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  1. I apologize if already posted or if it belongs elsewhere. Just noticed these 2 random articles regarding some changes to GE Capital. Caught my eye because I think 3 or 4 of my accounts are with them. I say "news" because while it's entirely news to me it may be something that's "old news" that's already been discussed and whatnot and my head must have been in the sand lol :/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/halahtouryalai/2014/03/13/why-ge-is-getting-rid-of-its-profitable-credit-card-biz/ http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/126530/ge-files-ipo-for-finance-arm-spin-off
  2. i understand that. but what i meant was will the BT amount be automatically adjusted to reflect the new balance after making the minimum payment that would be due while waiting for the transfer to complete.
  3. So I have a question regarding taking advantage of a balance transfer offer on my new NFCU Flagship Visa Sig account. There's an offer of 0% APR on BTs for 12 months. I've never used a credit card for the purpose of doing a BT so I'm just trying to get an idea of how it works. Say I want to transfer a balance of $280 onto the card but before the transfer is actually completed/posted I have a payment due on the account for $30 and I pay it. Will the transfer when it goes through just be auto adjusted to the current balance on the card that I'm transferring from? Or will the overpaid amount be held and applied to future purchases? i know this is probably a stupid question but again, I've never used a credit card for balance transfer purposes. thanks for the help in advance!
  4. what are your 3 fico scores and how many baddies do you have? I want a card with them when I'm ready. I joined but I'm still building my credit. Currently 630 +/- 5 in either direction across the board. 1 neg item (30 days late on my cap one card about 6 years ago). Util at about 60% but I just paid down 3 accounts to 0 with my tax refund. The main thing holding me back is the inqs from recent apps but all a work in progress Util will be even less when those items report as paid off and when my 15k navchek reports. NFCU has been by far the friendliest best CU to be truly helpful in my rebuilding process so I know you won't be disappointed with their rates or service:)
  5. So I told myself I would be staying away from apps for a while but I received an email on the 24th of feb saying I had been pre approved for the Flagship Visa Signature Rewards card. I immediately got excited and started the app but then realized I had added a few inquiries by applying for navcheck and discover it (which I got approved for with a starting limit of $1800) so I was hesitant thinking my score might have been higher when they checked for pre approval qualification vs dropping a few points from recent Inqs. But then I figured wth and filled it out. Waited a couple of days and kept checking the status and it said review in process. Finally three days after submitting the app I got a phone call and they needed income verification. After a super friendly phone call the lady said she sent my app back to a credit and lending agent and I should check back. I knew it wouldn't get a decision over the weekend so I didn't check and then I figured I'd give it all of Monday (today) and as I'm eating dinner I realized I hadn't checked the status for a while. Logged in expecting either a denial or review message and lo and behold approved for the starting minimum limit of $5k Plan on taking advantage of it for BT purposes and to help with util. This is one of my higher limit cards and lowest interest rates so I'm pretty excited. All the rebuilding work is definitely paying off.
  6. Agreed, quite a few unnecessary but thanks all the same! Until recently I wasn't aware of the fact that NFCU does counteroffers and whatnot so I never had thought to ask for full amount. Ah well, ya live and ya learn
  7. After some horrible financial decisions and recklessness DH and I are finally at our "first step" goal marks. We are now both at scores of around 680. That being said our util is higher than I'd like but we are more rapidly chipping away our balances and we now have quite a few Inqs from requesting clis on our accounts that don't do automatic and a couple of new accounts buuuuuut we've had some late payments fall off our reports and a few Inqs fell off too. Despite all that we've had some pretty decent successes in our rebuild process:) NFCU increased one of our cards to $10k from $3k (we have another that was recently increased from $4.2k to $10k) App'd for NavChek at $3k and instant approval App'd again because of an address mixup and asked for a bit more instead. Instant approval at $5k. Read success stories on here and appd'd for increase to $10k and finally just said screw it and appd for full $15k. Got 1hr message but I logged out and back in after 10 minutes and was approved for full amount. No conditions, no pay stubs, nada! CareCredit increased from $500 to $1.5k Macy's increased from $800 to $1.2k Approved for Discover IT and approved for $1.2k Husband appd for Navchek (we have separate checking accounts) and got instant $10k. Waited for it to show up on his account list and asked for $15k. Instant approval! Carecredit approved for $2000 (had to use for an unexpected none too cheap vet bill but paid it off) Auto increased Best Buy MC to $2200 (was at $1700) I think the most exciting bit is the nav chek that we have no use/intention of using other than for the UTI The increases and approvals in my case are, to me, worth the temporary hit our scores will take. guess it's off to the garden for a looooong time Happy Building to all!!!
