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  1. Its been a very long time since I last posted on Credit boards which I joined 15 years ago,... when I was in debt and trying to buy my first home, --- ... well two kids , and two purchased homes later, --- I can honestly say that the fundamentals, lessons, and knowledge that this sight provides will help guide your financial path for the rest of your life.... The information on these boards are literally worth gold...if you really listen to what others have to say, and apply the fundamentals, your success is unlimited.... Having a strong credit history can save you thousands, and thousands of dollars through out your life, and can take a lot of the stress off our your marriage,and personal life, ... I really wish I could remember all of the folks that were on the board back in the day, I do remember a gentlemen named George who always had lots of great information, ---- Also, to the folks that run this site, --- thank you for what you do, -- your dedication and commitment to helping folks clean up credit and get out of debt has life altering effects... its was a life changer for me to be able to buy my first home, which was possible because of what I was able to learn from your site, and the folks who listened, and provided there experiences.... To the folks just starting out, it can seem like an impossible task, but its not, its amazing how fast you can get some momentum when you apply what you learn from listening.... just know that you can be successful,.... thanks for listening to me ramble, Padraig1
  2. http://www.planetfeedback.com/index.php?le...topic_id=289014
  3. Why the Drama over AMEX? Dont Like them.. Dont Use Them.... As with anything in life Caveat Emptor.. All credit card companies are in it to make money.. Bottom line... They dont care about losing a few customers who they feel have become a risk.. right or wrong it is thier money... I have a few AMEX cards and will use them, but will take a back up or two.... If they cut me off, so be it....
  4. Anybody have the latest?
  5. Outstanding.......... Just stood up in front of my computer and gave a you a standing ovation
  6. Again, thier is no absoulte in any process... I wont debate the validatiy of debts owed.. however their are those of us who know what we owe... and choice to fight battles that are more strategic, and net the same results.
  7. To the OP Congrats Again.. Smush Great Job on your credit success.. but with everything.YMMV......I have had success in PFD..as a first step...I dont think that we are sending a wrong message to people new to this board... with everything in life Caveat Empor ....
  8. USAA is great.. Great Credit Line.. but at 18% ...... Is anybody doing better than this on their Credit Card? Would like to give it a work out but not at that rate...
  9. I concur with Q.. Airtran Visa reports CL...
  10. Lender: Delta Employee Credit Union Lender Website: www.decu.com Your State: GA CRA(s) Pulled: EQ Your Score(s) per CRA(s) Pulled: FICO 695 New or Used Vehicle: Used Approved Amount: $35,000 Approved Term: 72 mo. Approved APR: 5.5%
  11. Last week was pre- approved for Delta Employees Credit Union Car loan – 72 Months 5.5% $35,000… I shoped a few Atlanta Dealers and decided on the car that I wanted. Negotiated Deal with Sales guy, ( Volvo XC90- T6) .. Everyones happy and then I got the “ We have need to run your credit†to finish the deal. I politely told the sales guy no thanks I have funding from a credit union. Sales guy says okay and continues with the paper work… He Turns in paper work… 15 minutes later finance guy sits down and says they need to run a credit check to verify some information. Patience is running low at this time and said no thanks and repeated that they had my DL, Insurance Card, Letter from Credit Union to serve as proof to that I am a real person… Guy pushes for 5 minutes, but does take no for an answer… 20 Minutes later a Manager sits down, smiles and tries to tell me that the Patriot Act requires a credit check…. At this point I lost it. And told him the deal was off and started heading for the door…. Sales guys and Manager chase me out the door.. Apologies and say that they will make an exception for me.. and not run my credit….. Cooled off and bought the car….. Bottom line.. don’t give in if you don’t want your credit pulled at the dealer..
  12. Clark Howard is somewhat a local legend in Atlanta.. He it made rich at an early age.. and now gives tips and advice on how to save money... clarkhoward.com... Most of his ideas are actually pretty good.. however I dont agree with him if he said to dump Delta Amex Card.... Thats sacrilegious to many of us Atlantans who are bleed Delta Blue...
  13. padraig1


    My request was on Monday.. They still have Pyramid Phobia

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