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  1. 12 years and they have likely forgotten. Likely, but not guaranteed.
  2. Do you have any open accounts currently? What does very little debt mean? Where are you getting these scores?
  3. It's a fully automated system. You call and enter your info and the system walks you through the ordering process.
  4. This entire section seems to apply to the notice, not validation. That said I do agree that sending DV inside SOL will often result in an instant lawsuit.
  5. I opened an Amazon Business account and they sent me an approval for a $11.5k Net 30.
  6. Got the TU reports in the mail yesterday. My report had 5 accounts scheduled to be removed 4/23, so since that's inside 6 months, I submitted the obsolete disputes this morning. Got immediate response that all were instantly deleted. Go TU! All the rest of my accounts show 5/23 with one that's 6/23, so I will schedule to submit all of those disputes together at the first of the year and then I should be clean other than the BK PR. On my wife's report, she didn't have anything within the window, but I decided to send up a trial balloon and we submitted online obsolete disputes for 2 Amex accounts that said they weren't scheduled to be removed until 8/23, but had Unknown marks on the payment history going back to 2015. I thought maybe that might get us an early delete, but no instant success. Dispute is in progress. The Chase biz card that didn't go delinquent until 2019 is definitely going to be the challenge for her. It's reporting pretty much perfectly accurately, so it's going to be very hard to find anything to dispute to try to get it removed early. But we'll try something - in writing CMRRR of course - when this dispute comes back. The only good news on her report is that it's showing the BK PR is scheduled to be removed in 4/26 at the 7 year mark instead of 10 years. I'm not going to touch that for the next 3 years and then try an obsolete dispute inside the 6 month window and hope to get lucky with an instant system delete. That would be great, because that would give her 3 completely clean reports with no traces of any derogs as early as 2025.
  7. Pretty sure dispute of any fraudulent charges needs to be done in a timely manner and would fall under the terms and conditions which would have long since expired.
  8. FYI you can still get hit with a FTF from USD transactions in foreign countries. Best to use a no FTF card for anything. And it's almost always a better deal to buy in local currency and take the exchange rate from your credit card.
  9. Closed accounts are meaningless and who closed the account is less meaningless.
  10. Using what method? The problem with disputing previously and having it be verified when the address was there is that history remains. It's not like they forget that they already verified the account using the address that you had on file. One of the most important parts of credit repair is doing things in the proper order.
  11. Good plan but you missed one step which is HUCA with EX agents if they won't ablidge and remove your address because it's ties to a derog. Tell them you already contacted the OC with your address change and they said they submitted it. If they refuse to submit the dispute HUCA. You will find one that will submit it and get the address removed. However, the problem you're going to have is if you have any accounts with that address on file that are updating monthly. Even closed CO accounts sometimes update monthly and will continue to push that address back onto your reports. Also, even getting the address removed isn't going to be a panacea for getting those accounts removed. You're still going to have to find a legitimate reason for dispute.
  12. Excited to have something to share soon besides CLI requests. Just ordered my wife's and my paper reports from TU. The 7 year timeline from DOFD is approaching in the spring on most of our accounts, so it will be time to dispute as obsolete in the next few weeks. So we should be able get a clean report other than the BK PR soon. The challenge is going to be the Chase business card my wife had. We kept making min payments because I didn't want the employees getting collection calls at the store. So the DOFD on that account is when she filed BK in 2019 instead of 2015 like the rest of the accounts. Naturally, Chase biz cards don't report until they go bad so it didn't show up on the reports until then. Hopefully, I can find a way to get that removed using another dispute method.
  13. That's never been the recommended approach for anything. As far as your question, if the debt indeed has been sold, you cannot pay the OC any longer. However, are you sure the debt was sold and not just placed with a CA for collection? In that case you definitely can call the OC and make arrangements to pay it. But that may or may not result in them adjusting the negative reporting on your CR.
  14. Something doesn't add up with an under 600 FICO and no derogs. Of course if this is a skore from somewhere like CK, anything goes.
  15. Didn't we already discuss this in another thread? Lay off the coke bro.
  16. Who is currently providing these two scores? Can you get FICO10T through MF? What about Vantage 4?
  17. I'm all for a good conspiracy theory, but I'm also pretty sure this has been in process for many years.
  18. Based on the responses, I think I'm going to check out of this thread. Can't help someone that doesn't want to help himself.
  19. I would leave it at this point. Your only hope is a quick resolution of the dispute that updates your balance.
  20. Too late now. The dispute blocked the regular update, so now if you cancel the dispute you'll likely have to wait until next month's update. But with the dispute you'll probably have to wait until next month anyway. As they like to say, you screwed the pooch on this one.
  21. Never heard of this happening in the past 10 years. But there's really nothing to worry about. I had several FRs with Amex and you just fill out the form and wait. However, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't have several CLs at or above 20k with a 9+ year old BK7. A previous poster here had over 500k in CLs with a similar situation. I would focus on building relationships with lots of different creditors especially the ones that are know to give large CLs like some CUs. 2 years post BK I had a 50k CL. I'm at 5 years now and have all my cards near or above 20k.
  22. So you need to dispute each CRA individually. EX won't be ready until Dec. You need to go to the TU website and select dispute and create an account there. The ONLY disputes that are recommended to do online are obsolete disputes like this. Alternatively, you can call them. Some of them have an option that says "obsolete" or "too old to report". If they don't select a generic option and then add "this account is obsolete and too old to report" in the notes. Do that with TU whenever and then you can do EQ next week and EX in Dec.
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