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  1. Not really. But it sounds like they declined you. Most cards decline if you don't have the available credit. So you didn't go over the limit because they didn't let you.
  2. But it was of value as far as diversification. It would have been smart to work on growing it and/or now it would be smart to open a new card with them.
  3. Yeah @StarkRaven$. I would highly recommend diversifying your portfolio in this direction. You basically only have cards with the big prime banks. Sounds like a good idea (why would you need to slum when you can run with the big dogs?) until you realize they all think the same way and can get spooked and start closing things or slashing limits all at the same time due to things completely outside your control. You want to have some CUs in the mix to give you a backup plan and also help cushion your total available CL.
  4. shifter


    They only blackball you because they suspect you of advantage play. But that's why you don't bother to go anywhere but Vegas. The other locations are nothing but corporate penny pinching neophytes with no sense and narrow focus.
  5. shifter


    That's a bit odd that they pulled your consumer credit for a marker. Usually they just check Central Credit unless you have absolutely no history anywhere. Also a tad bit of useless but potentially interesting information: if you didn't know, you can request your Central report just like any other CRA and they will send it to you. Not really useful unless you are having problems getting markers due to incorrect information, but it was interesting to me to see it and may be for other CWs and CPs, so I thought I'd mention it.
  6. No bro. Not going to happen. If you ignore your child for 6 months do you think you can fix it in 15 days? Neither a credit card.
  7. Doesn't matter. Close if you wish.
  8. Ah interesting. I haven't received that letter but since that business has technically been closed for 6 years, I'm guessing I probably won't.
  9. Where did you apply for that? I'm losing my Net 30 in January.
  10. Normal. Lots of threads about Amex taking 3 cycles to report initially.
  11. shifter


    As little as possible. $2 works for most cards except Disco.
  12. Who cares about a "messy" credit report? Bigger fish to fry. Keep them if you use them. If not, you can close them or just sock drawer them. But she needs 5 cards of her own in order to maximize her FICO.
  13. Fidelity is the card. But it's owned by US Bank.
  14. Yes, please get a second and third and fifth eventually. But if you are talking secured, you need to read this forum for at least a month before doing anything.
  15. Sorry about your luck. I didn't tap until 2M.
  16. "he" said? Are you trying to dispute this on the phone? Not a problem for address disputes with TU or EX but EQ phone reps are useless. Better to do an online dispute for EQ. I've never had them refuse.
  17. I used to have 1% but I want a new roof soon. So I lowered it to $1000 and hopefully we'll get a good storm soon and I can get my roof.
  18. Well maybe they do better with younger drivers? Deductibles are for suckers! What's the difference between a $50 and $500 when the car is worth $150k?
  19. What a douchey and useless reply. The OP clearly asked for specific information about the reply he should file. Seems like a quality first posting IMO.
  20. Yeah, DCU is one of them. Others too but I don't track them.
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