i did not give them permission to pull i want this gone. tl:dr i was never informed of a hard pull credit check only told i was being verified as home owner i was not told it was a pull until after the deed was done then i was told it was a soft pull only. i did not authorize it nor would i if i had been told to my face what it was. if you get offened by what i write just throw your man card away and do me a favor don't reply , i need help with this matter an issue , this is the way i am accept it or don't idgaf ....
  4. Long story short I never authorized a company to place a hard inquiry on my file. Equifax is being utter retards in this matter. what do i need to do to get this inquiry off my file. It was done less than a week ago. i have since at my own expense frozen all 3 so that it doesnt happen again but i should not have to do this. I did not sign anything i did not give permission they put it on and now equifax is telling me theres nothing i can do about it other than contact them. i have disputed already and its come back lost. i have that letter pdf'ed and the company name on the letter i have written a letter and posted as of last week without return stamp i fear next i may be sending that letter again with 6$ return green card then having to file small claims. i called into this company and a guy who claims to be their cpa says he is willing to work with me and that he is sorry this has happened. he works for a place in Austin Tx , the company in the dispute return shows as a company in florida that went bacnkrupt in 2010 and laid off 175 people i googled the name and address. so i dont know how a company that doesnt exsist any more can stamp peoples credit without authorization but its been done. im not giving up on this im going to be anal as hell so dont try to tell me to just wait it out i have no desire to wait it out when i didnt cause it please tell me what more can i do? do I need to file suit for small claims would that be easiest ? i intend to also hit them on bbb and follow up with this CPA who claims he will do whatever to assist and help me remove it. my file is relatively clean and im trying to remove and wait out the ones i did . I plan and try to execute a schedule and this fuc*s my schedule all up
  5. Thank you , its been alot of hard work rebuilding , i can still remember the joy and shock i felt when after getting most of all the negatives removed in a three month time period watching the fakos rise 148 points! afterwards i app'ed with my credit union and found out my best score was 750! I think i kinda might have screwed myself though, in my attempts to get this last issue fixed I seem to have gotten SM to add the negative remark. I have been going back through reports and before i started all the work the negative remark by SM on this student loan was not there. in my first blundering attempts to correct I seem to have given them the invite to add the remark and now I have to wait atleast one more year till the 4 year mark for the most benifits of this remark aging. I am hesitant to try to make other moves to remove this until I have fully paid this debt off.
  6. lol glad i made someones day ha! pwd is that pressure while drilling ? got those guys working right next to my unit on location .. lol ..
  7. Its very well documented that AppliedBank will never go unsecured , many other posts here about appliedbank , i have googled and read over the past year about them here and on myfico to get more intel. i think ill have to hold off though until the other cards actually report to the agency's though , so that no matter what the small amount i currently have on there is 3500 , when everything is said and done it will report to 25k , i got 2x 10k cards and a 5k from nasa lol! I cant wait to see what it does to my fico scores , my credit card amount is about to go from 0 % util and 3500 balance to under 4% possibly 0 util to 25k !
  8. Hi , im a dual weilding member here and on myfico forums. I have a thread going about my current stuff over there , but im also posting here because no one has answered my 2nd question. So my new bank that just granted me a mortgage has also granted me a 10k unsecured CC and my credit union has also granted me another 10k CC. im pretty hot right now lol , house and two credit cards this month! regardless my question is about my secured CC with Applied Bank and WHEN and or how i should go about closing this card to get my deposit back. Since they only report to TWO of the three CB's I no longer want to leave cash with them since i now have 20k in unsecured CC's this all just literally happened last weekish. bbva compass awarded me the card but i have not gotten it in my hands yet because I have not been home to get my mail. the credit union i have the card in my wallet and the account already reflects the increase from 1k to 10k. So previously i had 3500$ in credit cards reported and my current utilization being reported os 0.00 or calculated at :0.0065914285714286 % . my creidt union normally reports around the 15th or 16th of the month. since i am still waiting on bbva compass to report to my file but the credit union is already there when should i call applied bank to close that account and get my cash sent back to me? I have no issue maintaining less than 4% utilization ... its really just timing. I dont want high utilization reporting at all , i keep it below 4% if possible then normally 16% if not possible and highest i am for is 20% utilization. So regardless of when the compass card shows up i know the credit union will if worst case still report 1k if not 10k next month with really low utilization ... what should i do about closing that other account ? just call them and mortal kombat that ho3 ?
  9. wtf? i wrote a nice long response and it never posted ? is it because im still new fledgling here ? not sure , Well no , the loan is still on the report. but it has not been updated via SM in almost 2 years. it still shows as the ONLY negative remark however 2.8 years and counting. I have tried GW letters twice , denied , and challenged anything i could. still no bueno .. I will continue to work on removing this until it falls off though , however my average score between all 3 is 722 now. my highest is 744. So i cant complain.. even with the ding , im good , i literally just got a house and 2 huge credit cards handed to me this month even WITH this on my report... its gardening time ..
  10. Nope . that &@!#s still on there , its sOOOOOoooo old though, i am having issues with them not reporting my payments on it , but im like meh' dont care at this point , since I've been paying on them they have left the old loans to the way side. I would rather not jeapordize them adding anything new negative and just leave them be and pay them off. when i started I had 3 private loans that were all defaulted and at like 15k , so far I have paid off the lowests 2 loans and now have about 7.5k left on ONE. the one thats left shows 19 missed payments now in my SM log in account and im making good progress towards reversing the damage my salamander self created years ago. im not 100% certian what will happen once i pay it down another 3,900$ odd dollars or so because the loan says it needs a minimum payment of like 4k. so once i pay that off im not sure if this loan goes back into good payment status ? but i dont care id rather just leave it be because if they decided to report it it could show up with all the years and months of negative behind payments and such. at this point im just doing what i can to pay it off and get rid of it , then move on to other debts that ARE reporting positive. I am paying on other things all at the same time. currently i am paying about 700$ a month on this one loan and the original payment was only 55$ ... i really really am mad at myself , but when everthing went south i lost a really good job and could only find work at a fast food joint and could barely pay my half of the rent , did what i did and im living with it... just trying to get rid of the old debt ...
  11. just an update , I have made significant head way , now i only have ONE issue on my reports which is that one student loan which is private is reporting negative status as of 2.8 years ago. everything else has been cleared up ! average score is 708 as of the last pull for mortgage! i got a house due to all the hard work i did and methods i learned here!
  12. HI! i just found this site , i use myfico forums to , from the little reading i have done it looks like you two dont get along lol. REGARDLESS i have a question that they have not really helped me answer over there so i figured i would sign up here and post it here and see what you guys and girls say. I recently started credit repair and have almost maxed myself out on it. everything negative has been removed or adjusted or fixed expect this last issue. in 2011 i didnt recieve the notice that i needed to pay my student loans. So they feel into unpaid and i caught them up went through rehab and have paid them ever since. BUT. the mark is still there for the 9 months that i fell behind. this is 2 years ago this month that it was first reported and its hurting me and my credit score. What can i do ? ive tried everything else i could find debt validations challenged it on the CA's until they will no longer let me challenge it and last week i even sent in the good will letter to see if that would help change what im dealing with. So do i have any other options ? the amount is to stupid high to pay off in full for a few years. but is there anything else i can try to get these bad marks fixed removed adjusted what eve's if i didnt search and miss something please link me to it ill read , thanks in advance.

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