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  1. My husband and I ave been working to buy a house early next year and we have made some great strides in that dept. However, just last week we have been awarded a mortgage free home through and organization that works with disabled veterans. This home will be deeded to us in 6 months and completely ours, what a dream come true. But I am curious will owning a home with no mortgage help your credit at all?
  2. My husband and I have been repairing our credit starting this month (previously just reading a lot on this site). On the 1st when we started the MyFico score watch my husband's credit score was 541 and my score was at 515. Today my score is at 601 and my husband's score is 599. I have never had a score in the 600's before and am very proud of the hard work I have been doing to get our scores to go up. I can't wait to see what happens in the next few months and over the next few years.
  3. Yes they are in collection. I am going to try and send the OC a letter asking if they recall the debt can I pay them directly. The OC is not reporting the debt at all.
  4. Yes this is already reporting and I am not sure if it is within SOL or not. The debt was for the library in my old state in 2009, overage fees and unreturned material. I am not to worried about the SOL part (worried about being sued). I have the money to take care of it if it were to come to that.
  5. I don't think I will get my update this month because of a FA that was placed due to addy deletion.
  6. I sent several DV out on the 18th of March and one just came back with all the documentation. It is my debt and I know that and don't mind paying it. But I want to do this the best way to help my credit. Would the next step be sending a PFD? The amount is relatively small (less than $250).
  7. Could mean they sold it to someone else. =(
  8. I sent out several disputes a week ago and most were accepted on Friday the 21st. I logged in the backdoor today for each of the CRA and I noticed one acct was off EX (woohoo). However, logging into EQ and TU I was confused to see the acct still listed. Could the other two CRA just be slow? The CA was First National Collections for a DirecTV acct.
  9. I was very good at not validating any information. I said to send me a letter so we can review the information and that is when she kept going on about they need our address so they could send a letter. Then I said the information should be included with the information from Cap 1. I know it is still within SOL, the repo was in Feb 2011. I think they sold the car at auction shortly after.
  10. Just got a call from a CA collecting on a Capital One repo debt. I asked who the OC was and she told me and then went on to say they needed information from me so they can get a letter to us. I said I wasn't doing her job and that Cap 1 should have provided everything when they got the debt. I then said good day and hung up. So now what?? Do I wait for a letter to arrive or pop on the CR?
  11. On the CR is says a tax lien but it is not a tax of any kind. It was a default judgement for unemployment. I got a job and stopped getting unemployment and then I moved a few months later. In 2009 my bank acct was garnished for this debt and called to find out what happened About 3 04 4 months after I stopped getting unemployment they requested to see all of my documentation showing I had been looking for a job. I never got the notifications because I had moved and didn't change my address with them (didn't know I needed to because I was no longer getting unemployment). I guess they were able
  12. I have a judgement/tax lien for an over-payment of unemployment. This fell off EX and EQ without me doing anything. However TU is showing 2017 (10 years) as the date it will go away. We are paying this debt this year anyways because we want to get a mortgage and would rather it not come and bit me in the butt later. I am going to look at having the (default) judgement vacated as well. But for now I am curious if it is normal for TU to always show a judgement falling off at the 10 year mark instead of the 7 year mark? When I asked TU about it (was on the phone for another reason) she said they
  13. First question, is the bill yours? Who is the OC? You may have more luck having the OC recall the debt. If the debt isn't yours you can file an ID theft form and go that route.
  14. My husband and I are working on rebuilding our credit so we can by a house (we hope at the end of this year or early next year). Besides raising our scores, what else should we work on? What type of paperwork or documents should we get together to make the whole process easier? We are working with a mortgage broker (Veteran's United) and they have a department to help with credit rebuild. But honestly I have been getting better information from you all on the board then that department. We are working on getting things deleted from our reports, take care of any judgments we may have (we e
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