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  1. Hey guys I'm considering a consolidation loan from OneMain Financial. The terms are $20k/60 months @ 24%. They are using the equity in my car (08 Cadillac escalade) and will pay $6k to Navy Fed for the remainder of the car and will give me the rest to pay whichever debts that I choose. The monthly payment will be $569 (which is less than I pay for the car and all credit cards today). My goal with the funds is to pay off the Capital One, Capital One, Best Buy/Citi, Paypal, $1000 on the NFCU Visa and $1000 on the NFCU Line Of Credit and put the rest towards purchasing a car (we have $3k already saved). All of my accounts are paid on time each month and I pay the minimum and a little bit more when I can. The reason why I am considering a debt consolidation loan is to get a second car. My wife's car just died, we have 3 kids in 2 different schools that get picked up at 2 different times during the day and I no longer work within the range of the metro (subway train). Previously, I was taking the train, but now I have a 2-hour commute by car. I applied for a car loan with PenFed and was denied, Capital One has pre-approved me for a car loan but they have a lot of restrictions that I don't agree with. At this time, I really just want to buy a car outright, but I don't have the capital. So, my question is based on all of this information and my accounts listed below, do you see anything wrong with this idea? Navy Federal Auto Loan Original Loan Amt: $24k Balance: $6k Interest Rate: 7.49% Monthly Payment: $415 Navy Fed Checking Line of Credit Balance: $15k Limit: $15k Interest Rate: 16.90% Monthly Interest Amt: $206 Monthly Payment: $236 Navy Fed Visa Balance: $24k Limit: $24k Interest Rate: 18% Monthly Interest Amt: $311 Monthly Payment: $483 Capital One MC Balance: $1300 Limit: $1,500 Interest Rate: 23.90% Monthly Interest Amt: $30 Monthly Payment: $50 Capital One MC Balance: $1,400 Limit: $1,500 Interest Rate: 25.90% Monthly Interest Amt: $30 Monthly Payment: $50 Best Buy/Citi Balance: $473 Limit: $500 Interest Rate: 26.24% Monthly Interest Amt: $12 Monthly Payment: $50 Paypal Balance: $1,100 Limit: $1300 Interest Rate: 9.99%/19.99% Monthly Interest Amt: $16 Monthly Payment: $50
  2. Do you have any other open installment loans? Are the scores in your signature current? Why that list of cards? The only loan I have is a car loan @ $6,000. the scores aren't updated. they are between 675 and 725. as far as the list of cards, I've been researching and I thought those were the best to have. Do you have any suggestions for 'must have' cards?
  3. so the mortgage finally hit all 3 cb's but my score hasn't moved yet. how long should it take for the score to change? my trigger finger is itching for DCU, Alliant, PSECU, Chase, Discover and Cap 1 (:
  4. just closed on my first home (3.875% fixed @ 30 years) and creditboards made it possible. thanks. p.s. going on a spree as soon as the mortgage hits my credit files (:
  5. got another hipaa baddie removed. started at 5 something 2 years ago now i'm at 680. i think i'll be in the 700 club by january. #winning
  6. Walmart Credit Card $1100 $25 & $10 statement credit is a bonus since i was buying xmas gifts from them anyway.
  7. yippee. just got 3 hipaa badies removed. thank you cb and whychat!
  8. APPROVING BANK: NFCU BUREAU PULLED: Equifax CREDIT SCORE: 614 *FAKO CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: MD NEW/USED: Used YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2009 MILEAGE: 101,000 RETAIL/LEASE: Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN: $24,012.45 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE: ??? TERM CONTRACTED: 72 APR/LEASE RATE: 7.49% MONTHLY PAYMENT: $415.17 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Approved 2013-01. 2009 Cadillac Escalade. I got this auto loan before i found about CB. At the time my credit was pretty crappy with mad baddies. I have since cleaned up my credit and am almost above 700. I just thought i would post up my auto loan to help others.
  9. so i have a first premier bank card since 2009. its a toy card and i don't use it. there is a $7 fee every month and i forgot to pay the $7 so i get a 30 days late on credit. i haven't had a late on my credit in the last 10 years or so. so i called a spoke to at least 30 different people thinking 'hey i've been a great customer since 09, they would simply remove it'. nope. they refused so i said f u close my account. why do these creditors treat you like a number. it was simple mistake and a measly $7. now my score that i have been working diligently on for the last 10 years have been affected. i don't even know what to do i'm so mad. any suggestions?
  10. finally got into psecu just need DCU and walmart. with regards to 'First' are you referring to Partners 1st?
  11. Navy Federal Overdraft Line of Credit for $15k. Hard pull w/Equifax.
  12. thanks. the road to good credit feels amazing. i'm learning life lessons i will impart to my kids. on another note, i got into the holy grail of credit unions...psecu. all i need now is DCU and i'll be happy camper.
  13. more love from navy federal. just got the 15k overdraft line of credit.

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