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  1. More important than total util is individual util breakdown. If you have no cards above 89% util, that's good. If no cards are above 69% util, that's even better. If you have cards maxed out (90% or above), you're going to have tough sledding getting any new credit. I had no problem getting new credit with 60%+ util because I knew how to spread out the balances to keep the score high and look less suspicious. Your biggest problem is you only have 75k in CLs spread across who knows how many cards. That makes it unlikely you have any large CLs already (25k-50k+). So that's going to limit your ability to immediately pick up two 25k CLs that you could BT your balances. The best news for you is there are many experts on this forum to help you, but we really need to know specific cards, CLs and balances to offer meaningful advice on how to proceed.
  2. Doesn't appear any lurkers have visited for a... long... while.
  3. 2% cards are a dime a dozen. And FNBO is a bank that's so small it sucks like a CU. Stay away.
  4. Well this one was unsolicited. Sadly my CLI requests today were quickly declined.
  5. A bit of a shocker today. Disco gave my wife a CLI. $11.5k -> $15.5k They haven't given either of us a dollar in years. In fact they wouldn't let me combine my cards because their policy requires that I be eligible for a CLI on both cards before I can combine and they decline me every CLI request.
  6. Seems like using a sledgehammer to kill a cockroach.
  7. Nobody at Penfed ever answers their phone. I have phone numbers but unless they are expecting your call they will not call you back. The best option is to submit a complaint to their Supervisory Committee. https://www.penfed.org/supervisory-committee
  8. Creditors generally only report when they are paid. They generally report a few days after the statement cuts if there is activity. Some report at the end of the month. If you want more info list out the specific accounts you are waiting to update with statement cut date and last payment date.
  9. Finally got PenFed to fix my account once and for all. 785 (+70) Wife: 795 (+94)
  10. Don't believe this is the recommended approach. Start with the pinned topics and read through those for a week or two first.
  11. Is there still a good backdoor number to reach the Synchrony Sr UW? That used to be the best way to get larger CLIs.
  12. Absolutely. For a time. But when you are carrying those balances for multiple years through BT after BT, you're well beyond emergency situation and into lifestyle choices. I know because those are the decisions that eventually led me to BK. Rationalizing large balances because it was "free money" and I would pay it off later.
  13. Once subprime with C1, always subprime.
  14. If you're carrying balances you don't have the cash to pay off, you're doing it wrong.
  15. Ah the good old days of Amex. My wife had member since 76 embossed on her cards (and reports) until we IIB'd them. Forget the fact that she wasn't born until 6 years later.
  16. Not necessarily. My wife got a card many years ago that was subsequently closed very shortly later after a review when they found out she was associated with me who had settled with them previously. Different situation, but just know that Amex does have actual people looking at things and correcting mistakes made by their systems.
  17. It's basically just an advance from your Citi CC CL. I get those offers twice a week it seems.
  18. Citi has been the best creditor to both me and my wife after we IIB'd them collectively for 6 figures. We each have two cards from them, received within 1-2 years post BK and they have slowly, but steadily increased the CLs over the years. Total CL is now around 70k. One data point is both of us had clean EQ reports, which is what they pulled because the others were on ice. It's possible that contributed to us getting around any blacklist. I would focus on getting the BK removed and cleaning up your reports while you season other secured cards like Disco.
  19. PenFed up to their tricks again... 715 (-70) Wife 701 (-104)
  20. The pinned thread is here. You really have to read through it all because stuff has changed over the years with what used to work and doesn't work anymore. The TLDR that worked for me is: Ensure your new address is reporting as your current address on all current creditors If you didn't move, get a PO Box or something and switch all your open accounts over to that Dispute and remove all the old addresses, especially the one tied to the BK (on the phone or online is fine) Dispute the BK (always in writing, by mail, CMRR)
  21. It seems nobody has been starting this thread since December. 785 (-1) wife - 805 (+21)
  22. Just noticed today that her CLI was increased to $12.5k. Not sure when that happened, but I think fairly recently. I think she requested a CLI since December, but I don't remember receiving any notifications and I didn't make a post here about it, which is what I do to keep track of these things.
  23. I think Citi is definitely desperate. They've been blowing me up with letters every other day with BT checks and alerts about Flex Pay. It makes sense as their stock is tanking - I lost 25% and just sold recently. Now they gave me an auto-CLI on my DC after they just declined my request on 3/9 for "too many recently opened accounts". $18k -> $23k
  24. Double decline on Disco CLIs. Will call later about combining the two cards.
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