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  1. Thanks-This is one solid regional that seems to be relatively stable and advances you reasonably in periods of 4 to 5 months or thereabouts.
  2. FNBO SP CLI from 26K to 30K. This card account is a growth machine.
  3. Without a single doubt. It was another method akin to flushing inquiries back when that perk was all the rave.
  4. Just as a casual observer I felt that the K-Mart Sears combo was a last gasp attempt only to keep them both afloat just a little longer in order to make them reasonably well sellable down the road. The scooper upper being Amazon of course.
  5. Hegemony aka r very own active newscaster puts out the headline of choice. It's up to the viewer to weigh it's relevance. Some we might find comical, others are IMO extremely of importance. This member for one is glad someone takes the time to gather the published releases in order to stay well informed since news breaks constantly anymore and can go completely missed. Plus I hate to be told by a neighbor or an associate, "didn't you keep up with current events?" and who likes to wear egg on the face.
  6. So US Skank is 2nd so u telling me people are defaulting on those $500 limits they handing out. I was thinking the exact same thing. They hardly approve for very good limits even with seasoned card customers IMO unless your in their circle of preference so that number 2 position looks awkward.
  7. I had that card. Actually one of the firsts when I was starting the climb to stable territory. SCT approved at 500 and I think It got to 2200 before I turned it over to the closed column. By the way, I though this forum sort of in a round about way if not directly, frowned on Toy cards At any rate cool post total and nice of you to enter a SCT category card in to make the announcement
  8. Thanks for laying it out to your own procedure so to just get matters satisfied and OP for opening this topic. Ever since the recent EQ ordeal it's NOT a simple ordinary process just to get a hard copy of my own EQ or even an online layout. I immediately added a freeze after learning of the blunder but subsequent tries to lift it they demand all that info in writing etc.
  9. Vantage Skore. disadVantage skore
  10. Not a matter of scared and it's true that each time we order online that cvv code is needed entered. It could be premature to rush to conclusions but it's like anything else lately which you experience as a first. Gives you pause when it's not as expected compared to the usual routine most all other business POS transactions are conducted. But you also can't be too careful these days with all the breaches and other incidents that crop up a lot.
  11. And TD Bank? Seems I read some cardholders someplace combined lines but don't remember where I seen that. I did make a first attempt just to do a PC from Aeroplan Visa over to their Cash Rewards Visa. CSR told me couldn't be done and to apply for it (canned msg no doubt). Anyone have a credit analyst number for them? Going through that route with confirm with certainty if they do or don't for that particular card.
  12. Thanks for the good suggestion Kat. In the interest of just plain common business sense and for the safety of unsuspecting card customers it falls to me to track that business head because I hardly doubt any reasonably responsible store manager would be that lax and besides, it just gives the blatant appearance of shady practice to open ask a customer to state their cvv number after they already have the card number after the slide process. In short, it just plain stinks to operate that way so I appreciate your suggestions and will make the effort to report them, period.
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