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  1. So you click the link and you hook it up your existing profile. They specifically don't do it automatically to give you the option to create a separate profile for this card. It may surprise you, but some people actually have complex financial situations that would benefit from such an arrangement. Amex is more advanced than the pedantic US Skank in this regard. It's always worked this way. Don't worry - you're not special. Why is everything with you so drama filled? These are credit cards. Seriously.
  2. It's always a ladder. You're not the first and you're not the greatest. It's a ladder until it's not. That's how traps work. They spring when you don't expect them.
  3. But a bank account is required before a card, correct?
  4. Another one bites the dust! 5 more accounts removed on TU today at the 6 month window. Just one more account next month and then I'll be clean other than the BK PR. Will be interested to see what that does - if anything - for my score, although even if it improves, I'm unlikely to unfreeze TU for any apps with the BK still reporting. Also, 4 more accounts removed for the wife. She has two more in Feb and then the one from 2019 that we're going to have to go at the old fashioned way.
  5. Do you have any information that they offer a lower interest rate to anyone else? This is a subprime product, so I'd expect the interest rates to match. If you don't want to get slimed, don't go playing in the pig pen.
  6. So I was lying awake last night thinking about this interaction and the phrasing the guy used that told me it wasn't allowed any longer. I felt like he thought I was asking about something different, so I decided to call back and talk to another agent today. This agent didn't know anything about it and said I needed to be transferred to another department. The second agent knew exactly what I was talking about and said I needed to be eligible for a CLI on the receiving card, so he went ahead and processed that, which of course was declined. I then told him what had happened and how I just got a CLI yesterday because the last guy told me combining wasn't allowed any longer. He talked to a back office specialist to see if anything can be done. They confirmed that, indeed, combining is definitely still allowed, but it has to be done on the same day as the CLI. If I had called back yesterday instead of waiting until today, they could have done it. So that's a bit of a bummer, but not really that big of a deal. I'll just rinse and repeat - hammer both cards again for the next couple of months and try again.
  7. This card hasn't been used at all since the last CLI outside of a few charges in August - one very large. After the luck on my cards yesterday, decided to try for a CLI on her card. $15.5k -> $18.5k Not even 6 months from the last CLI. And that's another data point that usage is important to Disco, but maybe not as much usage as I thought is necessary. Maybe just one month with a large charge or two and let the statement cut. I'll have to try that again early next year on all the cards and see if we can get another CLI before too long.
  8. There's no guarantee they will ever report. Most toll or road fines don't report IME. They just use outside agencies to handle the collections process. What you just received is the initial notice.
  9. So I've been hammering my Disco cards the past 3-4 months to try to lure them into a CLI so I can combine the cards. I call up today to see if I'm eligible and as of May this year they are no longer allowing accounts to be combined. So I went ahead and requested CLIs on the cards. it Chrome - $5.3k -> $9.3k it - $7.5k -> $10.5k So, great that I finally got my first CLIs on these bad boys, but sucks that I would have been eligible to combine the cards, which is really what I wanted. I can definitely say that if you want Disco love, you just need to use the cards.
  10. What he meant was, "I really want to argue with you, but I won't." If he were to have chosen to argue with you, I would imagine he might have said that an Affirm account will be a stench on your reports for 10 years and having it there will not "strengthen your credit profile" in any way.
  11. There's a master $50k CU thread that should get you started.
  12. Did you call Brinks? Chances are very high the attorney office you heard from is just a debt collector and you can pay Brinks over the phone and they will pull it from the attorney and it will never show up on your credit.
  13. It sounds like the OP was behind on payments and turned in the vehicle without ever catching up and finishing out the lease payments.
  14. The only businesses that have any chance to get non-PG bank credit are large/public corporations with independently verified financials. Based on your description of your business as 4 nightclubs, there's a 0% chance there was no PG. Basically every Amex "business" card has a primary individual behind it that guarantees the card on the application. You can't get a card without adding your SSN and personal details.
  15. Eh, those numbers are kind of arbitrary. It's a sliding scale. A bit hit is at 69.5% and real damage at 89.5% on individual util. I haven't seen a specific overall util that causes a "significant" change, but I've run upwards of 50% overall util at points in the past couple of years while still maintaining >760 scores. It does "hurt" in the sense that 760 is a lot lower than 840, but it's not meaningful unless you already have subprime scores.
  16. You are correct that the OKs thrown in there are a problem. This could be intentional to "poison" your reports or it could be a system error on the creditor's part. First thing you should do is file a dispute in writing, CMRRR, disputing the payment history as inaccurate. Hopefully that will cause them to update it to remove the erroneous OKs and then the new report will show you the updated fall off date which should be 7 years from the last actual OK month.
  17. Both impact your score.
  18. shifter

    Busted 800

    You might want to redact your name.
  19. You left out key information. Why are you trying to delete the address? Is it a business that you are associated with that holds credit on your report? Is that tradeline derogatory in some way? But you never dispute addresses online with EX. Always call. And if the associate says you need to contact the creditor, tell them you already did that multiple times a couple of months ago and they haven't corrected the issue. And if they still refuse, HUCA until you get an associate who will cooperate.
  20. Just did online obsolete disputes with TU. One thing to note is that the TU paper report shows the actual date it will fall off. The online dispute report shows a date, too, but in some cases it was an erroneous date for some reason. Going by the paper report date, I disputed 6 months before the removal date and the dispute was processed instantly and the TLs were deleted. They obviously have an automated early delete system that triggers at 6 months. One account showed an erroneously early drop date online, so I tried to dispute that one also and it came back verified after 2 weeks. So don't trust the online dates. Anyone have any recent experience on EX? Have some coming up due for deletion in Apr 2023, so my plan was to dispute online on Feb 1. But wasn't sure if they have an automated early delete system like TU or if it's more manual. I also have some due to delete in May/Jun.
  21. Disputing online with the CRAs is not recommended. It sounds like you didn't follow any of the advice upthread. Proceed at your own risk.
  22. shifter

    DCU Loans

    Yeah but their new website sucks pretty bad. Paying from an outside bank account is a circus. They also have a serious bug with their credit card auto pay. You setup auto pay for the full statement balance and it pays fine. Then the next month you have a $0 balance and expect no payment, but it auto pays your full statement balance from the previous month. I called them about it and they claim there's no issue. Sure. Happened on my wife's card first and then my card on another month. Clear issue they refuse to acknowledge.
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