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  1. Yep, they ding you fees and will hunt you down with a feather duster.
  2. TU uses PACER. Once it's been verified they will never remove it regardless of whether LN later shows clean or anything else you happen to change in the future. Unless you can get the case sealed and it disappears from the court records, you're not getting them to remove it.
  3. Those are the kind of people who find their way out of my life after a while. It's tiring to put up with those kinds of conversations nonstop. Also you should keep in mind that people generally end up with the same habits as their friends. So be careful how much of this broke person mentality you allow to infiltrate your head.
  4. Well Citi mentioned something similar. I paid the statement balance less the dispute amount and it seems to show 0 balance remaining to be paid. So hopefully it will work out like that.
  5. So disputing online (typed) is sufficient?
  6. Easiest option here just to buy $100 GCs and load them into Amazon or whatever? Or do they charge you a fee to buy those?
  7. Good news for business and investments. We're safe for at least a few years.
  8. If you're following the plan, don't fret about bagatelle.
  9. Now that I think about it, I disputed online and nothing happened. So I called them and the lady said the dispute didn't go through right so she submitted it again on the phone. She probably didn't tag it as fraud. That's why they're giving me the 3rd degree.
  10. Well I told them it was fraud originally. Then I called them and the lady wouldn't play ball at all and then I mentioned fraud and suddenly she changes her tone. Takes a bunch of notes... But still doesn't offer to give me the credit. That was last week, still haven't heard anything.
  11. Just got me another auto loan from them today. 10 minutes in the branch and I get a blank check to take to whatever dealer I want. I love them. (For a CU).
  12. Why does the title of the post and article differ? Too much egg nog?
  13. If you contact the complex and can negotiate to pay it off directly with them, you should be able to force the CA to remove the negative entry. If you still think you're in the right and won't pay, you are probably going to be stuck with this entry for a while.
  14. So somebody got ahold of my Citi CC number and successfully charged $753 and change on some pool website. I saw the charge and called the company and they said the order looked fraudulent and they had canceled it and refunded my card. So I contacted Citi to get a new card number and disputed the charge. Well, first the refund from the merchant never posted. Now 3 weeks later I call Citi to see what's taking so long with posting my credit from the dispute. They say that it's still under investigation and they will not post the credit until they finish the investigation and determine it is fraudulent. Until then I have to pay it off when my bill comes due. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Every dispute I've ever filed they credit my account instantly. That's the whole point of having a CC - they are liable for fraud, not me.
  15. It happens when you dispute accounts as "not mine". Doesn't really matter in and of itself, but there are other reasons not to dispute accounts that way.
  16. Utility companies don't generally report to the CRAs. If she pays the utility company directly, she should not have any credit issues. If they assign it to a CA, she can use my letter from the sticky post to get them to remove it. But probably the best thing you can do for her at this point is show her this site and let her come get the help herself.
  17. They are still counted in your AAoA so reopening them wouldn't help with that. They will continue reporting for up to 9 more years. The only thing it would do is give you more available credit which could help your score some depending on what other accounts and lines you already have open. But I would focus attention elsewhere. And learn from your mistake so you never max out cards with BTs again.
  18. No reason not to do it. But they are unlikely to bump you to 100k just because you like round numbers. I would request the CLI first on the lower limit card before combining.
  19. Yes they are still depressing your score. If they are the only derogs you have, you're losing about 60 points. If you have other/worse derogs, they aren't worth worrying about. You could try a goodwill letter to the EO.
  20. Very unlikely you can get 100k unsecured without existing substantial high limit accounts and/or high income and relationships with a bank. Absent either of those and you can get maybe 25k off the cuff.
  21. Of course they ask for information. I've been asked for lots of information. But do they actually check anything or require any docs?

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