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  1. Very interesting! Thanks guys! What's even more interesting is that my business is online-based. I have ZERO suppliers! It's internet service-related. Nothing tangible at all! I checked all of my old receipts for any known purchases in that exact amount, and I have none! For that "cash experience" it says my Paying Record is (001). I looked it up and it looks odd.. something about a warning and then a payment submitted? I'm even more confused. haha
  2. Hello all! A little history, I've been in business for 2-years. Just recently began researching building my business's credit. I logged into the iUpdate DnB website to obtain my business's DnB report, and was shocked to see an item listed, even though I have not previously applied for anything in the past. My business had ZERO credit. It listed it as a 'Cash Experience' with the "largest high credit" of $750. It contains no information on it's payment in terms of the days until it was paid. Below this, it states under "Payment Details" that it was reported on 5/13 with nothing stated under "now owes" or "payment due". It just states that mysterious $750 amount as the high credit. It has the Selling Terms listed as "Cash Account", and has the last sale as "within 1 mo". (should i be scared?) Is this a mistake by Dnb?? I have no clue as to what this could be or even how to find out what it could be! Thanks in advance!

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