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  1. I recently obtained validation information from Midland Funding regarding an account in collections. I CM-RRR'ed the DV letter to them last month. I am with-in SOL in Louisiana. SOL ends around 03/2015. I want to try to have them delete the TL off my CRs. I want to send a PFD letter for a settlement amount. I won't lowball since I know I'm inside SOL, somewheres around 55%-70% of total. I know its a touchy area sending PFD Settlement letter within SOL. My question is, lets say I send the letter, they do not accept the settlement. Will they send something back stated something to the affect of "no we don't want partial payment blah blah". and then I can send another PFD for the full amount? Just looking for the best route of action to have them delete by paying the least I have to. Thanks in advance.
  2. Yea I have a copy of the letter I send them. Short DV letter stating I see you are reporting I owe you money, validate it, basically. So basically I should just send a PFD of the full amount? Just to cover me.
  3. Ok, let's say I send the PFD Settlement letter. They don't accept. Will they send me something like "We don't accept, Pay total amount blah blah", or just after I send the PFD Settlement letter, go ahead and file suit? If I have to pay in full, I can. Would rather settle, but mostly just want it deleted.
  4. Just received a letter back from Midland. They sent a few copies of the last few statements from Paypal (the OC) and also stated in the letter they have filed to have th CRAs report the TL as disputed. Nothing else. Do I attempt to send a PFD Settlement offer now?
  5. Yea I was thinking the same. Think I'm going to pull the trigger in the usbank secured in 2 weeks. Cycle both cards, the cap1 and this one, to get them both reporting.
  6. I have my Cap1 Secured CC w/ $200 CL on the way. Should I also get the USBank or BOA Secured CC also? 2 better than 1? or roll 1 for awhile then get another? It's good to have at least 2, if not 3, just in case something happens to the Cap One and it gets closed. If your doing secure I would just do 2 and let them build some history. Does the USBank Secured CC graduate to unsecured eventually?
  7. I have my Cap1 Secured CC w/ $200 CL on the way. Should I also get the USBank or BOA Secured CC also? 2 better than 1? or roll 1 for awhile then get another?
  8. I want to eliminate all the debts, and if I can get the negatives deleted in the process, great. I just don't know what process to take when I contact the OC, they tell me to deal directly with the CA, even though the OC is still reporting everything on the CRs, and the CA is not. I can't PFD the CA they aren't reporting.
  9. Thanks for the criticism, I can take it. And Learn from it. I contacted Citibank and spoke to a representative in regards to the account LTD is handling. They stated they did receive payment from LTD of $211, which I paid, for Settlement in full. She stated in 30-90 days the information will be updated to $0 Balance and be noted Settled in full. I'm just wondering if it is normal for them to report the remaining balance left over on the reports then eventually zero'ing out the balance?
  10. I understand I settled for less than full. I'm saying if it would have reported like that, the balance would be $0 and note would be "settled for less" etc. it it just reporting the same way, minus my settlement amount. I understand they won't delete it.
  11. I just filed a complaint. I'll update once I hear anything. I guess credit repair is not without its mistakes. Kind of bummed me though, was getting all the ducks in the row then got duped. I try to deal directly with the OC and they tell me I have to deal with a CA who isn't even reporting on my CRs.
  12. You're doing things hastily. When you settled with Office Depot, did you ask for PFD in writing? If by phone, they are not obligated to delete. If you settled, the negative annotations remain on your credit reports and your scores will still take the hit. You may have gotten the collectors off your back, but your credit still stinks. Yes I kind of realized I was moving too fast in the beginning so I'm pacing myself. I understand they are not obligated to delete, but if it was a settlement on the debt to clear the money owed. Why report it as only partial payment and report the difference? I don't remember exactly what we spoke about in regards to the agreement but I do remember them stating the Settlement amount would clear the full amount and I would recieve confirmation papers from Citi bank in approximately 30 days, which I know is all lip service, but Im just wondering now about paying settlements. I understand somethings I may not be able to remove off my credit report. I just really want to pay the debt, validated debt, to have it gone. I will contact Citibank tomorrow when they are open to see what they tell me.
  13. Based on the provided info, all of your debts are recent. Unfortunately, they're still within the SOL of 3 yrs for LA so your options are very limited. Tread carefully as you can still be sued. Send DV to the collections co. For student loans, you have no choice but to rehab, which you are already doing. Luckily, most of these tradelines are relatively small. If you decide to do PFD, send the request in WRITING and offer 35% and work your way up to 50%. Yea, I contacted Office Depot Credit Services. They said my account is being handled by LTD Financial (Who I paid over the phone before finding Creditboard.com). I'm just kind confused I guess. They sent me a settlement offer. I called them settled for more they originally offered (lol) and not Office Depot is reporting the remaining balance as the "Balance". Do all settlements work that way? Better to just pay the whole amount, after DV of course, in the first place? I know i know, I should have gotten everything in writing....I know it now.
  14. Ok, prior to reading and learning about CB, I paid a CA settlement of $211 for a $393 total owed on a Office Depot CC. I just got an update, using USAA.com CCMP, showing Office Depot reported to Experian Balance $182. Even though I know the settlement was $211. and of course this was done prior to me knowing to get it all in writing, but they said the settlement would be to have the account payed in full. Is this just a sign of me getting duped? I didn't pull the actually report yet, new date for free pulls 4/11/14.
  15. Do I type my name? I put at the end of mine, Please send all correspondence to: (All typed) My Name Address City, State That's it, not required to give them any kind of signature. They have your name, address to mail you, and the account you referencing. Let them figure it out.

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