  8. I've managed to get instant increases that took me from $4500 to $10k in a month and have a review pending for $25k which I'm hoping for a counter but now I'm worried they'll close my card after reading this:/ I'm banning myself from the luv button for at least 12 months assuming they don't close my card entirely Should also mention card prior to first inc was at around 80% until. Had the account for about a year. Requested a small $500 first increase which was approved after receiving the 3-5 day message. Then at the encouraging of forum members I asked for a few more over a couple of days and my current approved limit is $10k. Current until is $218 of the available $10k but I had also asked for the $25k hoping they'd counter with the max they can give me after reading other forum members stories. Now after reading this thread I'm convinced they'll shut me down in a week for requesting too much in a short time frame :s
  9. i'm loving NFCU. did they happen to say what was preventing you from becoming a member?
  10. when i asked for the first increase of $500 it was at about 80% but after receiving the increase I was able to pay the full balance down to 0 before asking for the next increase
  11. was just thinking about that and until i read up a bit more and speak with a rep on the phone on Monday I think i'll hold off from getting happy hands and app'ing anymore. thanks for the advice! Gratz! Consider waiting until profile improves for additional requests if want better results. Will be there for you if treated well, in any case. Can improve outcomes if give them some more good history to reward. In any case, they don't recycle HP IME, so if don't qualify for a soft increase each separate request will generally be a new pull. GL.[/quote Ended up asking one more time and it was an auto approval for $10k:) gonna sit with this limit for at least 6-8 months before asking for the $25k Thanks all!!!
  12. was just thinking about that and until i read up a bit more and speak with a rep on the phone on Monday I think i'll hold off from getting happy hands and app'ing anymore. thanks for the advice!
  13. say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? lol I may have to re app again and ask for the 25k to see what they come back with lol so it won't add another HP but will add a SP instead? if this is the case I guess it can't hurt to see what they say right?
  14. absolutely! do you happen to know if another CLI is requested within x amount of days whether they pull another report? I thought I had read in another post that if you request the first time and they HP that if you request another within a few days/weeks that as long as it's within 30 days they don't do another pull. I'm debating on asking for 15k just to see what they come back with but will definitely think twice if it means another HP every time I do a CLI request with them:s
  15. Soooooooo...a few weeks ago I had posted regarding the 3-5 day message from NFCU regarding a limit increase to my card that is already pretty high util due to some unexpected circumstances that required flights home for my family. I had only asked for $500 in hopes of not seeming too greedy and the next morning after receiving the message I noticed that my limit was in fact increased from $4500 to $5000 The card has since been paid off in full finally and for the heck of it I figured I'd ask for a larger increase. Lo and behold I received immediate approval for an increase to $7000!!! This is pretty high for me considering most of my cards are retail store accounts with small under $1k limits. Working on paying the rest of them off and letting them age and using them for small purchases just to keep the accounts active. Because I'm in the process of moving all of my accounts and financial business over to NFCU I also decided to app for the Overdraft Protection (I think it's what everyone calls NavCheck?) and was immediately approved for the $3k I asked for. My scores are still waaaaaaaaaaaaay below where I want them but hopefully as I pay more and more things off over the next year they'll keep getting higher and higher and I'll be able to app for a home loan with NFCU in Spring of 2015. To anyone struggling with rebuilding credit: I'm right there with you. I haven't had any BK or anything like that but I've made some stupid financial decisions and stretched my limits and had a couple late payments and temporary unemployment so I'm currently sitting in the 590's across the board. But I'm starting to see the light at the end of the financial destruction tunnel thanks to NFCU lol don't give up!!!

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